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    • The night the Palestinian Authority showed us whose side it is on

      The violence meted out by PA forces against Palestinian demonstrators Wednesday night was unlike anything I've ever experienced. When it was all over, one thing became clear: the PA isn't a subcontractor of the occupation, they are in lock step. Having just witnessed her friend's arrest, and frustrated by her failure to prevent it, a young activist stood in front of a line of police officers, defenseless, and instinctively shouted, “With spirit, with blood, we’ll redeem you Gaza.” Members of the Palestinian security forces, dressed in civilian clothes, knocked her to the ground. Two policemen joined in and began kicking the bleeding,…

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    • East Jerusalem Palestinians are ready to take back their city

      After 51 years of boycotting the municipal elections, the Palestinians of East Jerusalem are tired of waiting and want a new way forward. Now activists are re-thinking the best strategy to reassert their power. By Meron Rapoport One need not be an expert on Jerusalem to recognize that only few Palestinians will participate in the upcoming municipal elections, to be held in October. Perhaps no more than a few thousands. A low voter turnout among the close to 400,000 Palestinians who live in the neighborhoods, towns, and villages that were annexed by Israel following the occupation of 1967. And yet, the…

    • 'They destroyed everything': Israel's decades-long war against the Jahalin Bedouin

      Expelled by Israeli forces from the Negev, then forced to live next to a garbage dump, the Jahalin Bedouin have lost their ancestral homes and their traditional way of life. The impending forced displacement of Khan al-Ahmar is just the latest struggle in the Bedouin tribe's history of dispossession.  Just outside the Palestinian town of Eizariya in the occupied West Bank, on the side of a busy highway, sits a set of small trash-strewn plots. Bent remnants of metal pipes protrude from piles of crumpled cans and broken bottles. Shredded plastic bags flap in the wind as cars rush by.…

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    • What's causing unusual bullet wounds among Gaza protesters?

      Palestinian medical experts have been reporting unusually large and destructive bullet wounds among protesters in Gaza, leading to claims that IDF snipers have been using prohibited, 'expanding' ammunition. There could be another explanation. By Avihai Stollar Palestinian and international medical experts and media outlets have been making an alarming claim over the past several months: that Israeli snipers may be targeting demonstrators in Gaza with expanding, or exploding bullets. [tmwinpost] Doctors Without Borders stated that many of the wounds the organization encountered were located in the lower limbs and characterized by large exit wounds, in some cases as big as…

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    • The legitimacy of land grabs in the Trump era: From the Golan to Crimea

      Trump’s administration needs to come to terms with the unacceptability of states snatching territory from other states through armed force and keeping it — no matter what rationale the historical context might provide. By Paul R. Pillar The main takeaway from the recent G-7 summit obviously is the striking damage to U.S.-allied relations from Donald Trump’s posturing and accusations about trade. Also worth assessing, however, is a different and milder disagreement between the U.S. president and the other summit participants. [tmwinpost] With support only from the Italian prime minister, the front man for a newly installed populist coalition in Rome,…

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    • Palestinians in Ramallah protest PA sanctions on Gaza

      Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate in central Ramallah, calling for Mahmoud Abbas' ouster in the face of the Palestinian Authority's sanctions on the Gaza Strip. Protest organizers say this is only the beginning. Palestinian protesters marched through the streets of central Ramallah on Sunday to demand that the Palestinian Authority put an end to its sanctions against Gaza, and called for an end to the siege on the Strip. [tmwinpost] The protest, organized by local left-wing activists unaffiliated with any specific parties, focused on PA President Mahmoud Abbas. The demonstrators marched from Manara Square in the city center while chanting “Get out, get…

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    • Can a play about the occupation find a home with American Jews?

      Famed Israeli playwright Joshua Sobol couldn't get Israeli theaters to produce his latest play, 'The Last Act.' So he took it to Boston, where American Jewish audiences are finding it no less difficult to digest. Sobol and Israeli-American director Guy Ben-Aharon discuss the backlash, the clampdown on criticism of Israel, and whether an American audience is more willing to engage with portrayals of the occupation. By Marcelo Svirsky Joshua Sobol is the most famous living Israeli playwrights. Known for controversial work that challenges the dominant narrative in the country, Sobol has written over 75 plays, which have been translated and performed in over 25…

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