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  • Naftali Bennett's vision: Equality through Jewish supremacy

    Behind all the pretty words, Bennett's speech at the Israel Prize ceremony reveals exactly what he's after: a Jewish nationalist theocracy.  By Gil Gertel During last Thursday's annual Israel Prize ceremony, Education Minister Naftali Bennett gave a speech laying out his vision. He called for the establishment of a national, Jewish state, and in order to justify his outlook he used a history that doesn't even exist in the bible, scorned diaspora Jews, and promised equality for all through Jewish supremacy. "This is the only way," he summarized his speech in support of Jewish theocracy, to the applause of those…

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  • Give me back my Zionism!

    The week commencing on Holocaust Remembrance Day and ending on Independence Day is when Israel is swept with unquestioning patriotism. But as hard as it may be, it is important to resist the temptation. By Lev Yam Gonen In last year's Knesset elections, I voted for a left-wing party. This piece of information is enough for most Israelis to infer that I'm a vegetarian – no, vegan, actually – work for B'Tselem and have an Arab boyfriend. And the blue eyes that I don't have are from my Ashkenazi father's side. But actually, except a poster of Meretz leader Zehava…

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  • Mimouna, a Jewish-Muslim festival everywhere except Israel

    Moroccan Jews have always celebrated Mimouna with their Muslim neighbors – and still do in Belgium, Italy and France. But in Israel, this charming custom fell prey to Zionism's primeval instinct to divide and rule.  Mimouna, the Jewish-Moroccan post-Passover festival, always offers an interesting glimpse into Ashkenazi-Mizrahi relations in Israel, by virtue of being the only Mizrahi custom that successfully acceded into the Israeli mainstream. Fewer and fewer Ashkenazis come out of it unscathed: Those who look down on Moroccan customs as primitive and uncivilized get their share of abuse, as well as those who pay lip service to multiculturalism…

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  • What's so threatening about human rights?

    The Right doesn't reject the concept of universal human rights because it threatens the Zionist project, they do so because it would mean seeing Palestinians as equals.  By Dror Etkes There is a positive aspect to the continuing, orchestrated campaign by Israel's right-wing government and its helpers against "leftist" organizations, which many seem not to be paying attention to. As the campaign goes on, it helps create an intuitive, collective understanding for most people who have refrained from dedicating their life to understanding the inner politics of left-wing organizations in Israel, that there is no room for the artificial barrier…

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  • Before Zionism: The shared life of Jews and Palestinians

    Before the advent of Zionism and Arab nationalism, Jews and Palestinians lived in peace in the holy land. Menachem Klein's new book maps out an oft-forgotten history of Israel/Palestine, and offers some guidance on how we may go back to that time. By Noam Rotem Menachem Klein's book, Lives in Common: Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron, is a depressing one. Originally released in English, the book — which is being published in Hebrew  — paints a picture of a shared life between Palestinians and Jews at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th…

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  • The Zionist educator we should have listened to

    At a time when Israel's education minister sees only Jews as moral, it is worth remembering a prominent Zionist educator who taught us that things could have turned out differently. By Gil Gertel This past week marked "Land Day," in which we commemorate and decry the dispossession of Israel's Arab citizens of their land. Fate also had it that on that very same week, the Israeli public found itself a new national hero, who took the slogan "death to Arabs" and made it a reality. On the day following the Hebron shooting, Education Minister Naftali Bennett attacked those who hurried…

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  • Meet the Mizrahi activists who support the Joint List

    In a special meeting with members of Knesset from the Joint List, a group of Mizrahi activists present a manifesto calling for Palestinian-Mizrahi solidarity against racism and discrimination. "Facing a reality of fear, discrimination, separation, and incitement we have joined together to form alliances, to cross barriers of ethnicity, gender, and consciousness." Those are the words that open the vision statement by a group of Mizrahi activists who support the Joint List, which was ceremoniously presented to members of the Joint List earlier this week. [tmwinpost] The decision to do so, which began with a group of friends who were…

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  • Israel's education minister wants to reduce Jewish history to pogroms

    A new committee is tasked with exposing Israeli students to Mizrahi and Sephardic Jewish history. The problem? There is more than one narrative. By Gil Gertel A committee in Israel's Education Ministry meant to "expose Israeli students to the cultural, philosophical, social, and historical wealth of Jewish communities of the East and Spain" began its work last week. The Bitton Committee, appointed by Education Minister Naftali Bennett, is headed by poet and Israel Prize winner Erez Bitton. It is supposed to find ways for integrating content on this topic in the existing school curriculum. So far the plan sounds great. The…

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  • The tyranny of the Jewish majority

    The Jewish tribe has managed to stabilize its rule over the land, all while turning anyone who opposes it into a subversive or an anti-Semite. This precisely how a dictatorship functions.  By Umar al-Ghubari Israeli Apartheid Week is upon us, and this year the government is doing everything it can to fight organizers of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement across the world, while the Knesset is getting ready to vote on the so-called "suspension law," which has the wholehearted support of the government itself. All this is taking place two weeks after the Knesset Ethics Committee decided to suspend…

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  • Saying goodbye to Israel's oldest dissident Zionist

    He was an officer in the IDF, a supporter of a bi-national state, and fundraised money to build a school in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Until his very last day, Dov Yermiya remained a man of contradictions. By Avi Dabach Dov Yermiya, who passed away two weeks ago at the age of 101, was a man of contradictions. One of the one hand he was a venerated fighter of the 1948 War, on the other hand he exposed war crimes. One the one hand a tzabar who grew up in the heartland of Zionism, on the other hand…

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  • How Im Tirtzu dominates Israel's public debate

    While its campaign of intimidation against supposed left-wing Israeli artists seems to have backfired, Im Tirtzu's role in Israel's current political climate cannot be overstated. The political climate in Israel has become so draconian and repressive lately that it was slightly surprising how quickly everyone rushed to denounce Im Tirtzu's latest campaign against mainstream artists and celebrities who sit or have sat on the boards of human rights organizations. Leaders across the political spectrum condemned the campaign, including Netanyahu, who has previously sung Im Tirtzu's praises on camera.  Following the backlash, the group told the Israeli press they had made a…

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  • When equality is the biggest existential threat of all

    In these days of entrapping human rights activists and blacklisting 'traitors,' the concept of equality has become as radical as it gets — and a threat to everything the governing regime stands for. Last week Israeli lawmakers had the opportunity to take a first step towards enshrining equality in the law. They rejected this opportunity, voting down Joint List MK Jamal Zahalka's proposed amendment to include a clause on equality in Israel's Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. [tmwinpost] The vote was taken on a preliminary reading of Zahalka's bill, meaning that it was shot down before it even left…

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  • The Zionist dream is over — it's time to move forward

    The Zionist dream is disappearing due to the rise of the messianic Right. Jews who are worried must know there is an alternative: building a society based on equality and democracy. The end of the Zionist era is upon us. Perhaps it is time to close this chapter in the history of the Jewish people. The Zionist movement has succeeded, and now it is time to take down the monster before it goes too far. [tmwinpost] You, our Jewish cousins, established a state in the most unjust way possible. One cannot hide the Palestinian people or what they have gone…

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