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IMAGE: Defense Minister Barak and the Human Rights March

The reality in Israel is loaded with symbolism. This is Defense Minister Ehud Barak observing the Human Rights March – attended by human rights workers, activists, asylum seekers and Palestinians – which passes under him as he watches from his plush residence in one of Tel Aviv’s luxury towers.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak watching over the annual Human Rights March. December 7, 2012 (photo: Sebastian Wallerstein / ACRI)

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    1. Khaled Khalid

      Hmmmmm my my my…Luxury, Israeli Style. Do most Israelis live in such plush homes?

      Somebody is doing well for themselves.

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    2. rsgengland

      Seems that success is a dirty word.
      Suppose we must all live in hovels with no ammenities, so that we can all be seen to be equal.
      Striving to achieve the lowest denominator is the goal then.
      The aim though, is to strive for the highest level, and then reap the rewards of that success.
      And PLUSH APARTMENTS are a sign of that success, and are not a dirty word, as implied by the 1st comment and the article.

      Reply to Comment
      • Richard Lightbown

        So what are people sleeping out in West Jerusalem and Tel Aviv a sign of?

        And just for the record I never saw anyone sleeping out in the West Bank or the Golan. Seen plenty in Paris and London mind. (Not that Westminster City Council seems to care.)

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