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  • Solitary confinement: A common denominator in Jerusalem attacks

    Israel held over 3,000 prisoners — in over 5,000 incidents — in solitary confinement over the course of last year. Over 200 minors were sent to solitary. Experts call the practice cruel and inhuman treatment, and agree that it causes severe psychiatric problems. With two attacks in Jerusalem within the span of a week committed by men who spent significant period of time in solitary, it merits a closer look. By Noam Rotem (translated from Hebrew by Einat Adar) On Wednesday night, October 29, a man arrived on a motorcycle to a conference organized by a Jewish right-wing movement to promote…

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  • The kidnapping and the Israeli military operation - in numbers

    Since the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers from a hitchhiking stop in the West Bank on June 12, 2014, the Israel Defense Forces has been operating all over the Palestinian territories, in Areas A, B and C. The following list attempts to provide some basic statistics on the toll it has been exacting. While Israeli media is portraying the operation as highly restrained, these numbers show the deep effect it has on the Palestinian population as of June 20, 2014. *Some numbers provided are estimates due to the difficulty in confirming exact numbers. Number of kidnapped Israeli teenagers: 3 Number…

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  • PHOTOS: Palestinians celebrate prisoner release in West Bank

    Palestinians celebrated as they received 26 prisoners who were released from Israeli prisons in the early hours of Wednesday. The men were freed in the second stage of a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority designed to enable a return to negotiations. Thousands of people gathered in Ramallah and throughout the West Bank to meet their newly released loved ones, all of whom were imprisoned before the Oslo Accords in 1993. Another five prisoners were released to the Gaza Strip. Photos: Ahmad al-Bazz, Yotam Ronen, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Oren Ziv , Hamde Abu-Rahma/    

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  • PHOTOS: Released Palestinian prisoners arrive home to West Bank

    Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners early Wednesday morning - 15 to Gaza and 11 to the West Bank - as part of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, hours before the first official meeting between the two sides. The Palestinian prisoners released to the West Bank arrived at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's presidential compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah, where their families waited for hours to receive their released relatives.

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  • Samer Issawi accepts deal to end his hunger strike

    After staging an intermittent hunger strike for some nine months, hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi agreed to start eating again, pending the signing of a deal later in the day. The deal would see him released to his home in Jerusalem in eight months. Update (April 23, 4:10 p.m.): Issawi has signed the deal and ended his hunger strike, Maan reports. He is expected to be released in late December of this year. Palestinian hunger striking prisoner Samer Issawi has agreed to end his hunger strike, and will be released to his home Jerusalem in eight months' time, Reuters reported…

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  • PHOTOS: Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli forces after death of long-term prisoner

    West Bank clashes erupt after the death of a Palestinian prisoner in Israeli custody, in which two more Palestinians are shot and killed by Israeli forces. Photos by: Ahmad Al-Bazz, Anne Paq, Yotam Ronen, and Oren Ziv Clashes erupted throughout the West Bank between Palestinians and the Israeli military on Thursday over the death of Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh, a long-term Palestinian prisoner who died of cancer this week while in Israeli custody. During those clashes two more Palestinians, 18-year-old Naji al-Balbisi and 17-year-old Amer Nassar, were killed by live ammunition fired by Israeli forces near the city of Tulkarem. Funerals…

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  • As Palestinian hunger strikes come to a head, world begins to take notice

    Four Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strikes to protest their administrative detention and the conditions in which they are being held. While the EU calls on Israel to respect its obligations toward Palestinian prisoners' human rights, an Israeli NGO reports they are being treated unethically in hospital. All anyone in Israel has spoken about for the past week is ‘Prisoner X,’ the Jewish-Israeli-Australian Mossad agent held secretly by his own country, who supposedly took his own life in prison two years ago. But only a few miles from Israeli newsrooms in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, outrage over a different type…

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  • Detained refugees appeal to Israelis, rights groups for aid

    The letter below was written by Eritrean refugees, held in administrative detention in Saharonim prison. Under the Prevention of Infiltration Law, they can be imprisoned for three years or more. 31/10/2012 (To whom it may concern): Subject: The judgement against Eritrean refugees in Israel As we all know, it has been years since we were compelled to leave our country as a result of a deteriorating economic and political crisis. We came to Israel to escape intolerable levels of repression and human rights violations in our country. However, we are now concerned to learn that the government of Israel is…

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  • Bassem Tamimi sentenced to 4 months in Israeli military jail

    In a plea bargain, Bassem Tamimi was sentenced to four months in prison, ordered to pay a fine of NIS 5,000, and given an additional three-year suspended sentence. Just recently having completed a 13-month prison stint, he was arrested last month while taking part in a protest at a settlement supermarket. By Alon Aviram Ofer Military Prison -- A series of military courts operate inside a row of cramped and dilapidated cabins. An Israeli flag hung from the ceiling overlooking a line of seated and shackled defendants. Courtroom staff and defendants looked equally bored, both by the tedious bureaucratic processes…

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  • Activestills: A week in photos

    Introducing: A new regular feature from the Activestills photography collective. Each week, we will bring you a selection of our most compelling images from movements for political and social change throughout Palestine and Israel.                       Activestills is a collective of Israeli, international and Palestinian photographers, united by a conviction that photography is a vehicle for political and social change. To stay updated on our latest images, like Activestills on Facebook  or follow @activestills on Twitter. You can also visit our flickr photostream.

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