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  • PHOTOS: Settlers assault Palestinian NGO worker in northern West Bank

    Settlers attacked a Palestinian NGO worker in the West Bank village of Burin on Sunday. According to Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights organization that provides legal assistance to Palestinians in the West Bank, the settlers attacked Munir Kadus (a Yesh Din investigator) as he was accompanying a group of Palestinians who were paving a road in the village Burin, south of Nablus. The settlers allegedly came from the direction of Givat Ronen, an outpost neighborhood of Har Bracha. Kadus, who sustained injuries to his arm and both ribs, was released from Rafidia Hospital in Nablus on Sunday afternoon. According…

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  • Photos of the week: Asylum seeker struggle picks up steam

    This week: African asylum seekers continue their struggle in Israel, Afghan asylum seekers march in Brussels, Palestinians block traffic and plant trees, activists promote joint struggle while opposing normalization, visitors express solidarity in the Jordan Valley, and officials demolish homes in South Africa.                      

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  • 'There is peace here': Notes from a journey to settler backcountry

    After deciding to visit a few wildcat Jewish settlements in the West Bank, I felt anxious. Will they recognize us for the Tel Aviv leftists that we are? Will they become enraged at our questions? Might we face violence? Arriving at the settlement gate, however, I am struck by just how much the place resembles the kibbutz I lived on just a few years ago. But by the end of our journey, it becomes clear that we are not welcome. By Edo Konrad The first and only time I had ever spoken to an ideological settler was during the summer…

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  • A history of violence in Qusra: Not 'clashes,' but 'pogroms'

    The attack against Palestinians in Qusra yesterday was not a 'clash,' it was a pogrom – and, as usual, it took place under the aegis of the IDF. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz A group of settlers coming from the direction of one of the most notorious outposts, Esh Kodesh, raided the Palestinian village of Qusra yesterday (Saturday). Some six Palestinians were wounded. The Israeli media reported a "clash" in the village. There wasn't one. A clash is what happens when two sides of more-or-less equal strength face off with one another. What took place in Qusra is much…

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  • Media misconceptions: Is the conflict really about Jews vs. Arabs?

    In the second post of my three-part series about media and publishing, I examine some misconceptions about the Israeli-Palestinian 'conflict,' and the ways in which the media feeds into a binary that leaves non-Jews and non-Palestinians out of the spotlight. When my agent and I shopped my book about Israel’s migrant workers and African refugees around, we got a lot of those “We love it but it’s not right for us” and “This is an important book that needs to be published. But there’s no audience for this” kind of responses. But perhaps the most common response was, “Where are…

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  • A song was born: The tale of a controversial tune

    Six or seven years ago, I was sitting in Tel Aviv's Cafe Ginzburg with a man I admire deeply. Mikhael Manekin was then, along with Yehuda Shaul, one of heads of Breaking the Silence. BTS was still a budding organization at the time, made up entirely of Israeli soldiers who participated in the occupation and sought to document and inform of its atrocities. The organization was expanding its activities. Manekin came to Tel Aviv to brainstorm on organizing tours for Israelis and foreigners in Hebron. "I would like to bring authors there," he told me. "I feel that authors have…

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  • IDF confirms: Settlers shot, tied up and beat Palestinian near Nablus

    Last week I posted videos taken by the spokesperson of B'Tselem, Sarit Michaeli, showing a confrontation between settlers and Palestinians near the village of Urif, in the Nablus region. You can see in the videos settlers setting fire to a Palestinian olive grove, and hear gunshots. A third clip shows a wounded Palestinian being evacuated from the area (see the report and watch the videos here). At the time, Michaeli told me that local Palestinians also said that the wounded man was  beaten - after he was shot - by the settlers. There was no footage backing this claim. Tonight…

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  • September journey part 19: Travels in disharmony

    Staying on the move in Israel and the Palestinian territories through a month of trial. And today: from the family home to Hamas valley. Saturday begins with a visit to my folks. They live in an outlaying eastern suburb of Tel Aviv named Ganei Tikva. From their 13th floor window a huge chunk of central Israel can be viewed: from Tel Aviv's rich-only towers to the troubled region of Bil'in across the Green Line. In the middle of the tableau is the airport, our way to escape from all this, and also our gate of return. And we do return,…

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  • Eight wounded in Palestinian attack in Tel Aviv

    Police report the assailant already admitted he planned the terror attack According to initial reports from the police, at about 1:40AM Monday morning, a young Palestinian man from Nablus, West Bank, carried out a terror attack when he car-jacked a taxi cab and used it to run over several border police manning a checkpoint next to a nightclub in south Tel Aviv (two blocks away from my home), where thousands had reportedly gathered for a big end of summer bash. He then got out of the car and began stabbing people waiting to enter the club, while shouting "Allah HuAkbar" ("God is…

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  • Two Palestinians shot by settlers in 24 hours

    Friday: Israeli media reported earlier today that a 17-year-old Palestinian teenager was shot in the head by settlers in the village of Hirbat Safa, near the settlement of Bat Ayin and the town of Beit Umar. He was taken to a Hebron hospital, where hospital officials recently said that he is brain dead. Palestinians reported that two groups of setters approached the village at 800 this morning. The settlers were heavily armed and confrontations began as the settlers entered the village. Settlers then opened fire on the Palestinians hitting tow of them. The setters told media they were on a…

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  • Settlers attack West Bank village of Ein Abbus

    This morning, in the northern West Bank village of Ein Abbus, settlers attacked villagers, set fire to a car and spray painted multiple walls with graffiti “we will never forget”. At approximately 630 this morning, dozens of settlers entered the village and set fire to one car. Settlers then began to vandalize Palestinian property and spray paint graffiti on walls throughout the village. Army soldiers and police arrived on the scene but did not force the settlers out of the village. Only after the settlers were exhausted from their rampage, did the army escort them from the scene. The village…

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