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A message to Glenn Beck from a concerned Israeli friend

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    1. Louis

      Brilliance…. did I spell that right?

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    2. Robert George Bailey

      It says “Christians United for Israel”. But Glenn Beck is not a Christian! He is a Mormon, a member of a heretical cult which is closer to Gnostic than to Christianity. He is also a Free Mason which is rampant among Mormons. A Free Mason can not also be a Christion. What has God to do with Mammon?Free Masonry teaches that their brotherhood is above that of the Church and that all who are not members are “profane” and that if Jesus Christ was not a Free Mason even He was profane! What heresy and blasphemy!

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    3. Shelly

      Wonderful. In fact, you managed to outFOX him!

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    4. Keren

      Ami, you’re a genius!!!!

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    5. David

      Don’t quit your day job. Sorry, nobody can do Batshit Crazy like Glen Beck.

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    6. Taoist

      Great message for such deaf ears and a “limbaughtomized” brain.

      Glenn Beck already suffers from terminal mental gonorrhea. 🙂

      It’s so unfortunate for Jews to get these wingnut wannabes joining your lot. A Mormon declaring himself a Jew? Besides penicillin, Israel should prepare a room for Beck at the nearest psych hospital, and throw away the key. We don’t want him back here!!


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    7. Muriel Kaufman

      Ami, you have me in stitches especially with what will happen to him if and when he comes to Israel. Your work is brillliant.

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    8. Laurel Sayler

      Mormons ARE Christians. Free Masons can also be Christians. I should know, my family have been Masons for generations and we are all Christians. My mom, my aunt and two of my cousins were all Job’s Daughters and they are Christians. Learn something instead of spouting conspiracy theories.

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    9. gilad k

      this is very funny. thank you for making it.

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    10. Dr.Bill

      I liked Bill Maher’s reply to Becks “I am a Jew”.

      He said something to the effect that showing up for one hour at a Jewish rally doesn’t make you a Jew any more than going to Disneyland for the day makes you a duck.

      Oh and Beck is no longer on Fox (Faux) News (Propaganda).

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    11. Bill

      This comment has been deleted and user will be banned from site

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