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  • Testimonies: Systematic abuse, beatings and threats against Palestinian children

    Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem is laying the blame on Israel's police for ignoring the systematic abuse and violations of Palestinian minors’ rights during interrogations. The organization has received dozens of complaints by Palestinian residents under the age of 18 who have been beaten and threatened during interrogations in Etzion police station, which is in charge of the Hebron and Bethlehem areas. Many of those minors and their families were afraid or reluctant to press formal charges. According to B’Tselem, some of the events described included torture. Once defendants admit to breaking the law (usually stone throwing), the beating and…

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  • WATCH: Arab women protest against domestic violence in Israel

    In the past decade, 76 Arab women have been murdered in domestic violence in Israel. The 'Committee for the Struggle against the Murder of Women in Arab Society' held an event protesting murder and violence against Arab women. Families of the victims are still demanding justice since most of the murderers are still free.

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  • Jerusalem police arrest Palestinian activist in his Hebrew U dorm

    Khalil Gharra has been taking part in daily vigils in support of hunger striking Palestinian prisoners. After arresting him in the middle of the night, police fail to present any evidence against him, and he is released without bail.  Shortly after midnight on Sunday, armed plainclothes policemen entered Khalil Gharra's room in the dorms at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The detectives waved a warrant at Gharra and another friend who happened to be there. They searched his room, confiscated a couple of laptops and threw Gharra in a cell at the infamous Russian Compound in Jerusalem. This wasn’t the first time Gharra…

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  • 'Price tag' attackers hit West Bank town of Yasouf for second time

    With the active and passive support of the IDF, Shin Bet and police, the terrorists have already won by continuing their attacks with impunity. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Yesterday morning a "price tag" pogrom took place in the Palestinian village of Yasouf. If the name Yasouf is vaguely familiar to you, it’s probably because in 2009 it became the target of the most famous price tag attack: the burning of its mosque. It's worth mentioning the response of the Shomron local settler council at the time (Hebrew): it called the attack an "act of madmen or a…

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  • Outcry prompts police to call off interrogations of activists

    In recent days several activists in the J14 movement across the country have been summoned to interrogations in various police stations with the stated goal of learning what their plans are for the coming summer. I was one of them. Today I showed up at the central district station in Tel Aviv only to find out that media pressure led to the cancelation of interrogations. It all started with a small piece of paper I found in my mail box on Sunday at around noon. Signed by one "Shabi", this police notice ordered me to report to the Yiftakh command…

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  • Mob against migrants: How far can the violence go?

    The rioting last night in south Tel Aviv against African migrants – some of them asylum seekers –  was another one of those moments that paralyzed me with a mixture of disbelief, horror and sorrow. The photos of smashed windows were reflexively associated in many Jewish minds with Kristallnacht, as many people on social networks pointed out. One photo of Likud MK Danny Danon standing on a platform exhorting the masses to expel the strangers in their midst was reflexively associated in my mind with Benjamin Netanyahu "on the balcony" circa 1994 or 1995. In those notorious demonstrations, Netanyahu famously…

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  • Gov't interrogations decision will prompt increased use of torture

    A recent decision to prevent the recording of security interrogation means a return to the norms of the witch trials. The Israeli government recently made permanent a temporary order - in force for 11 years - that permits the police to avoid documenting security interrogations, Haaretz has reported (Hebrew). Regular criminal interrogations are taped; that will not be the case in matters of suspected security violations. We can safely assume that once the police are allowed not to tape an interrogation, they will not tape it. It saves resources, for starters. The government's decision creates a practical distinction between the rights of…

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  • Photo Essay: 3 years of settlement, struggle in Sheikh Jarrah

    Following the recent release of Just Vision’s new documentary “My Neighborhood,” which details the struggle of Palestinian families and Israeli activists against settlement in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, +972 Magazine is presenting a series of articles on the state of the protests, past and present. All images in this photo essay are copyrighted by the Activestills photo agency.     Read more: What happened to the protests in Sheikh Jarrah? Friday protests in Sheikh Jarrah: Now a tiny vigil

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  • WATCH: 18 arrested in protest of Ethiopian Jews against racism

    The protest against the racism and discrimination against Ethiopian Jews continues. Yesterday a few dozen people, most of them Ethiopians, gathered for a small protest near the Tel Aviv Museum. No less than 18 were arrested; among them was Ulet Hararo, who marched last month from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to protest racism and discrimination against his community. According to police, protesters were trying to block a street and the arrests were carried out to maintain public order. The Ethiopian protests began last summer, as part of the J14 movement, but it erupted again after it was revealed that homeowners…

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  • Policeman identified among settlers who attacked activists

    One of the attackers in Anatot was identified as Yossi Ben Arush, a police investigator residing in the settlement. Police: If someone complains, Internal Affairs will investigate An unusually violent incident took place during the last weekend in the settlement of Anatot, when large groups of settlers attacked Palestinian and Israeli peace activists on two occasions. The violence was well-documented by the activists. The first attack happened during the day, the latter at night, when the activists returned to the settlement to protest. During the second attack this person was prominent: In a strange attempt to move the blame away…

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  • I was arrested for hiring a Palestinian tour guide

    After the police ineptitude and harassment experienced today, it is clear that in certain situations, Palestinians are simply guilty until proven innocent Last week  my tour company, MEJDI, received a tour group from Washington DC. The group members are all part of the same Jewish congregation, and are here on a trip lead by their rabbi, who was inspired by our narratives-based approach to tourism. This morning we took the tour group to the Mount of Olives for a view of the Old City of Jerusalem, and spoke to them about the political and religious narratives of the city. While…

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  • The real importance of the tent protest

    Last week, my colleagues Joseph Dana and Mairav Zonszein reported about the harsh treatment some of protesters got from the hand of the police following the previous social justice rally in Tel Aviv. While I don't ignore the importance of such incidents, they might make one miss the essence of the tent protest. Unlike in Syria or Libya, where dictators slaughter their own citizens by the hundreds, it was never oppression that held the social order in Israel together, as far as the Jewish society was concerned. It was indoctrination - a dominant ideology, to use a term preferred by…

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  • VIDEO: protest and confrontation with police in Tel Aviv

    Dozens of thousands of Israeli gathered to protest soaring housing prices in Tel Aviv yesterday, in what was the biggest political rally the city have seen in years, and one of the largest demonstrations over social issues in Israel ever. After midnight, several hundred protesters blocked main roads in Tel Aviv, resulting in clashes with police. 43 were arrested, 11 face charges of “illegal gathering” Video by Israel Putermam

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