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  • WATCH: Masked settler beats Palestinian with metal pipe

    Human rights group suggests army could have prevented the attack. New data shows police rarely file indictments for violent crimes against Palestinians and their trees. Masked settlers attacked Palestinian olive pickers and Israelis who joined them on Sunday near the village of Burin, I reported here. Now, a video of the incident has come to light, showing what appears to be a planned, vicious and quick attack. The masked settlers, who reportedly came from the direction of the settlement of Yitzhar run toward the olive pickers, working at the height of the olive harvest. They throw stones at the Palestinians…

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  • PHOTOS: Settlers attack Palestinian olive pickers, damage trees

    Palestinian olive growers and their trees were attacked across the northern West Bank on Sunday, resulting in at least four injuries and the destruction of dozens of trees at the height of the yearly olive harvest. In the village of Burin on Sunday, Palestinian olive pickers and Israeli volunteers were attacked by masked settlers, who arrived from the direction of the nearby settlement of Yitzhar, notorious for being the home of many violent settlers/elements. Two Palestinians and two Israelis were injured by the settlers who attacked them with stones and iron bars, according to Rabbis for Human Rights, whose volunteers were…

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  • WATCH: After handshake, settler child throws stone at six-year-old Palestinian

    One activist captures what was almost a moving moment between a six-year-old Palestinian and a settler child in the occupied south Hebron Hills. Almost.  In a video filmed by Amir Bitan, an Israeli Ta'ayush activist, Thamer Ibrahim Alayan, a 6-year-old Palestinian child from the Umm al Ara’is village in the South Hebron Hills is seen going up to shake the hand of a settler child from the illegal outpost of Mitzpeh Yair. Thamer is first seen being escorted away from the settlement by a Border Policeman, presumably to prevent a confrontation between the two. However, Thamer returns to the settler,…

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  • Settler shoots at Palestinian, police find 'no criminal culpability'

    The Judea and Samaria Police outdid itself by closing a case of shooting at a Palestinian for 'lack of criminal culpability.' By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz This blog has dealt extensively with one of the most dysfunctional organizations around, to wit, the Judea and Samaria Police District (JSPD), which manages to look even worse than regular Israeli police. (Judea and Samaria is the name used by Israel to describe the West Bank.) That should have immunized yours truly from being shocked by it; and yet, our volunteers are now helping search for my dropped jaw. Let’s begin with…

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  • When the IDF wants to protect Palestinians, it's almost able

    What we can learn from the IDF's farcical attempts to prevent settlers from damaging relations with the U.S. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz One of the U.S.'s  federal agencies is named USAID, an acronym for United States Agency for International Development. It is one of the "soft power" arms of the American government: it deals with, well, civil development around the world, trying to remind the people of the Third World that the US government possesses not just drones, but also a young people of good intentions with plenty of money. Recently, a USAID project put Israel and…

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  • Israeli inaction enables settler violence against Palestinians

    The failure of Israeli authorities in the struggle against Jewish terrorism makes them its enablers. Yesh Din demands a special IDF deployment in order to protect Palestinians. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Yesh Din on Wednesday published its annual data sheet about law enforcement on Israeli civilians in the West Bank, and as usual, the data is not encouraging. You can see the full data sheet here. To make a long story short, between 2005 and 2013, the SHAI (Judea and Samaria/West Bank) District Police managed to obtain indictments only in 8.5 percent of the cases Yesh Din…

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  • Fact sheet: Israeli police fail to prosecute violence against Palestinians

    Yesh Din publishes research and tracking of police investigations into allegations of violence against Palestinians perpetrated by Israeli citizens. The updated figures show that between 2005 and 2013 just 8.5 percent of investigation files ended in the indictment of Israelis suspected of harming Palestinians and their property. In the vast majority of cases, the investigators failed to locate the offenders or to collect sufficient evidence for prosecution. The new figures are virtually identical to those reported in the past. Accordingly, the past year has not brought any improvement in the ability of the police to investigate offenses by Israeli civilians…

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  • On land theft and violence: Neither I nor you shall have it

    Settler violence forced M. from his home and after his olives were stolen, his house was suddenly set on fire. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Nowadays, M. lives in Nablus. Until about a decade ago, he used to live in his house in Burin, a house he was forced to leave due to unceasing settler violence. He had children, after all. They were young then. M. worried about their fate, and told himself that if he just left the house for a few months, the settlers would forget about him. Things did not turn out that way. Three…

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  • Settlers assault Israeli human rights workers near West Bank outpost

    Yesh Din personnel, who were in the West Bank doing the job that police simply aren't doing, were attacked last week by settlers near Havat Gilad. And these are the people the defense minister wants to sign a deal with? By Yesh Din (written by Yossi Gurvitz) Three Israelis – and yes, there is the necessary proof that they were Israelis – attacked a Yesh Din team near the illegal outpost of Havat Gilad on Tuesday, June 25. The assault came a day before the High Court of Justice was to hold a hearing about the evacuation of several illegal…

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  • Israel's justice system fails to protect the Palestinians it rules

    Many Palestinians have despaired of complaining about violations against them. Yesh Din's new report, "The Road to Dispossession," shows why. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz April 14, 2011 was a special morning for the Hizme family from the village of Turmusaya: it was one of the few days they were allowed to work their land, which unfortunately for them is close to the illegal outpost Adei Ad. They received the necessary permits from the army. Even so, some 90 minutes after they started working, IDF personnel showed up and asked them to leave, so as not to "cause problems…

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  • The quiet population transfer that dares not speak its name

    A quiet phenomenon has been taking place over the last decade: the quiet dispossession of the Palestinians from their lands, which in turn increases their despair and leads them to abandon their villages. All this is done in our name and with our funds, but the government makes certain Israelis remain ignorant of the facts. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Yesh Din published one of most comprehensive reports, The Road to Dispossession (which has its own mini-site), dealing with the illegal outpost Adei Ad. The outpost sits between four Palestinian villages and robs them of their lands. The information we gathered…

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  • Settlers arrested in connection with near-fatal shooting of Palestinian man in Qusra

    Police make rare arrests in connection to settler violence against Palestinians. But the circumstances surrounding the shooting were unique, and likely played no small role in pushing police to investigate seriously. Update (April 3): Police released all of the suspects and cleared them of wrongdoing, according to The Jerusalem Post.  In a rare display of law enforcement against violent Jewish settlers, Israeli police raided the notorious illegal outpost of Esh Kodesh early Tuesday morning. Police arrested five settlers, including an active duty soldier, in connection with the near-fatal shooting of a young Palestinian man from the nearby village of Qusra…

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