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Activists to use Google Streets car to protest occupation

The interior ministry here has finally allowed Google to deploy it infamous periscoped buggy, so that even people far, far away can experience driving through Tel Aviv’s streets one. inch. at. a. time – just like in real life. Bemused residents elsewhere in the world have already come up with various ways to protests this strange incursion:

But Israeli activists have decided instead to use it to protest a considerably greater inconvenience – the occupation. A Facebook page was set up today calling on Israelis to track the progress of the street car with signs against Israel’s control of the Palestinian territories. So far the page got just over 120 followers, but this number is likely to grow when the car begins to be actually sighted across Israel.

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    1. Sharon Wilson

      I wonder how people like Glen Beck who have tantrums over nothing would endure if they had to tolerate daily injustices… It’s funny the heros in American Culture are the ones who stand up to injustice and yet when others have the courage to stand, it is viewed with suspicion.

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    2. sombody smart

      what a lie….

      stop the anti- israel propaganda

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