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“2Pac tortured by Jewish gangsters using Tel Aviv mob method”

Recently revealed details about autopsy of murdered rapper suggest he suffered torture by EMR, a violent technique used by south Tel Aviv gangs, which causes heart attacks in the space of hours

Tupac Shakur (Photo: Flickr / AndreLucian)

More revelations are surfacing from the FBI files recently released about murdered rapper Tupac Shakur. Last week, the FBI revealed that Shakur had received death threats from the Jewish Defense League, a right-wing extremist group.

“”The JDL… have been extorting money from various rap music stars via death threats,” the FBI file on the case states. The report then goes on to describe how the group would make the death threats, and then call the rap star and offer protection for a fee.

But the FBI files also show that although Shakur was shot dead in Las Vegas by unknown assailants, an autopsy performed after his 1996 murder concluded the rapper would have died the same day due to abnormally high cholesterol rates. The autopsy also found huge numbers of eggshells in the rapper’s stomach.

According to a source in the FBI, these findings are concurrent with a technique the JDL adopted from some of southern Tel Aviv’s most violent gangs. Known as EMR (eggs, macaroni and rice), the victim is forced to “pay up” or consume huge amounts of carbs.

The FBI files include a CCTV clip filmed by Israeli Police, showing how the technique is used. Recommended to view from minute 01:45. Not suitable for children.

As in this official police clip, we can see the victim escaping towards the end – only to be found dead two hours later from a lethal heart attack.

The FBI said that besides EMR, known locally as the “Potchim Shulchan” (Opening the table) technique, the JDL has been known to use other vile forms of pressure, such as:

  • forcing victims to drive through Munsey, NY on a Sabbath;
  • forcing victims to shout anti-semitic slurs in B&H photo;
  • threatening victims to be blacklisted by Moishe’s mover’s and Israeli owned real estate firms in NY, thus basically preventing them from ever moving flat;
  • and worst of all – “sara-boarding”, which involves listening to stand up routines of Sara Silverman for 36 hours.
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      What is this crap? Incitement against Israel disguised as bad humor?

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    2. Jami

      uh…. maybe you’re trying Israeli humor in English? It really doesn’t translate well.

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    3. Michael W.

      How is this going to end the occupation?

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    4. Ismail O.


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