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  • The 'reasonable person' standard and murdering one's rapist

    Yonatan Hailu was convicted of murdering his rapist, Yaron Eileen, and sentenced to 20 years in prison because his actions did not meet the "reasonable person" standard. Did the judges not only hear but really listen to his testimony? Did they take his trauma into account? Did they understand that his soul was murdered, over and over, by being raped twice? By Sharon Mayevski (Translated from Hebrew by Maya Naveh and Michelle Bubis) The Lod District Court sentenced Yonatan Hailu – a 24-year-old man convicted of murdering Yaron Eileen in Netanya in 2010 – to 20 years in prison. Hailu…

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  • Interior minister exploits rape by Eritrean for anti-immigrant campaign

    Prepare yourselves. Last May, when it was last announced that an Eritrean citizen raped an Israeli woman, Interior Minister Eli Yishai responded by placing thousands of asylum seekers, among them children, rape and torture victims and the elderly in administrative detention, all in accordance with Israel’s Prevention of Infiltration Law. In the wake of the horrifying rape that took place near Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station, one can only guess what will happen next. Yishai began publishing libelous remarks on his personal Facebook page, while Shas’ shelved hate-filled campaign against foreigners [Hebrew] coincidentally appeared in Yedioth Ahronoth and on Ynet’s homepage,…

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  • Facebook won't remove photo of woman 'begging to be raped'

    You may have heard about the massive cyber-war against the Reddit group "Creepshot", which featured users sharing surreptitiously taken pictures of women's cleavages, upskirts etc. The war hit the headlines when one of the thread's contributors was revealed to be a school teacher taking pictures of his own students in class. It seems now that some of its denizens have found a new home - Facebook. Yesterday, a Facebook page titled "Creepshots" posted a photo of a woman in a short skirt with the caption "begging to be raped": Although almost all 45 comments (at time of writing) were negative…

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  • Misogynist ad campaign exposes hypocrisy within the left

    By Anonymous I was sexually assaulted by a left-wing activist last summer. The perpetrator was – and still is – a guy with all the right credentials: post-colonialist, post-Zionist, anti-capitalist, and so on. Most significantly, he considers himself a feminist. Until he assaulted me, we were friends. I had met him through my involvement in radical leftist organizations. After the assault, it took me three full days to fully comprehend what had happened and give it a name. I couldn't make sense of what had happened to me, particularly because I couldn't fathom how someone who could speak to me…

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  • The war against women

    Crimes against women – such as domestic abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment – are extraordinarily widespread. Statistics say that the majority of women, quite possibly the vast majority of them, fall victim to at least one of these crimes. Their prevalence is so high, that the cumulative effect can only be compared to the suffering of a population of a country engaged in total war. Except this war, the war against women, has been going on without a ceasefire since the dawn of time, has been directed at half of humanity at any given moment, and is completely one-sided.…

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  • Israeli "liberals" make light of sexual assault and assassinations by the IDF

    In one day, Israel's most liberal newspaper made light of sexual assault in the IDF, and the country's most liberal institution, the High Court of Justice, made light of its own rulings in regards to IDF assassinations Amos Harel, a senior Ha'aretz reporter, writes [Heb] about the aftermath of Yoav Galant's botched appointment to IDF Chief of Staff: Netanyahu and Barak emphasize that careful scrutiny will be required into the past conduct of the candidates [for IDF Chief Staff position]. Perhaps they cheated on high school exam, perhaps they scratched a neighboring car in the parking lot and did not…

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