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By: Deïr Yassin Sun, 07 Aug 2011 13:34:24 +0000 @ Uncle Sam
Sure, stating about the Palestinians that “they continue to kill JEWS until today”, “the Arabs desire to murder Jews”, “their incontrolable blood lust” isn’t ‘rude’.
Just shows that you’re a brainwashed guy with an IQ below the average !
Yes, and my comment will probably be deleted while this sh.. written by a reel racist has been around for a couple of days.

By: Sam Gamgee Sun, 07 Aug 2011 05:06:10 +0000 @ Deir Yassin.
I’m sorry if my views differ from your own so much that it would cause you to be so rude. An attempt at ridicule falls flat when that is obviously all your reply contains. However I stand by my comments and see nothing to date that would contradict my observations.

By: Deïr Yassin Sat, 06 Aug 2011 12:30:11 +0000 Sam Gamgee says “I don’t know a great deal of Israeli history”.
That’s where he should have stopped. It’s about the only line that makes any sens in his whole comment !

By: Sam Gamgee Sat, 06 Aug 2011 11:44:16 +0000 I dont know a great deal about Israels history but a few facts have always stuck with me throughout my life.
Arabs killed Jews in the times of the British mandate, They killed more Jews when the Jews declared the state if Israel and they continue to kill Jews untill today. I concluded that in all fairness the state of Israel cannot be blamed for the arabs desire to murder Jews as this desire predates the states formation. To describe the status of the arabs as being occupied is unfounded as they have their own government and institutions. The fact that those institutions are corrupt is of their own making.
I support Israels desire to keep itself away from the Palestinians because of their uncontrolable blood lust. Israel behaves exceptionally well considering the hatred of the arabs.

By: weinstein henry Fri, 05 Aug 2011 17:12:41 +0000 Deïr Yassin, you can play with words to refuse to answer to my question – and to indulge yourself the pleasure to post a sentence sneering “each time a Zionist writes racist crap” – , but then you refuse to condemn Lidia’s explicit call to murder all the ‘Zionist colonizers’, even their babies.
Read the comments above, in case of amnesia.
You did the Kill All The Invaders Show with her, ponctuating her pogrom wishes with your Algerian ‘justified’ atrocities Digest.
She appreciated your support.
Read above.
But who knows, maybe Lidia is actually an Ultrazionist who was playing the Leftist with you. It happens.
That’s why I suggested her a career move in the Spanish Inquisition.

By: Bosko Fri, 05 Aug 2011 10:39:49 +0000 @Deir Yassin – “And I of course don’t think you’re interested in the One State Declaration”
Your power of observation is simply brilliant.
As for your admission that you are not sorry that Hamas exists, that says it all. In fact, you don’t seem to be the only Palestinian Arabs who feel that way. As I recall, Hamas received the majority of the votes at the last elections.
That’s even more of a reason why most of us are not interested in the kind of one state solution that Hamas would offer. Nor the one that your other source tries to peddle. Simply because we are not interested in being dominated by an Arab majority we are happy for you to have your own state and we will have ours thank you very much.
As far as pretending that you have been diddled with the amount of land, spare me. I’ll only say this … If you would not have fought wars to try to prevent the existence of the Jewish state, you would have ended up with even more land.

By: Deïr Yassin Fri, 05 Aug 2011 10:11:25 +0000 @ Bosko
If you’d actually read the introduction, you would have known that the One State Declaration has nothing to do with ‘Electronicintifada’ who merely posted it, just as dozens of other websites.
Here you have a site only dedicated to the One State:
And I of course don’t think you’re interested in the One State Declaration. Firstly, I wanted to show the ridicule in your Hamas-analogy (and I didn’t say I was sorry they existed, speak for yourself) and secondly, even if my comment was an answer to your comment, someone else might want to know about the One State Declaration.

“What’s wrong with the two State solution” says the guy who ended up with 78% of NOTHING.

Funny how Israelis are obsessed about ‘Muslim’ people. I’m Palestinian, I’m a One Stater, so is Mazin Qumsiyeh, Joseph Massad, so was Edward Saïd, all “Muslims” as we know …

By: Bosko Fri, 05 Aug 2011 09:25:46 +0000 @Deir Yassin – “If Hamas, Hizbullah, and Ahmedinejad didn’t exist, you’d had to invent them, wouldn’t you ? ?”
But much to both our sorrows they do exist (seems like you are not too happy that they exist either?). So we can’t ignore them.
As far as your link is concerned, why should I give it any credence? Why do you think that something from the electronic Intifada would have greater credibility than articles about history in Wikipedia which are backed up by other historical sources?
Talk is cheap Deir Yassin. Your electronic intifada sources can talk about utopian visions but looking around, all I can see are failures and tragedy whenever two people’s with historical enmity are forced into one state solutions. I also find it curious why Muslim people’s insist on one state solutions when they would form the majority in such a state. Yet they insist on separation and self determination whenever they would form a minority (for example Pakistan/India in 1948 and Kosovo/Serbia more recently).
Could it be that the aim is to dominate but not to be dominated?
I repeat, what is wrong with the two state solution?

By: Deïr Yassin Fri, 05 Aug 2011 08:39:16 +0000 @ Weinstein
So what you’re saying is that as you don’t intervene each time a Zionist writes racist crap – like Bosko elsewhere about some ‘natural Palestinian hang for violence’ – or supporting the idea of Eretz Israel, I should just logically deduce that you do agree.

@ Bosko
Yeah, we know your huge amount of knowledge on Hamas and their concept of the One State. No ‘wikipedia’ to confirm ….
My One State is the same as Michael (Michel) Warschawski, Ilan Pappe, Eitan Bronstein, Mazin Qumsiyeh…. Don’t know whether they’re great fans of Hamas, and I don’t think any Hamas-members signed the ‘One State Declaration’:
If Hamas, Hizbullah, and Ahmedinejad didn’t exist, you’d had to invent them, wouldn’t you ? ?