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  • Home Field - Visiting agricultural workers in Israel, part 5

    In a series of posts based on field visits and meetings with migrant workers in Israel, Noa Shauer and Shiraz Grinbaum highlight the conditions, hardships and exploitation of foreign workers. In part 5, they met with agricultural workers in the northern Israeli moshavim of Sdei Trumot and Revayah, trying to re-evaluate their working conditions after a strike. Text by: Omri Paz/Kav LaOved, Photos: Shiraz Grinbaum/, read part 4, part 3, part 2, and part 1 In February, we paid a visit to the moshav (agricultural settlement) of Sdei Trumot in order to meet with the workers who were being maltreated by…

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  • WATCH: Court rebukes state archeology body for labor abuse

    When the Israel Antiquities Authority hired a manpower company to provide workers for its excavation sites, it ended up abusing the temporary workers' rights by firing them after a number of months. The workers, however, went to court to demand they be hired as permanent employees -- and won.

  • Union seeks to organize truckers to challenge sub-standard labor conditions

    The solitary work of a trucker entails long hours, poor pay and dangerous conditions. One trade union is attempting to organize drivers in a sector which is crucial to the Israeli economy. By Alon Aviram Haifa - At the largest of Israel’s seaports, heavy haulage trucks operate day and night, continuously working to transport imports and exports across the country. A stench of diesel fumes hangs in the port, and the sounds of shifting gears and screeching brakes are constant. Over 10,000 heavy vehicle drivers are employed in haulage in Israel. Unionization is scarce, and work conditions are grizzly. Long…

  • The Wall, 10 years on / part 8: A working class under siege

     The wall was built to stop suicide bombers from entering Israel, so they say. But the people who do enter Israel on a daily basis are the tens of thousands of Palestinians who work here. Some go through hours of waiting at checkpoints, others climb the wall and risk injury or arrest – but all have experienced a dramatic change for the worse in their lives. Project photography: Oren Ziv / Activestills We arrive at Eyal checkpoint at 4:30 a.m. The sky is pitch black yet minivans packed with laborers are already passing us in the opposite direction on their…

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  • Focusing on Sarah Netanyahu, the media misses the story

    Do Sarah Netanyahu’s scandals serve as a lightning rod for her husband? They are, after all, business partners Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu, as she demands others refer to her, was once again in the midst of another scandal this week. This time, the claims were she was treating her old father’s caregiver, Nepalese Tara Kumeri, like a particularly nasty brute (Hebrew). The Missus has not only refrained from paying Kumeri her due – the Missus was charged with doing precisely this several times in the past – she has also called her, according to Kumeri’s complaint, a “Nepalese piece of garbage”.…

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