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A song of peace for Jerusalem Day


by Ami Yares

Ami Yares (Photo: Dimi Reider)

(Youtube clip of the song appears at the end)

O, Jerusalem

Peace unto you, peace unto whom?

A million faces staring you, wondering what to do

City named for peace stands on the edge of a sword

Too many prophets, poets, and pilgrims have died at your doors

Thousands of nights mourning from promises of glory,

Adds more fire to the story, makes the smoke a little thicker

Feel the friction in the ways we talk about you . . . O Jerusalem

The roots have grown deep, the limbs have grown strong

Branches have been broken, leaves on the fall

An eye for an eye,   until you go blind

A tooth for a tooth, until you can’t chew

And if that’s not enough, there’s always more to lose

Its time the losses start to offer a better way to lose

Cause this do unto others as you do unto yourself

Lost its only leg to stand on a long time ago,

Completeness claimed, trying to fulfill your name

But you break down and take down, every connection you’ve made

Still you talk about united, but you’re thoughtlessly divided

You got to wear down those walls on the inside and out

And if everyone from Eden finally got their share

And the minority is minded, then we’ll talk about united

So show me the God that lets no more tears fall for Jerusalem


Jerusalem (from the album Holler! Music and lyrics by Ami Yares):

Ami Yares is a songwriter, musician, and educator based in Jaffa. He is the director of programming and education for the Israeli and Jewish World music ensemble, The Shuk, the programming coordinator for HEARTBEAT, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music project, and a founder of one of the regions only folk  and bluegrass bands, HOLLER! This summer, Ami will be touring the US with The Shuk and with his brother, Gavri Tov Yares, as The Brothers Yares. For more info on Ami’s whereabouts, visit www.amiyares.com

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