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  • Propaganda wars: Searching for a narrative in Operation Protective Edge

    No amount of Tweeting, tagging, posting or liking will save Gazans from an Israeli ground invasion. So why bother? By Corey Sherman Recent political upheavals in the Middle East tend to have a social media subplot, whether it's how savvy youth use it to subvert harsh authority, or how states manipulate access to it so as to stop such subversion. There’s the story about how State-Department-Official-cum-Google-Ideas-Chief, Jared Cohen, requested that Twitter delay a scheduled maintenance of their network to enable Iranians to continue to use the platform to organize during the harsh crackdown on post-election protests in 2009. Or how…

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  • Riches to rags to virtual riches: When Mizrahi artists said 'no' to Israel's pioneer culture

    Upon their arrival in Israel, Mizrahi Jews found themselves under a regime that demanded obedience, even in cultural matters. All were required to conform to an idealized pioneer figure who sang classical, militaristic 'Hebrew' songs. That is, before the 'Kasetot' era propelled Mizrahi artists into the spotlight, paving the way for today's musical stars. Part two of a musical journey beginning in Israel’s Mizrahi neighborhoods of the 1950s and leading up to Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf. Read part one here. By Shoshana Gabay (Translated from Hebrew by Yoav Kleinfeld) Our early encounter with Zionist music takes place in kindergarten, then later in…

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  • PM Netanyahu's Christmas message: We are better than the Arabs (WATCH)

    We now open our Christmas celebrations with the traditional Islamophobic message from the Prime Minister's Office: While Prime Minister Netanyahu is using the holiday to present his tea-party talking points against anything Muslim, it's a good time to remember that roughly 200,000 more than 170,000 Palestinian Christians are living under Israeli occupation in the West Bank, without proper political representation, freedom of travel, equality before the law, and many other civil and human rights. Unlike the Israeli prime minister, the occupation doesn't know the difference between a Muslim and a Christian.

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  • Huntsman youtube attack ad may have been manipulation

    A youtube advert that appears to question Republican Presidential hopeful John Huntsman’s “American Values” has caused quite a splash … and confusion.  In the ad, Huntsman, the former US Ambassador to China (and notably, a Republican appointed by Democratic President Barack Obama for the job), speaks Chinese.  His face is super-imposed on an image of Chairman Mao Zedong.  But the whole thing may have been a scam by a Huntsman supporter to get his candidate more attention before the upcoming New Hampshire primary.   Here is the original video, posted on January 4th: It was posted on a page called NHforPaul … alluding…

  • Best J14 animation ever: "The Israel Machine"

    There have been many inspiring or funny J14 videos posted in recent weeks, but this one is by far the best, getting all the important issues--from militarism through the deportation of migrant workers and refugees to the Separation Wall--wrapped to one and a half minutes. Watch it with sound: The characters at the top of the machine, by order of appearance, are PM Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud), Foreign Minster Avigdor Lieberman (Israel Beitenu), Interior Minister Eli Yishay (Shas), Defense Minister Ehud Barak (ex-Labor) and Opposition leader Tzipi Livni (Kadima). The handles they are dancing on state their role. The caption on…

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  • Racist "IDF recruit" video exposed as a hoax

    A video of a gun-wielding IDF soldier swearing he would disobey orders not to shoot Palestinians and Sudanese created a stir in the Israeli blogosphere. The video turns out to be a hoax - but it still teaches us something of how such attitudes are perceived by local audiences. Over the weekend, a short Youtube video (above) became a hit over the Israeli Twittersphere and Facebook. The video was uploaded on May 25th 2011, at he height of the storm that followed the breach of the ceasefire lines under Majdal Shams. It begins with the strident tone of the IDF…

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  • Holocaust museum seeks YouTube viewers in Iran

    Today Holocaust museum Yad Vashem launched its Farsi-language YouTube channel How do you say “Holocaust” in Farsi?  You and I may not know, but the world’s largest center dedicated to preserving the memory of Europe’s murdered Jews is hoping millions of Iranians will soon find out – or at least, will learn it in a different context. On Sunday, the Jerusalem-based Yad Vashem was set to launch the Farsi-language version of its YouTube channel, making available to speakers of the language a number of clips and stories recalling some of the twentieth century’s darkest moments.  This is in addition to…

  • IDF humiliation clip: Eden Abergil, the musical

    One thing you can't say about our army is that it ever rests on its laurels. Having first rattled its fans with the Hebron dancing video, and then rocked them with a soldier girl's posing with Palestinian prisoners bound to accompany her on "the best time of her life," the boys in green now introduce an integrated product. Yes, it has a woman. Yes, it has soldiers. But now the woman is Palestinian, tied up, and the soldiers are dancing a belly dance in front of her, rubbing their superior force  in her face. Pretty literally. Here's the video; I…

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