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  • Looting by IDF soldiers: 'But on the spoil, laid they not their hand'

    The occupation has made us accustomed to things we never thought we'd get used to. This, basically, is the meaning of the weary expression "the occupation corrupts." News that an IDF soldier is suspected of looting was met by the Israeli media with silence. We're getting used to looting too, it seems. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Among other issues, Yesh Din's latest fact sheetreferred to an investigation of suspected looting by IDF soldiers. Here is the testimony of F., a Palestinian woman from a village in the central West Bank, on the manner in which her house was…

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  • WATCH: Three Palestinian NGO offices raided by IDF overnight

    Raid comes two weeks after a researcher in one of the NGOs was indicted for organizing and participating in nonviolent demonstrations. The offices of Addammeer – the Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, the Union of Palestinian Women's Committees and the Palestinian NGO Network were all raided by IDF last night. The offices, located in the heart of Ramallah, where Israeli forces are officially not allowed to enter, were searched, and at least in the case of Addameer equipment was confiscated, including four computer hard drives and filming equipment. Security tapes and a video made by neighbors show four IDF jeeps pulling in…

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  • WATCH: Officer in Nabi Saleh night raid blames residents for 'show'

    For the past two weeks the army has been raiding the village of Nabi Saleh almost every night. Last night's highlights: armed soldiers surround children's beds, and confiscate computers and school notebooks. It's little after 2:00 a.m. Soldiers are once again in the streets of Nabi Saleh. Ever since weekly demonstrations against the settlements started in this small village, night raids by the army have become a part of life. In the past two weeks, military action has intensified, and only few nights were soldier-free. At times they try to arrest someone, at times they're there for a search, and…

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  • Soldiers raiding Palestinian homes: 'We want peace'

    A new video from Nabi Saleh shows a night-time raid on the home of activist Bilal Tamimi, during which soldiers claim they just want peace – as they take all the children out from their beds. Nightly raids on the homes of Palestinian activists in the popular struggle are nothing new. The people of each and every village where demonstrations take place on a regular basis know that at one point or another – their houses are likely to get raided in the dead of night, at times turned upside down, at times leading to arrests, but often just for…

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  • IMAGE: Israeli night raids resume in Nabi Saleh

    The embattled village of Nabi Saleh saw a resumption of night raids last night. The house of imprisoned popular committee leader Bassem Tamimi was raided by Israeli soldiers at 02:00 this morning, according to Palestinian activist @Tweet_Palestine on Twitter. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

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  • Israeli army represses dissent with 3am child arrests (Part 1)

    “They come for our woman and our children,” Bassem Tamimi, the leader of the Popular Committee of Nabi Saleh recently told me, “they [the Israeli army] know that woman are half our population and half our strength and so they target them along with the children.” Tamimi, a gentle man with a warm smile spoke to me about the repression of his village as we sat in his home overlooking the settlement of Halamish. “They know where to apply pressure on our resistance. It has become really difficult since the last wave of arrests.” Israel is devoting maximum effort to…

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  • 14 year old child arrested in night raid in Nabi Saleh

    The repression of Nabi Saleh continued last night as the army raided the village for the third time in two weeks. Last week, the army raided over twenty Nabi Saleh homes, photographed youth and collected their ID information. Last night, between the hours of two and three in the morning, soldiers raided homes and arrested one 14 year old child, Islam Tamimi. Soldiers attacked the child in his bed and attempted to arrest his older brother. One Palestinian working with Btselem tried to photograph the soldiers but were threatened with violence. However, family members and other villagers were able to…

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