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  • What Mizrahi activists really want: A ten-point program

    Mizrahi activists have tried explaining their positions for years. Now, in the run-up to the elections, they lay out their political vision for education, land reform, health care and representation in a 'ten-point program.' By Roi Grufi Throughout my years of being active in the Mizrahi struggle in Israel, I found that there are several dominant themes that affect the greater public views  us: past versus present, or in other words — it happened a long time ago and is no longer relevant; complaining instead of taking responsibility for our lives, rather than legitimate claims about the difficulties that stem from…

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  • PHOTOS: Police evacuate families from working-class Tel Aviv neighborhood

    After lengthy legal battle, six families of Givat Amal lose their homes. Photos by: Shiraz Grinbaum, Keren Manor/, Text by Edo Konrad Police evicted six families from the Givat Amal neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv Thursday morning, after they lost a lengthy court battle for their rights to the land. Residents and community activists gathered in the neighborhood in an attempt to trying to stop the eviction. The residents, who the state placed in the working-class neighborhood soon after its founding in the 1950s, have been leading a struggle to recognize their rights to the property, which were sold to an…

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  • PHOTOS: Women leading the struggles in Israel/Palestine

    In honor of International Women’s Day, Activestills brings you the best photos of the activist women who push for justice and a better life for all those between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Photo by:  Ahmad al-Bazz, Shiraz Grinbaum, Keren Manor, Tali Mayer, Anne Paq, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Yotam Ronen, Oren Ziv/   Read more: Meet the Israeli women who have stood up to the occupation for 26 years Women behind the lens: Palestinians filming the occupation

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  • Beyond the market and the state: Horizons for a new kind of public housing

    The choice between entrusting the right of people to a house either to the hands of a violent government or to capitalists is futile and dispiriting. But is it possible to free ourselves of this stranglehold? A conversation with Sebastian Schipper about a new possibility for public housing (and what it is like to pay rent to yourself). Tomer Gardi and Sebastian Schipper (translated from Hebrew by Orna Meir-Stacey) The following interview stems from a difficulty that I have been feeling for a while in the struggle for public housing. Put simply: on the one hand, through the struggle we…

  • Ramat Gan public housing residents thrown to the street

    Needy families in municipal housing are being left with no options. Most of the families being kicked out of their homes are current or former municipal employees. (Click the text box on the bottom right of the video to activate subtitles.) The Gefen neighborhood, also known as Geulim Housing Project, is a number of two-story buildings built by the municipality of Ramat Gan during the 1940s to house needy families. For decades the project was used as a home for families entitled to municipal housing solutions, mainly: single mothers, pensioners and disabled individuals who can not afford high rates of rent…

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  • Social, environmental shortcomings cast shadow over Lapid's housing plan

    In his attempt to tackle the housing crisis that is largely responsible for his rise to power, Finance Minister Lapid fails to address affordable and public housing, and is setting himself up for a battle with environmental groups. By Jesse Fox Late last month, Finance Minister Yair Lapid made a dramatic announcement: Israel’s government, he said, would encourage construction of some 150,000 long-term rental apartments over the next decade. “We have a national emergency,” he explained, “which threatens an entire generation of young people, who fear they will never have an apartment.” The announcement came after the first meeting of…

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  • Na'amat: White feminism and its questionable agenda

    Na'amat, a veteran organization purporting to advocate on behalf of women in Israel, recently hauled a community-based group to court. The group's crime? Occupying an abandoned building to provide housing for families in need. A closer look at the incident reveals a group in the service of the Ashkenazi hegemony, promoting paternalistic notions of 'help' while contributing to the oppression of Palestinians and Mizrahi Jews. By Inna Michaeli and Yasmeen Daher On one page of the NA’AMAT-USA website, the word “help” appears at least eight times. A recent event involving the Zionist women’s organization reveals the limitations of “help” when…

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  • Women's exclusion comes from the top

    Behind the rhetorical condemnations of women's exclusion, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz are at least partially responsible for women's exclusion.  Discrimination and marginalization of women in the public sphere has been fermenting for years as a direct result of Israeli policies - or lack thereof. By Gil Gan Mor Israel's political leaders are concerned – and justifiably so – with the  recent incidents of exclusion and humiliation of women in the name of ultra-Orthodox Judaism. For example the incident of a women who refused to move after Haredi passengers demanded that she sit at the back…

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