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  • [VID] The Bibi circus rolls into town

    'Anyone who isn't jumping is a leftie,' chant the settler youths at a right-wing election rally in Tel Aviv, the site of a larger anti-Netanyahu rally a week earlier. Netanyahu the ringmaster is in control of his audience, and the rally itself has the quality of a victory parade. Text by Natasha Roth Video by Camilla Schick They came, they saw, they cheered. Around Rabin Square Sunday evening, the streets of Tel Aviv were unrecognizable: thousands of settlers, hilltop youth and national-religious had come from across the country (and from over the Green Line) in order to attend a right-wing rally…

  • The silent majority of complacency: Israel's right-wing voters

    The 20-kilometer road from “Israel proper” to the West Bank settlement of Ariel used to be narrow and slightly risky, running past a few Palestinian villages where teenagers might want to throw a rock at a passing car with yellow Israeli plates. But no more; now there’s a wide, sleek, protected highway that doesn’t pass anywhere near a Palestinian village, and on whose lanes not a single green Palestinian license plate can be seen. No, the status quo is not static. Ariel itself seems much bigger than I remember, with wide boulevards swooping up and down the rim of the…

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  • Facing increased right-wing violence, Israeli leftists learn to fight back

    Attacks against Arabs in Jerusalem became routine this past summer and in Tel Aviv left-wing activists faced violence from the Right. ‘We don't want to attack Baruch Marzel's headquarters or anything, but we believe the victimhood of the Left must end here,’ one activists explains. Thursday and Saturday nights in downtown Jerusalem have become terrifying. On those days, a group of youth gathers in West Jerusalem’s Zion Square, often next to a permanent pop-up stand manned by members of anti-miscegenation group Lehava. The youth meet there and then take to the streets chanting “Death to Arabs,” harassing and assaulting Arab cab drivers, women…

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  • Five ways of looking at Israel's 19th Knesset

    By Neve Gordon This is the way the results (*) of the elections are being presented in the Israeli press: Centre Left Bloc                                           Right Bloc Other, perhaps more accurate ways to present the election results: Left Bloc                                                         Right Bloc Non-Jews                                                               Jews Women                                                                     Men Willing to take the necessary steps for a…

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  • Jewish nationalism lost in the election, Jewish humanism won

    Jewish nationalism, in its belligerence and paranoia, is watching the world pass it by - and the overwhelming majority of Jews in America, Israel and elsewhere do not want that to happen to them. The split between humanistic Judaism and nationalistic Judaism goes back a very long time, but in recent years, the complete takeover of both Israel and the Republican Party by nationalist radicals has obviously sharpened that split, nearly creating schism within Judaism. (By "Judaism," I don't mean just the religion but all of Jewish civilization.) Every Israeli election is a battle between these two opposing Jewish camps,…

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  • Palestinian diplomacy exposes Israeli Right's lack of ideas

    Forty-four years into the occupation, most right-wingers still can’t answer a simple question: “So what’s your solution?” Two days ago, a rally of rather moderate leftists was held in Tel Aviv, across from the building in which Declaration of Independence was read in May 1948. These rallies generally take place on Sundays, and as a rule draw no more than a few dozen participants – I’ve been to several. On Thursday, on the other hand, hundreds of people gathered: Some said there were five hundred people present, my own estimate is closer to three hundred. The occasion was a declaration…

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  • Rightist Facebook group member: How do we get explosives?

    (Updated below) "Zion Fighters" is a steadily growing ultra-rightist group that's trying hard to become  a real organisation. Its imagery and language are extremely militant, rallying against non-Jewish MKs, left wingers and, obviously, Arabs. But last night members of their Facebook group broke a record of sorts: Aviv Tam: Who can get C4? Karin Cohen: Lol great question I didn't manage to get a gun and you're talking to me about C4? We have a stupid country every 8 years old in Gaza has a bazooka, I'm older than him and I want a gun and can't get it, there…

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