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sexual violence

  • Contestant boasts about grabbing Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks on Israel's 'The Voice'

    It’s one thing to have a cold relationship between Netanyahu and Obama, but I really don’t think Israel should get on J-Lo’s bad side. Unfortunately, this might happen. A few weeks ago I watched the third episode of the Israeli version of "The Voice" featuring a contestant from Los Angeles, an Israeli called Michael Alhadif, whose stage name is Michael Jade. Now, apparently Jade has been on American Idol, and even got so far as the top 40 (wow!). Personally, I don’t know how he got so far - but I digress. In an interview segment that was shown…

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  • Julian Assange and 'The Women's Issue'

    By Leehee Rothschild Rare are the cases in which an article and the advertisement accompanying it fit together. But in the case of a recent op-ed in The New York Times by Oliver Stone and Michael Moore, "Wikileaks and Free Speech," the two make a perfect match. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has been wanted by the Swedish authorities since 2010 over allegations in two rape cases. He has been under house arrest in London since December 2010, while an extradition order against him was deliberated in British courts, and ultimately approved by the Supreme Court last May. At the…

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