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west bank protests

  • WATCH: IDF fires tear gas canisters directly at protestors

    Two Palestinian protesters have been killed from the practice in recent years despite it being illegal. By Natasha Roth In keeping with a recent upsurge in the illegal use of lethal force during weekly Friday demonstrations in Nabi Saleh, video footage emerged last week of an Israeli soldier firing tear gas canisters directly at protesters on March 13, 2015, filmed by local journalist Bilal Tamimi. Shooting tear gas canisters directly at humans can be deadly, due to the velocity at which the canisters are fired. Just over three years ago, Mustafa Tamimi was killed in the same spot after being…

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  • 'Israeli army increasing use of live fire at West Bank protests'

    Despite being illegal as a crowd control weapon, eyewitness accounts and a new report by B'Tselem document the Israeli military's increased use of 0.22 caliber live bullets against Palestinians at West Bank protests and clashes. Photos by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler and Oren Ziv/ Text by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler Two years ago this week, 15-year-old Palestinian Salih al-Amarin was shot in the head by Israeli forces with live ammunition. He died several days later. Al-Amarin, a resident of Azza Refugee Camp in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, was taking part in clashes with Israeli forces stationed on the separation wall…

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  • Israeli child killed by mortar; Hamas executes 18 suspected collaborators

    Update: The IDF has confirmed that the mortar shell that killed a 4-year-old Israeli child Friday evening was not fired from a UN-run shelter for Gazan refugees, as earlier reported by Haaretz. On the 46th day of Israel's Operation Protective Edge at least 113 projectiles were fired into Israel from Gaza. A mortar attack early Friday evening  killed four-year-old Israeli child Daniel Tregerman – the first child fatality on the Israel side since the start of hostilities more than six weeks ago. This was also the first Israeli fatality since a temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel broke down last Friday…

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  • Soul searching at a West Bank demonstration

    'I go to demonstrations as a private person protesting the injustice done to the inhabitants of the West Bank. For them, however, I’m an Israeli before anything else, and this dissonance stands at the basis of the soul searching you are now reading.' By Noam Rotem (translated by Jordan Michaeli) As a graduate of the Israeli education system’s indoctrination and the rotten and corrupt military system, it's not natural for me to participate in a demonstration in the West Bank. And I speak only for myself. I'm not a member of any party or other political organization; additionally, I'm a…

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  • West Bank protesters show solidarity with Gazans

    On Friday, the weekly demonstration in Kufr Qaddum was subject to successive volleys of tear gas attacks as the Israeli army entered the village. Several protesters were injured in the process, including one man who suffered a direct hit to the back of the head from a tear gas canister. He remains hospitalized. By Alon Aviram In light of the current situation in Gaza and the south of Israel, there was visibly a smaller presence of press at protest sites. Some activists had feared that this factor would invite the Israeli military to be more heavy handed in its policing.…

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  • Spotlight: The Paris Protocol and the Palestinian economy

    'There is no denying that we are a part of Israel’s economy. If Israel raises the price of cigarettes, our cigarette prices go up. If the price of gas goes up, so does ours. If things are expensive in Israel, they are expensive here too.' In April 1994, Israeli and Palestinian negotiation teams met in Paris to sign one of the most important annexes to the Oslo Accords – the Paris Protocol, the agreement which regulates the economic relationship between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Today, 18 years after the protocol was signed, demonstrations against the agreement have spread across…

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  • Photo essay: Palestinians protest high prices, Israeli economic control

    A wave of protests in the occupied Palestinian territories against the high cost of living has raised the obvious question as to whether the 'Arab Spring' has arrived in Palestine. Since demonstrations started in the first week of September, Palestinians have regularly blocked roads in major West Bank cities, protesting the high prices for food, fuel, and other basic necessities, many of them criticizing the Palestinian Authority and calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Protesters also targeted the Oslo Peace Accords, which were signed with Israel 19 years ago last Thursday. Many called for the abolition of…

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  • A week in photos: September 6-12

    Palestinian protests against the cost of living and PA leadership grew in size and intensity, as weekly demonstrations continued and threats of demolition and settler violence remain a fact of life under occupation. Israelis also took to the streets over media and social justice issues. Activestills images tell the stories of the week.

  • WATCH: IDF Lt. Col. rams rifle in face of activist (UPDATED)

    UPDATE: According to a source who has approached +972 Magazine, Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, who beat an activist in the face with his rifle (video below) is slated to be the next Deputy Commander of Bahad 1, the IDF's school and training base for all of its officers Here’s how we treat people who dare cycle where they’re not supposed to. Yes, I said “cycle.” For this you are punished with a rifle to the head, in a bunt move that would make most major league baseball players jealous.   According to the WAFA news agency, “Israeli forces Saturday broke…

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  • Israeli soldiers arrest Bassem Tamimi, coordinator of Nabi Saleh Popular Committee

    Bassem Tamimi, coordinator of the Nabi Saleh popular committee, was arrested when dozens of soldiers raided his house at noon today beating his wife and daughter in the process. Only yesterday the military court had ordered the indefinite remand of Naji Tamimi, another member of the Nabi Saleh population committee. Minutes after Bassem Tamimi entered his home to prepare for a meeting with foreign diplomats, dozens of Israeli soldiers stormed his house at the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and arrested him. The soldiers tried to prevent Tamimi's wife, Nariman Tamimi, from filming the arrest, hitting her and trying…

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