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Lesson from George Washington on dangers of Sheldon Adelson

What would George Washington think of would-be kingmaker Sheldon Adelson’s ambition regarding Israel?

Conor Friedersdorf has an interesting column in The Atlantic in which he claims that, when it comes to Israel, Obama’s actions and sentiments are much more in tune with George Washington’s famous farewell address, which warned Americans against getting entangled in other countries’ business.

I was particularly struck by one of Washington’s comments:

And it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens (who devote themselves to the favorite nation), facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country, without odium, sometimes even with popularity; gilding, with the appearances of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good, the base or foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation.

I thought immediately about Sheldon Adelson, the would-be kingmaker both in the U.S. and in Israel. Adelson is spending huge sums of money in both countries in order to make sure Israel becomes an apartheid state (naturally, this is not the term he would use). Even though he pays his taxes in the U.S. and not in Israel, he gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a great gift, which ought to be considered a registered contribution: the free daily Israel Hayom, which has lowered Israeli journalistic standards to new depths. He is also spending huge funds on Romney, after spending them on Newt Gingrich (remember him?). He openly says he wants Obama out of the White House.

This is where Washington’s comment about “ambitious” and “corrupt citizens” comes in. “Ambitious” in Washington times, was not a laudatory word; it still carried the Latin stink of “someone who is ambitious beyond his station, so ambitious he is a danger to the freedom of his country”; in short, someone who is ambitious enough to overthrow the state.

Given Adelson’s out-of-proportion influence; given the fact that he has basically said he is more loyal to Israel than to his declared homeland (stating that “unfortunately” he served in the U.S. Army and not the IDF), and that all that he cares about is being a good Zionist and a good citizen of Israel, perhaps loyal Americans – those who think of the U.S. first and Israel much later, if at all – should heed their first president’s words, and avoid the ambitious and corrupt Adelson as a man dangerous to the liberty of their country.

Sheldon, Newt and Bibi: Egomaniacs for a strong Israel
Campaign urges Americans in Israel to vote in November U.S. elections 

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    1. For things to change, they have to become blatant. At long last Adelson is in the news. He made the front page of the NY Times including mention of his number one interest in Israel. He is the poster boy for sleazy money – not only is it from gambling, a business that is notoriously rigged in favor of the house, but he has a monopoly on it where his casinos are located.

      Mitt Romney could not be more representative of the 1%, a guy who can run for president will all the time and money involved easily available from the killings he made at Bain along with the monkey-business about whether he was or wasn’t running it, the refusal to release more than two years of income tax returns and his lavish lifestyle that removes him from any of the daily decisions about money that the 99% experience.

      If ever there was a pair to be put before the American people that define chutzpah, it is Romney and Adelson. Again and again I have to pinch myself – surely Romney can’t be a serious candidate! But he is.

      The says to me both that the American democratic system is corrupt and that there is a huge amount of hatred toward Obama. The corruption provides a vote for Romney and the hatred provides a vote against Obama. It may be a winning combination but it is also a telling one that may bring the change that Obama promised but is not capable of conducting.

      Obama is an insufferable, arrogant, dissembling, cowardly, pompous poseur, but his second term, though he doesn’t deserve it, offers the faintest possibility of change.

      Romney’s election would put the seal on the rule of money and the helplessness of the American people to oppose it. That just might bring REAL change, not from Romney but from the reaction to his election.

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    2. Kolumn9

      Adelson, Soros, etc.. All these damn Jews running around utilizing their legitimate democratic rights to lobby for issues they care about. How dare they? It is time the US take steps to classify all Jewish money as being foreign money and to prevent it from being used for lobbying the American government. Clearly this is what Washington was calling for and it is incumbent on American politicians to pass legislation that would prevent this foreign, ambitious and corrupt minority from influencing American policy in any way. If that is beyond American politicians, then perhaps a mass boycott of Jewish businesses would send a message to these vile vermin about their proper place in the hierarchy of society. A couple of broken windows never harmed anyone either, but it surely sends a message from the good ole heartland of America to the nefarious gangsters that are corrupting its sweet and innocent soul.

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    3. JG

      Pumping Billions of $ into a candidate is not “their legitimate democratic rights”, it’s just called corruption. And if he put his shitloads of money also to another countries party that is even more corruption. But such corrupt world must be heaven for guys like Kotzbrocken9

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    4. XYZ

      Tell me, when Slick Willy Clinton sent his acolyte James Carville to Israel to help his “toy” Ehud Barak (that’s what he called him after Barak won the 1999 election) and he persuaded billionaire Haim Saban to contribute lots of money to Barak because it would “help the peace process” (and, incidentally get Slick Willy a Nobel Prize which would help people forget Monica Levinsky and his impeachment), would you call that “corruption” as well?

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    5. aristeides

      There’s K9, exhibiting raging symptoms of that common sickness, “Jews on the brain.”


      You’ve got billionaires like Bill Gates who use their money for stuff like eradicating malaria. Then you’ve got billionaires like Adelson who use it to support an evil foreign regime.

      Is the problem with billonaires lobbying for issues they care about? Nope, for K9, it’s all about who’s a Jew. I didn’t notice Gurvitz complaining about Soros, but K9 has to drag him into the mix because he’s Jewish.

      Washington’s words were wise then, when the US was short on Jewish wealth, and they’re wise now, when the country is full of wealthy Jews. K9 would like to rewrite Washington to say, “Beware of foreign entanglements, except in the case of Jews, who get to betray and sacrifice the interests of this country as much as they please.”

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    6. Rorr

      Gurvitz doesn’t complain about Soros because they see things the same way. Hell,972 probably gets money from him.

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    7. aristeides

      So why does K9 have to bring up Soros?

      He would have done better to mention Haim Saban, who has stated explicitly that he and his Jewish confederates deploy their millions to control the policies of the US government and the spin of the media, all to benefit Israel.

      Then Adam will come along to say that these are classic antisemitic canards, in which case, he ought to complain to Saban and Adelson, not the people who point out what they say.

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    8. Kolumn9

      K9 has to bring up Soros because while Gurvitz is arguing that some group of people should be prevented from influencing American policy because they are supposedly more loyal to some idea rather than to America. Soros most certainly qualifies under that category. Likewise, Gurvitz’s lame tirade against Adelson’s ‘foreign influence’ is almost a carbon copy of neo-Nazi attacks on Soros funding of American left-wing organizations, including the references to George Washington. Lumping these two identical arguments together and finding the common ground of identifying Jews as mischievous outsiders on the basis of their support of a ‘foreign idea’ or ‘foreign interests’ is only fair.

      Also, the following quote from you and it is a quote from you: “Beware of foreign entanglements, except in the case of Jews, who get to betray and sacrifice the interests of this country as much as they please.” doesn’t require Adam to come along to claim anything. Your ideological position on the matter is clear to anyone that is capable of reading.

      Reply to Comment
    9. aristeides

      K9 – that is your position, not Gurvitz’s and not mine. You’re the one who comes in and starts to sort out everyone into Jews and not-Jews. Certainly Washington never had Jews in mind when he made his statement. How can your single-minded obsession with Jews account for that? Did Washington get into a time machine and go forwards in history to see hordes of Jews dominating the political process of the 21st century and come back to warn us? Or is the problem maybe nothing to do with Jews and a lot to do with a corrupt political system.

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    10. aristeides

      If I were an Israeli, I’d be very concerned that not only is Adelson trying to buy the US presidency on behalf of Israel, he’s been for some time trying to buy the Israeli PMship for his buddy Bibi. It’s not just Americans subverting the US political system on behalf of a foreign power, it’s foreigners subverting the Israeli political system. Adelson isn’t the only one.

      And a funny thing – most of those billionaires subverting the Israeli political system happen to be Jews. Is it antisemitism when Israelis bitch about rich foreign Jews subverting Israeli politics?

      I look at the news this morning, and I see Romney promising to back Netanyahu in waging aggressive war, and Adelman in Jerusalem backing him up. What an unholy trio! That evil man is going to buy his way into starting a war that will end up getting a lot of Israelis killed. Maybe K9 should be more concerned about this than obsessing about what billionaires are Jews.

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    11. Adam

      Here’s the interesting thing, Aristeides: I find Adelson a repugnant figure, too. I’m appalled by his politics and I’m appalled by the way he is using his billions to buy an election. But I think he as motivated by the tax implications for his casinos in Macau as he is by any desire to dictate foreign policy. Romney is not going to attack Iran if he’s elected– he’s too pragmatic, too focused on the economic bottom line– and attacking Iran would be disastrous for the economy. The most important thing that Romney and Adelson have in common is that both are multi-millionaires who pay very little in taxes. Yes, Adelson is a wealthy Jewish American trying to influence American foreign policy, but that’s all you see. You completely overlook the mutual economic interests of Romney and Adelson. You overlook the fact that Adelson is just one of many wealthy Americans backing Romney because it is in their economic self-interest to do so. You overlook the fact that Adelson is an anomaly as a Jewish American, since American Jews have traditionally voted against their own economic interests.

      You also said this in your post: “… Haim Saban, who has stated explicitly that he and his Jewish confederates deploy their millions to control the policies of the US government and the spin of the media, all to benefit Israel.” Maybe you can answer the question you dodged in another thread: can you name any major American media outlet controlled by “Jewish confederates” with the purpose of spinning coverage of Israel?

      Reply to Comment
    12. aristeides

      Why do you suppose I overlook these these things, Adam? This site isn’t about US politics, except insofar as they touch on Israel. So I don’t discuss them here. In fact, Adelman has two major obsessions – crushing labor unions and crushing any opposition to Greater Israel. Only the latter is relevant here.


      As for your question – ask an honest one, and I’ll answer it.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Adam

      What’s dishonest about my question? You were the one who raised the issue of Haim Saban and his “Jewish Confederates” wanting to control the media to benefit Israel(on two different threads, I might add). I’ve simply asked you a number of times to provide evidence that Jews do in fact control any of the major media for the purpose of supporting Israel, and you each time you’ve come up with a different excuse to avoid answering the question.

      Reply to Comment
    14. aristeides

      Adam, first tell me when you stopped beating your wife.

      Your question assumes a sense of “control” that can’t be quantified. But I didn’t make the claim that “Jews control the media.” I quoted Saban – do you deny the accuracy of this quote? – to the effect that “we” have control of the media as a goal, at which he also claimed a large degree of success.

      So if you really want an answer to your question, you’ll have to get it from Saban. And if you want to call out Saban for antisemitism because he said it, go right ahead.

      Reply to Comment
    15. Adam

      “Your question assumes a sense of “control” that can’t be quantified. But I didn’t make the claim that “Jews control the media.” I quoted Saban – do you deny the accuracy of this quote? – to the effect that “we” have control of the media as a goal, at which he also claimed a large degree of success.”

      Why would you cite that quote unless you yourself assume Jewish control of the media?

      Reply to Comment
    16. aristeides

      Irrelevant, Adam. More deflection. What I assume isn’t the point.

      I cited the quote for a reason. The reason is that people like yourself invariably use certain statements as proof of the poster’s antisemitism. So if someone makes a statement that implies, suggests, hints that there is some degree of control of the media by some Jewish figures, it’s a great huge gotcha! Antisemitism!

      So I quote Saban saying that he and others like him have been successfully taking action towards the goal of controlling the media for Israel’s sake. If Saban’s statement is true, as it seems to be, and if Saban isn’t an antisemite, as he doesn’t seem to be, then the statement is not antisemitic and can’t be taken as proof of antisemitism. Even if “Jews control the media” happens to be an article of faith in the Protocols.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Kolumn9

      Sorry Aristeides, you are not dancing out of this one: ‘ “Beware of foreign entanglements, except in the case of Jews, who get to betray and sacrifice the interests of this country as much as they please.”’ is your statement. You wrote it and your opinion of Jews in America is easily deducible from it. All else is diversions.

      Reply to Comment
    18. aristeides

      “It is time the US take steps to classify all Jewish money as being foreign money and to prevent it from being used for lobbying the American government.” And that’s your statement, K9. You wrote it. Obviously you’re a raging antisemite, to write such a thing.

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