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  • Netanyahu's boycott - of the Israeli media

    By Tal Schneider countup Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not given a single interview to the Israeli press since January 19, 2013. Not one question answered at a press conference, not a single one-on-one, and forget about a roundtable. In a democracy, this is incomprehensible. Amit Segal’s Channel 2 story on the matter (‘A year since the elections – the prime minister refuses to be interviews’, [Heb]) says it all. Nothing happened even after that. Netanyahu grants numerous interviews in many languages to the foreign press -- but not in Hebrew to Israeli reporters. As a political blogger, I…

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  • Defense Minister Ya’alon has been putting down Kerry in briefings to reporters, diplomats for weeks

    The media fallout from the Ya'alon story in Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth revealed that for some weeks now the defense minister has been conducting private briefings to journalists, diplomats and politicians in which he has been speaking out against Secretary of State John Kerry, using the same terms that were revealed earlier this week. Yedioth’s diplomatic correspondent Shimon Shiffer quoted Ya’alon as saying that the secretary of state's is “messianic and obsessive” with his peace efforts, accusing Kerry of being unfamiliar with the issues ("The U.S. security plan is 'not worth the paper it's written on'"), and adding that “the best thing that could…

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  • The real problem with the prisoner release

    The problem is not that Israel releases Palestinian prisoners, but how few it releases. Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth gives its readers a daily question, argued by two competing op-eds. On Monday, the question had to do with the coming release of Palestinian prisoners as part of the government’s commitment to Secretary of State John Kerry. Journalist Merav Batito wrote in favor, while Hagai Segal was against freeing terrorists; readers were asked to vote on Facebook. Segal knows a thing or two about the issue -- he is, after all, a released terrorist. In the eighties, Segal was part of what was…

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  • Why did the IDF assassinate two Palestinian journalists?

    The Israeli army still refuses to comment on several incidents in which journalists affiliated with Hamas, but with no connection to military activities, were targeted. In response to an inquiry by an Israeli journalist, an IDF Spokesperson representative wondered why he cares about a couple of Palestinians that died 'a million years ago.' On November 20, during the Israeli army’s last operation in Gaza ("Pillar of Defense"), the IDF targeted a car on a Gaza City street with two cameramen from al-Aqsa TV - Mahmoud al-Kumi and Hussam Salama - killing them both. Al-Aqsa is the official television station of…

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  • What does the peace process have to do with Iran?

    Several analysis are linking the resumption of the peace talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu's desire to legitimize a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. Some even claim that the U.S. administration is in the loop.  There were at least three articles in the Hebrew media this week speculating on the option of an Israeli strike on Iran. All pieces linked those scenarios to the peace process, and to the Wall Street Journal's report on reactor in Arak, which is due to become operational in the coming months and could be used for the creation of a plutonium bomb (those reports were already disputed,…

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  • Following tour to unrecognized Bedouin villages, conservative media personality has change of heart

    Poll finds Israeli public extremely misinformed on Bedouin issue, majority believes land claims to be five times bigger than they really are. Media personality and talk radio host Avri Gilad is one of the recent favorites of the Israeli right. Gilad, a Tel Aviv celebrity, has voiced extremely conservative opinions on a variety to topics, from asylum seekers to Islam. In late April, Gilad posted on Facebook his impressions from a tour to the South with the settlers non-profit group Regavim: I came back from a tour of the Negev conducted by Regavim. I am appalled by what I saw. There’s no…

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  • A reluctant reader: 'Haaretz,' paywalls and liberal Zionism

    One Palestinian journalist's meditation on being forced to pay for Haaretz, the only paper he can rely on, but one that also espouses a nationalist ideology he cannot accept. 'I'm fated to be a reluctant reader -- and a reluctant citizen.' By Hakim Bishara It’s morning and I desperately need the news. Where I live, one needs to know what awful things to expect outdoors before leaving the house. I often think of those people who have a favorite newspaper of choice. They develop an easy kinship to the paper: “Have you seen my newspaper?”, they ask around the house;…

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  • Violence sells: When the media profits off the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    In my third post about publishing--or, rather, not publishing--my book about migrant workers and African refugees in Israel, I examine the role of violence in the media and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And then there was a ray of light. In the wake of the May 2012 race riot in Tel Aviv, the mainstream media was suddenly paying attention to African refugees in the Jewish state. My agent called to say that we might be able to ride the wave of violence to sell my book about migrants in Israel. There’s something wrong with an industry that only sits up and takes…

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  • Announcing a new partnership with Israel Social TV

    +972 Magazine and Israel Social TV are happy to announce the beginning of a new partnership in which Social TV's grassroots, independent video reporting and content will be published and presented in English on +972 Magazine. Like +972, Social TV is an independent media organization working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality as well as to mobilize its viewers toward activism. Social TV was established in 2006 out of the belief that objective and diverse media is crucial for a healthy democracy in Israel. It seeks to report on social injustices and human right violations, and…

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  • Patronizing much? Haaretz prints editorial in Arabic, urging Palestinian citizens to vote

    Tuesday's Haaretz editorial calls on Arab citizens to vote in the Israeli elections, despite the feelings of failure and disappointment they may have toward the Israeli parliament. The piece (accurately) states that voting numbers are relatively low among Palestinian citizens of Israel, resulting in a Kensset representation that is roughly half of their share in the populations. Quote: Therefore, the Arab public has no better alternative than the civic struggle, which demands patience. Despair and abstention are the worst enemies of such a struggle, and they are luxuries that Israel’s citizens can’t afford. Massive Arab turnout in this election would…

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  • WATCH: Palestinian journalists protest attacks on Gaza media buildings

    Members of the Palestinian Union of Journalists and their supporters gathered in Ramallah's Al-Manara Square on Sunday to demonstrate against an Israeli attack on two media buildings in Gaza.   Ramallah, West Bank - Dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank - territorially separated from the Gaza Strip - protested in the territory's administrative center Ramallah on Sunday, accusing Israel of directly targeting journalists in an attempt to stifle the flow of information out of Gaza. Media NGOs, including Reporters Without Borders, have condemned the strike, which wounded six Palestinian journalists and damaged the equipment of foreign media covering the…

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  • Honoring my friend: A tortured Bahraini journalist taking on the courts

    A female Bahraini officer has been acquitted by a court in Manama on charges of torturing a local journalist working for a French TV and radio station. As the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) notes, reporter Nazeeha Saeed claimed: ...during her 13-hour detention, al-Moussa and the other officers blindfolded her, beat her repeatedly with a hose, pulled her hair, slapped her in the face, dunked her head in a toilet, kicked her, and forced her to sign papers she was not allowed to read. The journalist, who was later examined by a doctor, submitted several medical reports to the court…

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  • Haaretz journalists go on strike, no paper on Thursday

    Haaretz's journalists decided this afternoon to cancel the printing of the newspaper tomorrow, for both the Hebrew and the English editions. The internet sites of Haaretz Group (, and have not been updated since the early afternoon. UPDATE: The sites will go back to work at midnight local time.  Workers at Haaretz are protesting massive layoffs that are to be implemented right after the Jewish holidays. The journalists recently unionized, and held a two-hour protest several weeks ago. Since then, negotiations between the union and the paper's publisher, Amos Schocken, have failed. This afternoon, a strike was announced, effective immediately.…

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