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A week in photos: Gaza escalation, ahead of ceasefire

Palestinians in Gaza celebrated the ceasefire yesterday evening, but the destruction and grief left in the wake of Israeli airstrikes are enormous. Activestills documented the Israeli operation from beginning to end, capturing its effects in Israel, the West Bank and, most acutely, the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians celebrate the ceasefire, ending the last Israeli military offensive against the Gaza Strip, November 21, 2012. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


Palestinian women collapse from grief after they learned that a relative, Fares Sbaita, died from his injuries following an Israeli military airstrike, Al Shifa Hospital, November 21, 2012. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


Israeli anti-riot policeman arrest a Palestinian man during a protest in solidarity with Gaza, outside the Old City, Jerusalem, November 16, 2012. (Photo by: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


Palestinians carry the body of Mahmoud Raed Saddllah, a 4-year-old child, killed following an explosion in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip, November 16, 2012. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


Emergency services and forensic officers inspect the bus on which a bomb exploded in Tel Aviv, Israel, November 21, 2012. At least 20 people were injured, some critically. (Photo by: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


Thousands participated in the funeral of the Abu al-Dalu family in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City, November 19, 2012. Eleven Palestinians, including four women and four children of the family, were killed when an Israeli missile destroyed their home. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Acitvestills.org)


Rujdi Tamimi’s grandmother kisses the body of her grandson during his funeral in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, November 20. Rujdi died from his injuries after being shot with live bullets during clashes with Israeli forces in Nabi Saleh, during a protest in solidarity with Gaza. (Photo by: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


Children walk by the ruins of the Ministry of Interior’s Civil Department building, completely destroyed that morning, in the Tal el Hawa neighbourhood, Gaza City, November 17, 2012. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


Young girls standing near to where a rocket fired from Gaza damaged the surface of a football field in the southern city of Beer Sheva, on November 20, 2012. (Photo by: Yotam Ronen/Activestills.org)


Palestinian and Israeli activists confront Israeli soldiers with posters of Benjamin Netanyahu with the slogan “Denier of Peace” in the streets of the West Bank town of Beit Jala while marching to demand an end to Israeli strikes on Gaza, November 17, 2012. (Photo by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)


Displaced Palestinians carry their belonging to a United Nations-run school after they fled from their home, Gaza City, November 21, 2012. Around 2,000 Palestinians stay in the school. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


A child plays in the entrance to a bomb shelter in Levinsky Park in South Tel Aviv, November 16, 2012. The Tel Aviv municipality decided to open the public shelters in the city, after rockets were fired at Tel Aviv. (Photo by: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


A Palestinian child screams, hearing the sound of rockets in the sky, Jabaliya, Gaza Strip, November 16, 2012. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


Taking cover behind a wall bearing a mural by the artist Banksy, a Palestinian youth prepares his slingshot during clashes in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, protesting Israeli attacks on Gaza, November 20, 2012. (Photo by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)


A tank on a flat-bed truck sits at a gas station on its way to the Israeli border with Gaza , November 17, 2012. (Photo by: Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)


Israelis protest against the attacks on Gaza in central Tel Aviv, November 17, 2012. (Photo by: Shachaf Polakow/Activestills.org)


Palestinian firemen attempt to put out the fire at the al-Shorouq building, a media center, which was hit by two missiles on its first floor, Gaza City, November 2012. Ramez Najeeb Harb, 36, media officer of al-Quds Brigades (the armed wing of Islamic Jihad) was killed and another member of Islamic Jihad was wounded. (Photo by Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


Israelis take cover close to where the Israeli military launched a missile from the Iron Dome system, designed to intercept and destroy incoming short-range rockets and artillery shells, in South Tel Aviv, Israel, November 17, 2012. (Photo by: Oren Ziv/ Activestills.org)


Palestinian rescuers search for Nawal Faraj Abdul Aal, 53, after her home was demolished when Israeli warplanes fired a missile at a police station in al-Tuffah neighborhood, east Gaza, November 18, 2012. She was later found dead. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


Protesters march through downtown Boston, Massachusetts, in response to Israeli air strikes on Gaza, November 15, 2012. The protesters chanted and held up signs as the march turned into a rally outside the Israeli consulate in Boston. (Photo by: Tess Scheflan/Activestills.org)


The Israeli army arrested eight Palestinians in the West Bank city of Nablus during a protest against Israeli military strikes on Gaza, November 17, 2012. (Photo by: Ahmad Al-Bazz/Activestills.org)


Palestinians gather in Bethlehem’s Manger Square for a vigil mourning the victims of Israeli military strikes on Gaza and calling for an end to the escalation of violence, November 17, 2012. (Photo by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org)


Inside the family home of Hassan Abu Dalu, completely destroyed after it was hit by an Israeli military airstrike on November 14th, Tal el Hawa neighbouhood, Gaza City, November 16, 2012. (Photo by: Anne Paq/Activestills.org)


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    1. “Activestills documented the Israeli operation from beginning to end, capturing its effects in Israel, the West Bank and, most acutely, the Gaza Strip.”

      You’ve given something beyond words; one can hide behind words, not so easy to do in pictures.

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    2. This site, pics and comments are so tendentious… The ‘Israel attack’…
      You guys show destruction in the Gaza side and death and every person arrested you say he was protesting…
      You dont show anything about the thousands of rockets shot by hamas, you dont say anything about the terrorists that were killed… You dont show, neither say nothing about the people who were injured or died in Israel because of the Gaza constant attacks.

      You show one picture of Israeli people loughing when there is a bomb in israel… This is not information, this is partial and you are trying to drive people’s brain to think for one side… I could be talking for ever about so many crapp you didn’t mention from the Gaza side, and so much death, panic, and also beautiful actions taken by israel side for israel as well as for Palestinians. This is a horrible page.

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