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Tel Aviv refugee froze to death. 'Go back to Africa, it's warmer.'

An asylum seeker froze to death in a Tel Aviv park tonight.

Blogger Inter Spem et Metum collated some of the comments left on the YNET report describing other asylum seekers freezing across the city.

What was wrong with Egypt? Why did you come here?

Here’s an idea for Abdul and Yusuf – seek asylum in Gaza

I heard Africa is pretty warm right now

Go back to Sudan, it’s much warmer

Adam Yusuf and Abdul Salam. Muslim names. This is what we import. We should stop the tsunami of these wretched coreligionists of our enemies and kick them back to their own country. There’s nothing for them to find here. Only insane and delusional Israelis think they do.

There’s only one thing we should give them. A ticket to ride. No asylum, no water, no food, no jobs, no life. They should go back to their own country.

You tell me: Do we need Yusufs and Abdul Salams here?

Egypt is warm! Go back there and from there to Africa.

Let them seek help from the UN – they’re taking care of the Palestinians and they’ll take care of them.

What’s the big problem, let the Left take care of 200 people. Is it that complicated?

NGO director – why don’t you take some infiltrators to your own place? Take care of them at your expense and don’t give advice to the state on what to do. You’re such a bleeding heart it’s disgusting.

There’s no room. They are Muslims let them go to the Arab states, there’s a Spring of Nations happening there now and it’s nice and warm. Sent from my mobile.

Go back to Sudan. Cheers.

Asylum seekers? Infiltrators. Let the reporter take in six or seven of them.

If they didn’t come here, they wouldn’t be in this condition.

Let them go to the New Israel Fund, they are loaded.

Deport all those who assists border trespassers

Tel Aviv too cold for them? Africa’s much warmer.

Why are they releasing them into Tel Aviv? Why not into Gaza?

I heard there are a few houses recently vacated in Darfur and they have blankets too you’re welcome to move.

Help the Sudanese only after they sign a document recognising a Jewish and Democratic Israel.

Interspem notes:

“Writing right now would be unbearable. So I’m merely quoting. When your grandkids ask you, you’ll have something to recall.”


*Update: The report on the asylum seekers’ death came from several respected and highly reliable asylum rights activists. The man’s identity now appears to be unclear. However, the comments that are the subject of the post refer specifically to a story describing freezing asylum seekers across the the city, and their venality remains standing.

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    1. BlackMirror

      Talkbacks from 1940:

      “The ghetto has exits, if you don’t like it there, you should have left earlier…others did!”

      “Shouldn’t have gotten on the train if it was so crowded.”

      “Don’t complain about what happened, Herzl is making a country for you people, isn’t he?”

      “Didn’t god choose you people? He must have made some mistake.”

      “The government should imprison those who help the Jews, it’s only because of kindness that they thought they could move to our cities.”

      Reply to Comment
    2. directrob

      These days even in summer many cold places are “warmer” than Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    3. AnneBeck58

      I don’t even know what to say, other than this: WHY is MY country paying for these people to live when this is how they treat others? Is this the “American way”?

      Reply to Comment
    4. Teri

      nope, no racism here.

      Reply to Comment
    5. O.Selznik

      @dimi – quoting talkbacks? I’m sorry this is such a low form of journalism.

      immigrant issues are not only an Israeli agenda and these quotes could be found anywhere in the western world.
      I can definatly understand (not agree with, but understand) why a person living in southern neighbourhoods in TLV or in Eilat would react like this in fear of the changing nature of the place he lives in.
      what needs to be adressed is the policy of the government.

      Reply to Comment
    6. hollowvanities

      In my view, the main point of this article is not about who should pay for this or that. It’s all about being a human.

      If those people — the asylum seekers — are Muslims and if they beg for refuge in Israel, then Israel should be proud of the level of trust that those people put in the Jewish State.

      Tragically, though, the State exercises its notorious “excuse my back” policy.

      Reply to Comment
    7. The headline and juxtaposition of freezing-news-talkbacks and death-by-freezing are horribly misleading.

      As disgusting and inhuman as some of the talkbacks were, they were talkbacks to an article that did not relate to any reported death, but to an article dealing with the freezing cold.

      It is much easier to produce catchy headlines, but it is dishonest.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Ziv

      The comments are awful, racist, horrible. But please be accurate with what you write…

      Reply to Comment
    9. Eyal

      sounds like the Israeli scum read YNET, like the English scum read the Daily Mail.

      Readers are a representative of the quality they read.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Danny Demiculo

      A new low: simple translating to english some talkbacks.

      What’s next Dimi ?

      btw – it is interesting that Muslim prefer to freeze in Israel, rather then live in a Muslim/Arab country.

      Reply to Comment
    11. hollowvanities

      @Danny Demiculo,

      Probably, “that Muslim” had stumbled upon an urgency to make one of the two following choices in his (I assume it was a man) life: ether getting frozen in Israel, or getting butchered in a “Muslim/Arab country.” He chose the first.

      Note: The above was inspired by Deuteronomy 24:22 “Remember that you were slaves in Egypt. That is why I command you to do this.”

      Reply to Comment
    12. Danny Demiculo

      Probably that guy came to Israel via Egypt – where his life wasn’t threatened, but Israeli jobs pay better

      Reply to Comment
    13. Hi Dimi – I’m writing a short piece for a UK NGO on my work with African refugees in Israel and wanted to stress the humanitarian crisis in South TA – the link you gave describes the harsh conditions for refugees there, but I can’t find reference to any deaths – could you point me to a link or news source I can refer to? Hebrew is fine. Thanks so much. Leila.

      Reply to Comment
    14. and i read in the history books about wandering jews who were ostracizied,reviled and jammed packed into ghettos and then the SS St. Louis where no nation in the america’s would take the REFUGEES fleeing hardship and hatred. What would these folks say when they find their fat,greedy, narcissistic grandchildren doing the same thing to others now? i shudder at the insensitivity. What is here is not yours to own. What we are and what makes who we should be is the compassion of your heart..

      Reply to Comment