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  • Is the West Bank ripe for an intifada?

    Media and politicians have been quick to claim that Palestinian protests against Operation Protective Edge mark the beginning of a third intifada. But in Beit Sahour, the town that was the heart of the First Intifada, some are skeptical that today's demonstrations will turn into tomorrow's revolution.  Some ten thousand Palestinians marched from Ramallah on Thursday night to Qalandia checkpoint, in protest of Israel’s military assault on the Gaza Strip and in hopes of reaching Jerusalem. One man was killed and dozens were injured in what was the largest demonstration the West Bank has seen in years. While protesters and…

  • The logic of the occupation

    What we can learn from the arrest of a well-known Palestinian activist's wife. Nariman Tamimi was due to stand trial today at Ofer Military Prison for a rare charge: violating a closed military zone order. Nariman was arrested in her own village during an unarmed protest, in which not even one stone was thrown. When she was brought before a military judge, it was proved – through video evidence – that she never even resisted her arrest as the army previously claimed. Yet the military prosecution insisted on proceeding with the case. You can read Mairav Zonszein's report of the affair…

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  • Amnesty International calls for release of Bassem Tamimi, prisoner of conscience

    Amnesty International has called for the release of activist Bassem Tamimi, whom they define as a prisoner of conscience. The 45 year-old father of four from Nabi Saleh was arrested October 24 during a protest action at a branch of Rami Levy, a Jewish-owned supermarket chain that has several branches in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The chain stocks settlement goods, but refuses to stock Palestinian produce or products. Last year, Haaretz reported that the supermarket had instituted a policy of separating male Arab grocery baggers from female Jewish cashiers after two such employees became romantically involved. The protest, which was…

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  • PHOTOS: Israeli forces crack down on weekly protest in Nabi Saleh

    UPDATE: Israeli forces went from house to house on Friday in Nabi Saleh, searching through homes and firing stun grenades, injuring one person in his hand and reportedly damaging some property. A total of six demonstrators - Palestinian, Israeli and international - were arrested during the demonstration on Friday. They were all reportedly released on Friday evening.  The raid came during the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh, in which some 100 people participated. As demonstrators approached the village's spring, which has been seized by the neighboring settlement of Halamish, the Israeli forces arrested at least five women, including Nariman Tamimi,…

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  • Foreign national injured at weekly West Bank demonstration

    A photographer and two women, one reportedly a French national, were injured by rubber bullets and tear gas canisters at this Friday's anti-occupation demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. UPDATE: A video of the incident is now embedded, below Three civilians were injured in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh today and required hospitalization, according to reports from several eyewitness. A French national, whose name is reportedly Amissy (unconfirmed), was hit in the neck with a projectile - either a tear gas canister or a rubber-coated steel bullet. The Israeli army reports that a border police…

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  • +972 Person of the Year: Woman activist of the Arab world

    From Bahrain to Tunisia, at demonstrations, in interviews and in their own writing, they repeat, “We will not be quiet.” In their refusal to view the rights of women as a cause separate from civil rights, human rights and pro-democracy activism, female Arab protestors have taken feminism to a new level. By Lisa Goldman During the January 25 uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak, two women from vastly different backgrounds worked side-by-side at Tahrir Square, organizing the distribution of donated food and medical supplies. One was a secular, feminist attorney who wears slim jeans and has her hair done at one…

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  • In West Bank, peaceful Palestinian opposition marches on

    By Raghad Jaraisy (1) The day: December 10, 2009. The time: Somewhere between sunrise and the first pangs of lunchtime hunger. The place: Tel Aviv and A-Nabi Salah – so near and so far. The scene: For the first time, we marched together in a festival of democracy and human rights that occupied the streets of the big city, reverberating in every direction. On the same day, the residents of A-Nabi Salah also attempted to march for the first time to protest the seizure of their land by settlers. While we waved banners and shouted slogans for democracy; while we tried…

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