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Gates of Jerusalem: A journey through 13 checkpoints

There are roughly 22 checkpoints in and around Jerusalem. They mostly run along the municipal boundaries of the city and in some places go deeper into the West Bank, along the route of the barrier. I went to visit and document 13 of them:

1. Walajeh Checkpoint. 9:48AM

2. Checkpoint 300 (Bethlehem/Rachel's Tomb). 10:32AM

3. Nu'man Checkpoint (Mazmoriya). 10:52AM

4. Sheikh Saad Checkpoint. 11:28AM

5. Sawahira Asharaqiya Checkpoint. 11:52AM

6. Abu Dis Checkpoint. 12:23PM

7. Abu Dis Checkpoint (sealed off,inactive). 12:41PM

8. Zeitim Checkpoint (Al-Tur). 12:56PM

9. A-Za'ayyem Checkpoint. 13:04PM

10. Shuafat Refugee Camp Checkpoint. 13:14PM

11. Ras Hamis Checkpoint. 13:27PM

12. Qalandiya Checkpoint. 13:41PM

13. Al Jib Checkpoint. 13:58

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    1. Ben Israel

      The Palestinians have no one to blame but themselves if they don’t like the checkpoints. When they decided to embark on their murderous suicide bomber campaign, which was done with Arafat’s connivance and with massive Palestinian public support, they should have realized that it would come at a cost.

      All of this is a consequence of the so-called Oslo “peace process” which brought all these restrictions on the Palestinians. Some “peace process”!

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    2. Comment was removed

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    3. Yfa

      @BenIsrael: of course, Palestinians are also responsible of the zionist project and european colonialism and imperialism…
      “if they don’t like the checkpoints”: would you like them if you were Palestinian? Would you like to feel oppressed everyday?

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    4. Where did this number 22 come from? Many checkpoints are not on the “border” with Israel, but are inside the West Bank. It should also be noted that there are flying checkpoints, which can be implemented at anytim and there is a checkpoint at the enterance to nearly every single Palestinian village.

      Lastly, not all checkpoints are the same. Some are specifically for Israeli citizens — like Checkpoint 300 pictured above — and others are for Palestinians. This continues the Israeli policy of seperation and allows the settlers to move in and out of the occupied Palestinian Territories free of the dehumanizing situation that is experienced by Palestinians in checkpoints.

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    5. @Ben Israel – It is Israel’s right to build a wall and to have a border, but this border should not be on Palestinian land, but on Israeli land. Additionally, checkpoints within the West Bank are illegal as is all of the occupation. This is not Israel’s land and it is not necessary for security that these checkpoints are there.

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    6. Dani

      Dear Mairav

      Thank you for your work and thank you for having the courage, vision, dignity and integrity to talk about it.

      You are an inspiration.


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    7. Stella Goldschlag

      When the Palestinians exercise their right of return to Al Quds, there wont be any need for these checkpoints

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    8. Ben Israel

      Israel’s presence in the West Bank is NOT illegal. UN Security Council Resolution 242 recognized Israel’s right to security control of the territory pending a peace agreement. The Oslo Agreements SIGNED BY THE PALESTINIANS recognizes Israel’s rights in controlling security in the West Bank and providing security for the Jewish settlements there, which are also not illegal, due to the “disputed nature” of the territory.

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    9. Yigal Gafni

      Ben Israel, you can put plenty of lipstick on this pig – the occupation – it will still be a pig.
      Your claim that there is no occupation has been rejected again and again.

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    10. sh

      Ben Israel: “…….pending a peace agreement”. Point is, there won’t be one if the occupying power has anything to do with it. Even those trusting souls who didn’t realise that before know now thanks to Wikileaks. So the occupation is definitely illegal.

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    11. stefania

      Ben Israel, your comment is simply morally shameful, but even if you don’t realize by yourself how unfair is your position please note that every single state of the world that recognize Israel does that only inside the Green Line.

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    12. AngelaJerusalem

      Ben Israel, go read the ICJ Advisory Opinion and learn what international law says about the settlements and Wall. Better still, research what Ministry of Defence lawyers said in the immediate days after the Six Day War. SETTLEMENTS ARE ILLEGAL. Nekuda.

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    13. @Ben Israel

      No where in 242 does it recognize “Israel’s right to security control of the territory pending a peace agreement”. It does call for though a “withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied from the recent conflict”. As for the Oslo Agreements, your reference to “disputed territory” is laughable. The Oslo Agreeement calls for the withdrawal from the West Bank, I certainly don’t see the Israelis upholding this.
      The Oslo Agreements SIGNED BY THE PALESTINIANS recognizes that it grants responsibility of external security to Israel, but internal security to the Palestinians. How can checkpoints separating village from village be considered “external” security.

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    14. chris

      It is a very good idea to document the wall, as not everyone has seen it and it is important to show it to the world. I remember the shock I felt when I first saw the wall. I was surprised that it was much higher in places than I remember the Berlin wall.

      The Berlin wall, once it had gone, there were not enough photos for people to remember the suffering it brought. I think when the Israeli wall has gone these photos will be useful to future generations.

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    15. Wipe nasty Abbas and his PA greed-mongers away. Israel control the whole show. Just give the people the right to vote. One request: Let them all vote.

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    16. Ulrich M. Schönknecht

      Thanks, toda rabah for this documentation, very necessary it is indeed. I am from Berlin, Germany and these photos remind me awfully to the wall parting my hometown. It fell 1989 and the wall parting Palestine will fall soon, I am positive. And there will be times when Jews and Arabs will live next to each other, trade and give the world what they are good in.

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    17. David Shatz

      to Margaret Mayer: Oslo also calls very directly for the PLO to renounce the PLO’s goal of armed struggle against the Zionist entity as stated in the PLo’s charter. seen any evidence of that have you? Why does the left only recall facts when they are one sided and serve no purpose to a comprehensive conversation?

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    18. Cindy

      What a shame!!!!! Stayed in Bethlehem during a vacation, and what lovely people the Palestinians were! I wish more Americans were educated. That is the problem, we are fed very little of the “real” story by our media and government…so very, very sad!

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