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  • WATCH: Bringing Israelis face to face with Gaza closure

    Although the Gaza Strip is only about 50 kilometers from the city of Hebron in the West Bank, few people are given permission to travel this short distance. One Israeli filmmaker decided to bring Gaza's separation policy to the heart of the Israeli mainstream. By Tania Hary Any illusions that Israel’s policy on Gaza is only about security surely should have been dispelled by the events of this week. Israel’s highest court struck down the petition of Gaza’s only Olympian runner, Nader al-Masri, who had asked to be able to travel to Bethlehem to race in the second annual Palestine…

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  • Fantasy of superiority: How the Israeli media pits Mizrahim against asylum seekers

    Israeli journalists are only inflaming tensions by blaming longtime Oriental Jews residents of south Tel Aviv for the plight of African asylum seekers. So one must ask: why aren't journalists actually holding the government accountable? Shoshana Gabay (Translated from Hebrew by Benno Karkabe, Shoshana Gabay and Dana Hadadi) May Golan is a young resident of an impoverished south Tel Aviv neighborhood, and an active member of Michael Ben-Ari's fascist movement "Otzma Le'Israel" (Power to Israel). In an interview she gave to Haaretz, Golan succeeded in infuriating its readers with her personality and her slandering of African refugees.Golan's written profile is…

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  • WATCH: Anti-occupation activists bring Hebron to Tel Aviv

    Dozens of Tel Aviv storeowners woke up Tuesday morning to find that anti-occupation activists had posted fake military orders on their storefronts. The pseudo army notices ordered the stores to shut down for the entire day, in commemoration of the 20 years since the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in Hebron, and to give Tel Aviv residents a glimpse of the Palestinian reality of segregation in the city. +972's full coverage marking 20 years since the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre Related: A city of devastation: Hebron 20 years after the massacre In Hebron, terror begets a reign of terror…

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  • PHOTOS: Jaffa, Tel Aviv enveloped in fog

    The fog came out of nowhere Thursday afternoon. It affected the entire region. At around 5 p.m, as I made my way home going south along the beach, I took some photos that I thought I'd share.         Related: PHOTOS: Snow blankets Bethlehem as winter weather hits region PHOTO: 'Snow makes everyone equal for a day on Hebron's Shuhada St.'

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  • Beyond the market and the state: Horizons for a new kind of public housing

    The choice between entrusting the right of people to a house either to the hands of a violent government or to capitalists is futile and dispiriting. But is it possible to free ourselves of this stranglehold? A conversation with Sebastian Schipper about a new possibility for public housing (and what it is like to pay rent to yourself). Tomer Gardi and Sebastian Schipper (translated from Hebrew by Orna Meir-Stacey) The following interview stems from a difficulty that I have been feeling for a while in the struggle for public housing. Put simply: on the one hand, through the struggle we…

  • PHOTOS: Tel Aviv protest denounces violence against transgender people

    Photos and report by: Oren Ziv and Keren Manor/ Approximately 1,000 transgender and LGBTQ activists marched Thursday night along the streets of Tel Aviv to protest transphobic hate crimes. The protest, organized by "Gila - Project for Trans Empowerment," was held following an attack on a trans sex worker two weeks ago in Tel Aviv by eleven men with pepper spray and electric shockers. After their arrest, it was revealed that all eleven were off-duty border policemen. Police officials called the assault a "prank" fueled by "boredom." The protesters marched in the streets of Tel Aviv, denouncing homophobia and hate crimes and reclaiming…

  • Eritrean asylum seekers: Caught between jail and death

    This is the story of Philmon Razena, a 25-year-old Eritrean asylum seeker. Like the other tens of thousands of others, Philmon lives under constant threat of being jailed or deported by the Israeli authorities, while also being closely monitored by the Eritrean government, which terrifies Eritreans whether they are in Israel or elsewhere. Over the past month, asylum seekers from different countries take matters into their own hands, from civil disobedience to silent demonstrations on the streets of Tel Aviv, and culminating in an indefinite general strike to protest Israel's asylum policies. This is their story, too. By Philmon Razena On Saturday…

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  • PHOTOS: Asylum seekers protest outside foreign embassies in Tel Aviv

    Photos & reports: Keren Manor, Yotam Ronen, Tali Mayer, Shiraz Grinbaum, Oren Ziv / Thousands of African asylum seekers and their supporters marched from Levinksy Park in Tel Aviv's south on Monday to protest outside of eight foreign embassies, calling on the international community to support their struggle against Israel's asylum policies. Marching to the American, British, Swedish, Italian, Canadian, Ethiopian, French and German embassies, the asylum seekers called on the foreign governments exert pressure on Israel to examine their asylum claims and stop arresting and detaining members of the refugee community. The asylum seekers also marched to the United Nations Refugee Agency,…

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  • PHOTOS: Thousands of asylum seekers hold 'silent march' on streets of Tel Aviv

    Photos by Activestills, text by Haggai Matar Over 6,000 African asylum seekers and Israeli activists hit the streets of Tel Aviv for a silent march to protest Israel's immigration policies Saturday night. The protesters called for the release of all refugees imprisoned under the revised "anti-Infiltration Law," which permits indefinite detention in an "open" facility, and demanded recognition of their rights as refugees. The demonstrators marched with candles and signs while others brandished the official numbers given to them by the government. One Eritrean asylum seeker was seen walking alongside an Israeli who, as a reserve soldier, caught him at the…

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  • PHOTOS: Thousands of African asylum seekers protest prolonged detention in Tel Aviv

    Photos: Oren Ziv/, Yotam Ronen/ Text: Haggai Matar Approximately 2,000 African asylum seekers and Israeli activists marched from Levinsky Park in south Tel Aviv to Rothschild Boulevard Saturday night to protest the arrests that took place during two "freedom marches" earlier this week. They blocked major intersections in the heart of the city while chanting "freedom!" At least three protesters were arrested. Earlier this week, a group of approximately 150 asylum seekers went on a two-day "freedom march" from the Holot "open prison" in Israel's south to the Knesset in Jerusalem. Upon their arrival, the group was arrested, placed on…

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  • Navigating privilege, solidarity and belonging: A chapter from the new book 'Anarchists Against the Wall'

    As a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, Roy Wagner acts in solidarity with people whose plight and oppression has to do with his privilege. 'Since I am part of their problem, it’s pointless for me to patronize them over how their communities go wrong.' When it comes to his beloved hometown of Tel Aviv, however, that becomes a much more difficult, if not impossible task. 'With those who share my privileges though not my politics, with those whose wrongs are so densely interlinked with mine, I feel that I don’t have enough of a common language to talk about…

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  • Why are Jerusalem leftists voting for a pro-settlement mayor?

    Over 5 million Israelis have the right to vote in the municipal elections today. National politics are not as directly reflected in municipal polls as they were in the past - when Likud and Labor used those as platform for securing their parties' political machines (plus, there just isn't much of a competition in the big cities) - but you can always learn about some of the deeper trends from them. Here are a few things to watch: 1. Jerusalem: Major Nir Barkat is favorite against Moshe Leon. Leon's candidacy is backed by a political deal between Shas' Aryeh Deri…

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  • Eritrean refugees gather to mourn victims of Lampedusa shipwreck

    Eritrean refugees gathered Saturday in south Tel Aviv's Levinsky Park to mourn and honor the victims of the Lampedusa shipwreck. Over 100 victims, all African refugees, died after a boat carrying them to Europe sank off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa, on October 3. About 150 others are still reported as missing. Some Eritreans living in Israel had family members aboard the ship. Photos: Oren Ziv, Yotam Ronen /  

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