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Ten most-read posts of 2012

The readers decide: +972 Magazine’s most popular posts of 2012, in descending order.

10. Palestinian youth beaten unconscious in attempted J’lem ‘lynch’

In August, two near-fatal attacks were committed against Palestinians – both by Israeli Jews. In the first incident, a firebomb was hurled at a taxi, injuring six family members. In the second, three Palestinian youths were severely beaten by a crowd of teenagers. Mairav Zonszein reported.

9. IDF sends text message to Gaza mobile phones: ‘The next phase is on the way’

During Israel’s operation “Pillar of Defense” against the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army sent text messages to mobile phones in Gaza with a warning in Arabic: “The next phase is on the way. Stay away from Hamas elements.” By Lisa Goldman.

8. Exclusive: ‘Political contract’ required to enter Israel?

Dimi Reider publishes the “contract” a Swedish tourist was made to sign upon entering Israel, promising not to contact “pro-Palestinian” groups, and acknowledging she would be deported if caught. Soon after, the government released the letter that would be handed to activists arriving at Ben-Gurion Airport – suggesting they go to Syria.

7. Racist ‘Kodak moment’ with African refugees goes viral on Facebook

A woman poses standing in Levinsky Park next to a group of African asylum seekers, which she likens to animals in a safari, revealing the unabashed racism prevalent among some Israelis. The picture goes viral, and Israel’s favorite meme masters have a field day. By Ami Kaufman.

6. New campaign set on putting friendly Iranian faces on TA billboards

Israeli and Iranian activists met in Germany to plan a follow-up to the viral solidarity campaign that swept the web with messages of mutual love earlier this year. Haggai Matar has more on the campaign, which sought to plaster messages of peace from Iran all over Tel Aviv.

5. Facebook won’t remove photo of woman ‘begging to be raped’

A Facebook page titled “Creepshots” posted a photo of a woman in a short skirt with the caption “begging to be raped.” Despite an outcry, Facebook initially refused to remove the photo, stating it didn’t violate its policy on hate speech.
4. Visualizing Occupation: Children under Israel’s legal regime

The different legal systems under which Israelis and Palestinians are tried apply to children as well. This visual, from Michal Vexler’s popular “Visualizing Occupation” series, demonstrates what would happen should two 12-year-old boys, one Israeli and one Palestinian, get arrested for fighting.

 3. Bibi’s ACME bomb at UNGA inspires Israeli meme artists

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a lot of people worldwide holding their stomachs with laughter as he held his Looney Tune ACME bomb above the UNGA podium. The Israeli meme artists, as usual, were quick to respond.
2. Activist prevents Israeli officer from arresting Palestinian child

During Jerusalem Day events, a Palestinian boy was chased down the street by an angry Border Police officer over a scuffle over a flag. Just as the  officer reached him and tried to grab him, a 22-year-old female Israeli activist prevented his arrest – see the photos here.

1. Israeli-Iranian solidarity exchange sweeps Facebook

In a challenge to growing calls from politicians for war, an Israeli couple decided to address Iranian citizens directly. More and more Israelis took up the call in earnest – and then came the response from Iran. The internet campaign made it clear that neither people has any appetite for a war.

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