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“The Nakba? It has to do with Arabs, right?”

This clip was shown on the Friday evening news show on Channel 10, two days before Nakba Day.

I suppose it’s just as embarrassing as your typical Jaywalking clip on the Tonight Show, but still…

I apologize for the quality of the clip and the watermark smack in the middle of the screen. But yours truly is weak in the computer field, so bear with me.

(Make sure the CC is pressed at the bottom right of the Youtube screen. Captions show at second 00:08).

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    1. David

      In a way these people prove that the Nakba is not that important in todays world. Since it happened 63 years ago and has no immediate relevance today. I mean, lets face it. Were it not for UNRWA, the refugees would have been absorbed by their host countries.
      Sort of a non-event really. Deal with it.
      But it gives the far left something to do.

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    2. danny

      Unfortunately, this is not similar to the jaywalking clips. It is another symptom of the policy of promoting only one historical narrative for the region and disregarding completely that others have equally valid views of history. Sadly, this is a trend that has been gaining momentum, particularly under the current government and Knesset.

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    3. Abban Aziz

      The “Nakba” is manufactured propaganda designed to keep the Palestinians in a state of displacement in order for the media, the Palestinian leaders, and so-call rights groups as well as the hundreds of academics that rely on this conflict to pay their mortgage.

      It’s all one big industry. Billions of dollars every year. Nakba? I’m sorry, Arabs fleeing from one city to the next – literally 15 kilometers – is not some trail of tears B.S.

      They lost in a war they started and now they want to frame it as if they’re the victim?

      Ignoring the fact that the Palestinians never made claims for a state and the PLO/Arab world compleltely denied the existence of a Palestinian state – even forfitting the West Bank/Gaza to Egypt and Jordanian occupiers.


      Israel has much more of a right to fight the Arabs because they truly were subject to a Nakba. According to the far-left logic, Israel should be bombing Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran etc..for the land they stole.

      Right? A land 4 times the size of Israel according to historians. Now populated with Arab settlers.

      But wait, Muslims aren’t held to the same standards as Jews. I forgot.

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    4. aristeides

      According to Israelis, relegating generations to refugee camps isn’t such a big deal and the Palestinians should get over it.

      So when they end up taking UNRWA handouts and living in tents behind barbed wire, they won’t have any trouble just sucking it up and watching the world ignore them.

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    5. Michael S

      “The “Nakba” is manufactured propaganda designed to keep the Palestinians in a state of displacement in order for the media…as well as the hundreds of academics that rely on this conflict to pay their mortgage.

      It’s all one big industry. Billions of dollars every year…”

      ^ Antisemites say the same thing about the Shoah. Shame on you for your hypocrisy.

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    6. RichardNYC

      “According to Israelis, relegating generations to refugee camps isn’t such a big deal and the Palestinians should get over it.”

      Except it isn’t Israel relegating them to camps; its Arabs and the UN. And they tolerate it to the extent they do because brainwashed Israel-deniers and daft leftists keep telling them they’re going to be going home…any day now…Israeli ignorance of the Nakba is embarrassing, but its not nearly the obstacle to peace that Israel-denial and belief in “right of return” are

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    7. RichardNYC

      @Michael S
      Denial of all things is similar in a certain way you’re right, its just that denial of something that actually happened isn’t the same as denial of something that didn’t…there’s your distinction. Palestinians were expelled, yes, but did the “Nakba” narrative take place? No. The word doesn’t refer to the war of 1948 and its expulsions, it refers to a narrative that is rendered non-history by omission bias

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    8. max

      Maybe Israel should make Arabic compulsory at school, so that people will understand the word Nakba.
      As far as the facts are concerned, Israelis know them: 600,000 Arab refugees as a result of a war they forced on the nascent state.
      What many may not know is that these refugees received unique treatment from the UN, not given to any of the other refugee groups around the world, and the fact that the Arab League declared that no Arab state is allowed to integrate them into their host country (though event.

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    9. aristeides

      Wrong, Richardnyc – Palestinians are in refugee camps because Israel illegally refused from the outset to allow them to return home after the war. That is the reason and the only reason. If it weren’t for Israeli ethnic cleansing, they would be back in their own homes and not have any need for camps.

      The UN didn’t kidnap them from Palestine and throw them into camps.

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    10. ARTH

      The contributors to this “zine” are often lamenting the policies of Israel towards the Palestinians but never question or wonder about the real ideas and opinions and knowlege of the Jewish citizens of Israel who vote for the politicians which support and implement them. Accordingly, this video should be an indication of why serious changes in the policy of Israel, for the better, towards the “Occupied Territories” will not occur and not possible…

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    11. Abban Aziz

      “Palestinians are in refugee camps because Israel illegally refused from the outset to allow them to return home after the war.”

      Palestinians are in refugee camps because the Arab states and UN built them and put them there.

      And only a fraction of Palestinians actually live in “camps” and there more tent cities than anything else.

      When Israel conquered the WB/Gaza it did try and move Palestinians out of refugee camps and build them homes but *shocker* the UN condemned Israel for that.

      Damned if you do damned if you don’t.


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    12. aristeides

      Palestinians are in refugee camps because otherwise they would be squatting in the open, exposed to the elements. The UN constructed the camps because the Palestinians had nowhere else to go, all because the Israelis refused to let them go home, as international law required.

      It wasn’t the UN that drove them out of their homes. It was Israel. The fact that Naqba-deniers continue to evade is: why were the Palestinians not in Palestine? You seem to think that this is a situation anyone prefers, other than Israel.

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    13. RichardNYC

      “It wasn’t the UN that drove them out of their homes. It was Israel.”
      Yes, but “them” constitute a small fraction of “Palestinians” today. Its impossible to expel people who do not yet exist. The absurdity of your concept of fault becomes clear if you consider the same standard applied elsewhere. If America denied the grandchildren of Vietnamese boat people citizenship, would any human rights activist blame Ho Chi Minh? Of course not. Nor does your abuse of legal terminology redeem you.

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    14. aristeides

      Impossible to expel people who don’t exist? Not for Israel. Generations of Palestinians yet unborn are already on the proscribed list. People who weren’t born when their grandparents were expelled are still turned back at the borders for the crime of being born where Jews wanted to live.

      Because at the core of it is the racist belief that Arabs are subhuman, with no rights that Jews need respect.

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    15. David

      you just demonstrated that when rational fails pathos is employed and general far leftisms are called upon.

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    16. Abban Aziz

      i laugh at your hyperbole aristeides.

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    17. Abban Aziz

      ” why were the Palestinians not in Palestine?”

      they are. look at a map circa 1948. palestine includes jordan and gaza. palestinians never left palestine. they simply moved, or fled, from one part of it to the next. and that part later became israel.

      and they haven’t stopped bitching since.

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    18. aristeides

      Evasion evasion. Anything but admit the fact – a Palestinian born in Safed is driven from his homeland by armed force. He wants to return to his home. Israelis have confiscated his home and Israelis will kill him if he tries to return.

      And yet you people mock him for “bitching about it.” You deny his humanity, and in doing so expose your lack of it.

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    19. Optimist

      To ABBAN AZIZ and other propagandists:

      The ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist forces began in late 1947, so that by 15 May 1948, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians had already been expelled from their villages and cities before a single soldier from any Arab army had intervened. The exodus from, for example, Jaffa began in early 1948 after Zionist terrorists belonging to the Stern Gang set off a massive car bomb destroying the Jaffa municipality building on 4 January (this is all well-documented in books by right-wing Israeli historian Benny Morris, among others). Many villages in the north of Palestine were also depopulated around that time.

      The news report of the Jewish bomb that is referred to above:

      PALESTINE BLASTS RIP ARAB OFFICES; KILL AT LEAST 34; Moslem Committee’s Building in Jaffa Bombed, With 14 Dead and 98 Injured

      January 05, 1948

      Meriden Record – Jan 8, 1948

      Jews bomb Arab Quarter at Jaffa Gate Invade Moslem Quarter in Home-Made Armored Car

      Jerusalem Jan. 7. (AP)
      Jews disguised in blue caps of the Palestine police and driving a stolen armored car hurled two bombs today into Arab crowds at ancient Jaffa Gate and a nearby street intersection. A hospital report said 14 people were killed.

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    20. Optimist

      The ethnic cleansing was pre-planned. When the records of the Zionist armies were declassified, some historians went through the record and wrote about it. Benny Morris and Ilanne Pappe are two of those “New Historians” who said that ethnic-cleansing was pre-planned and not a byproduct of war. There was no war until after May 15, 1948 but the Zionist terrorists had already kicked out more than 250,000 people.

      Read Ilanne Pappe’s “Ethnic cleansing of Palestine” for details about the shameless Zionist terror plans.

      Here’s a news report dated 27 April 1948 that mentions scores of refugees when the Arab neighbors were still pondering taking action:

      St. Petersburg Times – Apr 27, 1948

      Arab Nations Plan Attack on Palestine

      Jerusalem (AP) – The regular armies of Trans-Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt will launch an invasion of Palestine by Saturday, advices reaching Jeusalem last night said.

      Arab leaders reportedly are alarmed by the extend of recent Jewish military successes. Arab people in the Middle East have been inflamed by the arrival of Arab refugees from Palestine.

      The population of Acre has been swollen by Arab refugees from nearby Haifa, which has been captured by the Jews. Haifa itself now was quiet, the British army reported, with teh Jews and Arabs beginning to work together.

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    21. max

      Optimist, you have a rather free relationship to truth: Benny Morris wrote explicitly that no ethnic cleansing took part, and what happened is normal in wars.

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    22. max

      Optimist, yet another attempt to rewrite history under the pathetic guise of “classified information”, trying to make believe that a war fought just 60 years ago could have been kept secret in the press when in fact it’s been available in official documents for 60 years.
      Indeed, Israel’s war for independence started before the declaration of independence, the moment (December 1947) the Arab militias – does Kaoukji mean something to you? – entered Palestine without British intervention. In fact, they caught the Jewish population unprepared and managed to put so much pressure that the United States began to waver in its support of the partition plan.
      The change of fortune started in April 1948, barely preceding the invasion of the Arab armies – the Jordanian army actually attacked before the declaration of independence.

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    23. Abban Aziz

      “There was no war until after May 15, 1948 but the Zionist terrorists had already kicked out more than 250,000 people.”

      Nonsense. There was a civil war well before 1948.


      The rest of your claims are null. Seriously, this garbage is getting old.

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    24. Abban Aziz

      The UNRWA is a failed organization. This week half the staff are protesting wage issues.

      it’s absurd. the palestinian leadership is able to defer social welfare responsibilities to aid organizations.

      UNRWA needs to be shut down and the PLO/PNA/Hamas/whatever should start footing the bill.

      then they’ll have less resources to spend on weapons and european lawyers and gulf stream 5 jets they like to fly around in begging for donations because they’re always bankrupt.

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    25. Leonid Levin

      I’m not surprised that many, if not most, Israeli’s don’t know what Nakba is. Most people in the former Soviet Union wouldn’t know about Jewish pogroms in their lands. Many Americans have only a vague idea of what the colonizers did to Native American Indians, etc.

      Firstly, there is not much information in mass media about anything that might damage the self-image of the ethnic majority. Secondly, most people (consciously or unconsciously) are not interested to hear anything that will portray their people in bad light. For Jews this may be especially painful, because we (well at least myself) grew up believing in our deep rooted morality and compassion, born out of thousands of years of persecution.

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