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    • WATCH: New flotilla to Gaza sets sail

      While Israeli snipers killed dozens in Gaza, as Israelis and Americans celebrated the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, and while Europe watched Netta Barzilai win the Eurovision, the latest flotilla to Gaza set sail from Scandinavia. The participants no longer expect to break Israel's blockade but they believe they can make a difference nonetheless.

    • Beyond American hegemony and a liberal international order

      With Trump's departure from the Iran deal, many are mourning the 'rules based international order.' But Trump is not the problem: the world has changed, and the idea that the U.S. dominates the world by dint of power, values, wisdom, even God’s decisions is a myth. By Gordon Adams America’s place in the world is experiencing an historic turning point. All the mumbo-jumbo about being the “exceptional” and “indispensable” nation, the natural “leader” of something called the “West,” the guarantor of some kind of international system of “rules” is finally being cast into the dustbin of history. [tmwinpost] This moment…

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    • 'I'll open up your face': The routine of collective punishment in Hebron

      A new video shows Israeli Border Police preventing children from passing through a gate in order to reach their homes. This is what collective punishment looks like.  Ever since Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem launched its Camera Project 11 years ago, the Israel public has had countless opportunities to get a glimpse of the routine of occupation from the point of view of Palestinians living under it. [tmwinpost] Sometimes those videos create a public uproar, as happened with Elor Azaria, who was caught on camera executing a dying Palestinian, or the infamous settler from Hebron, who was seen spitting and cursing…

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    • Ad for Israeli maternity ward portrays fetus as future soldier

      Militarism begins at conception? An ad for a maternity ward in one of Israel's top hospitals depicts a fetus wearing a military beret and saluting. An advertisement for a maternity ward in one of Israel's top hospitals, published in the right-wing newspaper Makor Rishon this past week, has been making the rounds on social media. [tmwinpost] The ad for Lis Maternity Hospital, part of Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, shows a fetus wearing a military beret, with a caption reading: "Recipient of the Presidential Award of Excellence, 2038." Portraying an unborn child as a soldier is disturbing in its own right, regardless of country. In…

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    • U.S. Embassy celebrations: A who's who of the Israeli arms trade

      Only around 30 countries took part in the Israeli Foreign Ministry's gala celebrating the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem last week. Not coincidentally, Israel's ties with most of them are based on arms sales used to carry out gross human rights violations.  By Eitay Mack [Correction added below.] Immediately following the end of the 1967 War, the State of Israel began a massive diplomatic campaign aimed at convincing countries around the world to oppose resolutions in international forums demanding the Jewish state unilaterally withdraw from the occupied territories. Israel attempted to buy the votes of murderous dictatorships and military juntas in exchange for weapons and…

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    • The case against dismantling the Iran deal: A view from Israel

      All those arguing that the deal wasn't working or that it wasn't 'good enough' are misrepresenting the facts. Here's how they're doing it and why they're wrong. By Shemuel Meir Making good on his ultimatum, the American President trumpeted  America's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) earlier this month. This was the opening salvo in a drive to crush the deal that has blocked Iran's path to nuclear weapons. The U.S. abandoned an agreement to which it was a signatory without as much as a single breach on Iran's part. Netanyahu rushed to hail Trump's "bold decision," considering this…

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    • 'Police broke my knee, threatened my doctors,' Arab civil society leader tells court

      Seven require medical treatment for injuries sustained during their arrests or while in custody, including Jafar Farah, who says an officer broke his knee inside the police station. Police file criminal complaint against Arab MK Ayman Odeh for calling the officers who refused to let him visit a hospitalized protester 'losers'. By Oren Ziv, Yael Marom, and Meron Rapoport Israeli police arrested 21 people over the weekend at a protest in Haifa against the mass killing of Palestinian protesters in Gaza days earlier. Most of the 300 protesters were Palestinian citizens of Israel, although two of those arrested were Jewish…

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    • 'Open up or we'll tase you': Police arrest activists protesting Gaza violence

      In the northern city of Haifa, Israeli police are arresting activists who are organizing demonstrations against the violence in Gaza. Israeli police arrested and interrogated a number of Palestinian and Jewish political activists from the northern city of Haifa over the past several days, due to their participation in demonstrations following the killing of over 60 protesters in Gaza this past week. Among those arrested were General Secretary of Hadash's Haifa chapter, Raja Zaatry, and Yoav Bar, an activist with the Abnaa al-Balad movement, who was arrested twice. [tmwinpost] Iris Bar, a political activist and Yoav’s partner, describes what happened:…

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