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WATCH: My Levantine tribute to Louis C.K.

I love Louis C.K.’s show on FX. I love it not only because it’s funny, but because it’s gutsy. It’s out there. Every episode is different, each one has a different rhythm. It almost feels like he’s constantly experimenting, pushing the lines.

And what I love about it most is how he loves New York. I used to think that Woody Allen was always the best when it came to showcasing the Big Apple. But Louis does it even better, showing its dirty, grimey side too. The real thing.

So, with that in mind I thought I’d make a tribute to the show. The missuz and I filmed our own modest version of the fabulous intro – on the streets of Tel Aviv and Bat Yam.

So, Louis, if you’re watching, if you’re a +972 fan – I hope you enjoy it. Keep making good TV.

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