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Jailed without charge or trial: Administrative detention explained

Israel uses administrative detention to put Palestinians in prison without ever charging them with a crime. Sometimes the accusations are about a crime you haven’t yet committed. Almost always, the evidence is secret.

Video by Tal Frieden. Story editing by Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man.

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    1. Bruce Gould

      Someone asked: If there’s a Palestinian state, what kind of state will it be? This video provides the answer: it will be a state having a very hard time of it, because anyone with leadership potential in the Palestinian community will be sitting in jail.

      In 2016 a Palestinian clown was jailed – why? I don’t have the Mossad files but I’ve seen no plausible evidence of a real security threat. In my opinion any Palestinian with any kind of charisma, leadership potential, anyone who can serve as a symbol for the Palestinian community is put away:


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      • Ido

        As someone who asked that question, what you’re saying is absolute nonsense. You ignore what I actually said: I asked you to take a look at every other Arab/Islamic country, populated by the same people.
        Here is the actual question from December 15, which you didn’t answer: what kind of state do you think it’ll be ? a modern human rights respecting democracy, with freedom of speech, stability and no violence or terrorism ? take a good look at the Arab countries all around Israel, take a look at Gaza and the PLO.
        It’s either an Islamic terrorist infested theocracy or a more secular oppressive kleptocracy/dictatorship. Either on the brink of a failed state or an actual one.
        A Palestinian state will “have a hard time at it” not because of Israel, but because of their own culture, tribal mentality, crippling corruption and inner blood feuds, same as every other Arab state around Israel.
        Take a look what happens when any potential Palestinian leader dares speak out or act against Hamas or Fatah. The same thing that happens when someone dares to speak out or act against any Arab/Islamic dictator/theocrat all over the Middle-East. Blaming Israel is out of touch from reality.

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    2. itshak Gordine

      Whoever has nothing to reproach himself with will not be in administrative detention. Do not think that innocent little angels are arrested. These are often people who have been guilty of violence or sometimes deadly attacks. Today, January 9, a 15-year-old girl was stabbed at a bus stop by an Arab terrorist in Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem

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        • itshak Gordine

          Very well. But Israel is not part of the US … I wonder if the American justice is really perfect?

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          • Bruce Gould

            @Itshak: American justice is pretty crappy. That’s why people emphasize how much we’ve strayed from the principles of the sixth amendment. Israeli justice is crappier.

            On the U.S. side: “Punishment Without Crime” by Alexandra Natapoff.
            On the (crappier) Israeli side: https://www.btselem.org/topic/administrative_detention

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          • Ben

            “I wonder if the American justice is really perfect?”

            Let me translate I. G. Halevy’s code words.

            Translation: “I don’t think Israel SHOULD be a liberal democracy, it should just pretend to be when the goyim are looking. What I think is that it should be a Feiglinist, popular, ethnic-tyranny-of-the-majority ‘democracy’. The exact kind of pseudo-democracy the American Founders guarded against so brilliantly. But we should masquerade as an American-style democracy, and expect the full and unflinching support of the USA, but change out the parameters when we feel like it. In other words, we should commit a kind of democracy-fraud, democracy-posing, to manipulate the Americans. Our great Prime Minister, Netanyahu, was caught on tape admitting to this while confiding to settlers in the West Bank. And I am proud of him for this.”

            Halevy wants to enjoy full unflinching American support. Why does he think he deserves it?

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