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  • PHOTOS: In Rio, protests against World Cup mark Stonewall riots

    Football can be a tool for social change, one protester says, but the poor people here cannot even participate in the games. 'We are not just LGBT. We are also workers, blacks, women and we can not disconnect from the other social movement.' Photos & text: Keren Manor and Mareike Lauken/ RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- A few hours before the dramatic game between Brazil and Chile in the World Cup on Saturday, thousand of demonstrators marched past the FIFA Fan Fest on the Copacaban beach of Rio de Janeiro, the second in a series of actions dubbed, "Our cup is on…

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  • Tel Aviv shooting still affecting LGBTQ community, four years on

    After a shooting at the BarNoar youth center left two dead and 11 injured four years ago, the Jerusalem Open House and other LGBTQ community centers were forced to lock their previously open doors. Now that police have arrested suspects in the case, one community leader hopes the Open House's doors can once again opened for all. By Elinor Sidi The 2009 murders at the BarNoar youth center altered the reality of life for many LGBTQ people in Israel, but it also changed reality for civil society organizations. Last week we were informed that police apprehended three suspects and the…

  • Palestinians in Israel reject Pride Week but offer alternatives

    Due to the influx of gay tourists who arrived in Tel Aviv for Pride Week, we can say with some certainty that more Belgians and Danes marched in the Gay Pride Parade than Palestinian citizens of Israel. That’s not just because of the understandable need for the gay Arab population to maintain a low profile. Gay Palestinian organizations boycott pride events because they consider them examples of “pinkwashing” – presenting Israel as enlightened due to its treatment of homosexuals, while denying the human rights of others. Al Qaws (The Rainbow), familiar to the gay community in Israel mainly because of…

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