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Al Jazeera video captures horror at Aleppo children's hospital

The attack, scenes of which have been airing all day across the Arab world, comes after a week of relentless bombardment by the Assad regime, during which Aleppo’s battered medical facilities have been forced out of service or underground.

In a devastating video broadcast by Al Jazeera Saturday, two nurses in an Aleppo children’s hospital break down in tears as they rescue emaciated newborns from a neonatal intensive care unit. Moments earlier, the room had filled with dust from a massive explosion, also heard on camera.

The attack, scenes of which have been airing all day across the Arab world, comes after a week of relentless bombardment by the Assad regime, during which Aleppo’s battered medical facilities have been forced out of service or underground, with civilians reportedly too afraid to seek treatment.

The video leaves no doubt why. In it, patients and their families are seen stumbling through dark halls, seeking shelter in case of another attack. The reporter, Amro Halabi, whose frontline reports have made him a household name in the Arab world, can be heard trailing behind, asking between hurried breaths if the people around him are safe.

Warning: Graphic footage.

Toward the end of the footage, Halabi returns to his original story, about a family admitted to the hospital for inhaling “poisonous chlorine gas,” presumably dropped by the regime.

Al Jazeera cites World Health Organization statistics that show 126 attacks on health facilities during Syria’s five-year war.

Aleppo, home to some 2.3 million people, is roughly half the size of the Gaza Strip. During Israel’s 2014 attack on Gaza, dubbed Operation Protective Edge, hundreds of Palestinian families sought shelter in the enclave’s largest hospital.

Israel did not attack the facility, though it did target another hospital in the eastern Gaza Strip.

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    1. Train981

      Israel is not involved. No one cares.

      The Syrian conflict has been the single largest proof of the hypocrisy of the “human rights left”.

      Reply to Comment
      • Duh

        This needs a bit of unpacking. Many people aren’t simply indifferent to Syria – they actively support Assad’s bloody crackdown for the same reason Israel wants our support when it rampages over Gaza – they think both Israel and Assad are fighting a war against terrorism.

        Western support for Israel is proof of the failure of liberalism – it found a backdoor to guilt-free racist segregation.

        Reply to Comment
    2. i_like_ike52

      The indifference of the Muslim world at the sight of good Muslims butchering each other is nothing new. We saw the same thing in the Algerian civil war and the Lebanese civil war and we see it in the Libyan civil war and the Yemeni civil war, with their hundreds of thousands of dead. If Muslims, who keep telling us that Islam, supposedly unlike Judaism and Christianity, is a religion of “love” and “all Muslims are brothers” don’t seem to show any real concern about what is happening in Aleppo, other than cheering on one side or the other, as does Rick Sterling above, then how can you expect the non-Muslim world to get really excited about it?

      Reply to Comment
      • Duh

        This first point isn’t meant as a rebuttal, but I just want to note the Lebanese civil war included intra-Christian killing as well. Samir Geagea murdered the family of his rival Tony Franjieh and the Phalange/Kataeb attacked the Armenians for trying to remain neutral.

        Now here’s the rebuttal: This is an idiotic, racist rant, as if every victim or participant in these conflicts is equally responsible for the war simply because they’re Muslim. I’ve never seen anyone on the internet write such rhetoric about WWI and II or the US civil war, even though these were among the deadliest conflicts in history (In fact, the CSA killed its own people while retaking its own cities from the Union).

        The only reason to even write this stinkbomb is to engage in schadenfreude at the sight of Arabs killing each other instead of the “real” enemy, i.e. Israel.

        That said, there’s plenty of despicable behavior from the likes of the Saudis who fuel the conflict with weapons but take in no refugees. That’s a reasonable criticism.

        Reply to Comment
        • i_like_ike52

          (1) Who said the European Christians who slaughtered each other in the two world wars were any better?

          (2) We are constantly told how “Islam is a religion of love”, “All Muslims are brothers”, “Islam is the natural religion of mankind”. Well, given all this, how is it that professing Muslims kill each other with such relish? Why do the Muslims viewing all this from the outside fail to protest the atrocities commmitted by all sides? Why aren’t they calling for boycotts of those feeding the killing machines, i.e. the Gulf States, Iran, Assad, Russia, etc? I know why BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE!

          (3) I suggest that you go back and read Samer Badawi’s excellent piece here at 972 where he describes how Syrian refugees he encountered in Jordan won’t say who is responsible…they act as if Muslims butchering each other is some sort of natural phenomenon, like a volcano. As if “they can’t help it”.

          Reply to Comment