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    • When racism and segregation are perceived as 'legitimate rights'

      Protests against Arab families moving into Jewish cities are a reminder that until everyone is free to choose where they want to live, the Israeli regime will remain segregationist and racist at its core. By Suhad Bishara Jewish residents of the northern Israeli city of Afula protested last week against the sale of a home to an Arab family and the possibility that the city would have a mixed Jewish-Arab population. I have no doubt that every person who believes in freedom and justice will view this protest as an expression of pro-segregation racism reminiscent of South African apartheid. [tmwinpost]…

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    • An open society or a tribalist one? Israelis will have to choose

      A new documentary tells the story of the firebombing of a kindergarten for asylum seekers in Tel Aviv, holding up a mirror to the crucial choice Israeli society faces today. By Roni Dorot Roni Geffen’s short film, Divine Daycare, portrays an exercise in tribal solidarity, as well as an exercise in social solidarity beyond tribal bonds. The film follows the story of a kindergarten for refugee children in south Tel Aviv after Israelis threw six Molotov cocktails and torched it. It is deeply moving and touches raw nerves. [tmwinpost] One might say – and justifiably so  — that it is not difficult to…

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    • 'You never told me': Confronting American Jewish myths about Israel

      A group of young American Jews are challenging the the institutionalized myths they were taught about the Jewish state in classrooms, youth group trips, and summer camps.  By Emma Goldberg U.S. anti-occupation movement IfNotNow released its “Liberation Syllabus” last week. Crowd-sourced from teachers, students, journalists, and rabbis, the syllabus offers a collection of resources — from picture books to nonfiction, cookbooks to podcasts — that Jewish institutions can integrate into their curricula to offer more balanced and just lessons about the occupation. [tmwinpost] The syllabus is part of IfNotNow’s “You Never Told Me” campaign, in which alumni of Jewish summer camps,…

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    • An attempt to erase the shame of occupation

      A Knesset bill that would prohibit filming soldiers on duty is meant not only to make the work of human rights organizations impossible, but also to prevent Israelis from having to confront what soldiers are sent to do in their name.  By A. Daniel Roth The Israeli government voted this week to support a bill that would criminalize documenting Israeli soldiers tasked with carrying out the violence of the occupation in the West Bank. Supporters of the bill — which could make “videotaping, recording, or photographing Israeli soldiers carrying out their duty with the intention of eroding morale” a crime punishable by…

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    • On Eid al-Fitr, some Palestinians get their first visit to the sea

      Traveling from cities and villages across the West Bank, thousands of Palestinians celebrate the holiday of Eid a-Fitr at the beach. For many, it was their first time there. For others, it was their first time in half a century.  By Oren Ziv Thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank celebrated the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, on the beaches of Tel Aviv and Jaffa over the past two days. For many, it was their first time there — a visit made possible by special entry permits issued by the…

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    • Israel's different responses to Jewish and Palestinian stone throwers

      Jewish settlers who throw stones at Israeli forces hardly face serious consequences. For Palestinian stone throwers, the consequences can mean death.  In the West Bank, the consequences for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers differ dramatically, depending on who’s doing the throwing. The same act, when carried out by Jews in the West Bank, is met — often literally — with a soft-gloved hand. When carried out by Palestinians, the punishment can be as severe as death. [tmwinpost] Israeli forces routinely raid Palestinian homes in the middle of the night to arrest children suspected of stone throwing. In many instances, Israeli soldiers have responded to stone…

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    • Army extends administrative detention of Palestinian feminist lawmaker

      Khalida Jarrar, a Palestinian parliamentarian known for her human rights activism, has been imprisoned indefinitely and without charges since July 2017.   By +972 Magazine The Israeli army extended the administrative detention of feminist Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar by four months on Sunday, following her arrest in July 2017. Her detention was last extended for the first time last December, after the army determined that the parliamentarian and human rights activist continued to pose a risk. [tmwinpost] This is not the first time Israel has put Jarrar under administrative detention, a practice in which detainees are held indefinitely without charge or trial — and with out any way to…


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