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  • Jewish teens attack Palestinians in two separate Purim incidents

    Such attacks have become more common in recent years but media coverage has thinned. Two individual Arab-Palestinian men were assaulted by mobs of Jewish teens in Jerusalem last Thursday night. Both incidents involved victims who were set upon and beaten so severely that they had to be hospitalized. And in both cases the Israeli Hebrew media outlets that reported the story specified that at least some of the assailants were drunk and in costume. Thursday was Purim in Jerusalem. According to tradition, the festival is celebrated by dressing in costume and drinking to excess. One of the incidents, reported in…

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  • Why I demand the dismissal of Israel’s ambassador to Ireland

    It’s one thing to have to deal with the racism and hatred prevalent here in Israel/Palestine. But it’s another when an imbecile I support with my tax money, who claims to represent me, spreads his venom overseas (and not for the first time - the deputy at the embassy said in the past that "Pro-Palestinian activists have sexual identity problems"). The idiot that wrote the following status on the official Facebook page of the Israeli Embassy in Ireland should be removed from his post. A thought for Christmas...If Jesus and mother Mary were alive today, they would, as Jews without security,…

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  • A week in photos: August 14-21

    A new regular feature from the Activestills photography collective. Each week, we will bring you a selection of our most compelling images from movements for political and social change throughout Palestine and Israel.           Activestills is a collective of Israeli, international and Palestinian photographers, united by a conviction that photography is a vehicle for political and social change. To stay updated on our latest images, like Activestills on Facebook  or follow @activestills on Twitter. You can also visit our flickr photostream.

  • Poster calls on Arab men to keep out of Jerusalem, away from Jewish girls

    Following the recent lynch-style attack on Palestinian youths in Jerusalem, racist extremists are starting a campaign calling on Arab men to keep out of popular Jerusalem hangouts and avoid dating Jewish girls - for their own good. The new racist poster, written in both Hebrew and Arabic by the extremist Kahana-style NGO "Lehava," has been circulating in Facebook in recent hours and is gaining hundreds of "likes" and "shares." The poster, which is aimed at young Palestinian men, comes in the aftermath of the attempted lynch in central Jerusalem, and warns that visiting popular areas in the city, like big malls…

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  • Mysh comic: 'The health of the nation'

    This comic by Mysh perfectly satirizes the sad and perverse state of affairs here, following the vicious mob attack on Palestinians in Jerusalem last Thursday night, in which dozens of Jewish teenagers were involved. There were also those who reportedly dissuaded paramedics from helping one of the critically injured victims, Jamal Julani, because "he is an Arab." The prime minister said on Tuesday that he will not tolerate racism and violence because “The State of Israel is a democratic state, an enlightened state." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seen reading Sheldon Adelson's tribute tabloid to him, Israel Hayom. The headline in the…

  • What is the link between Eli Yishai and Jerusalem 'lynch'?

    Interior Minister Eli Yishai has said that he would make the lives of African refugees 'so miserable that they would want to leave.'  The recent lynching and firebombing against Palestinians prove to me that it is statements like these that instigate violence within Israeli society against minorities. Interior Minister Eli Yishai has said (Hebrew) that he wants to make the lives of African refugees miserable.  As Israel's Minister of Interior, he is responsible not only for Israeli citizens, but everyone else in the country: tourists, permanent residents, migrant workers and illegal residents. Anyone who makes the lives of those over whom they have…

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  • Attacks on Palestinians highlight history of lax enforcement on Jewish extremists

    Recent violent attacks on Palestinians by Jewish extremists highlight the deficient law enforcement and weak penalties imposed on perpetrators of similar past attacks Two recent incidents have brought attention to the issue of attacks on Palestinian civilians by Jewish extremists. On Thursday, a firebomb was thrown at a Palestinian taxi in the West Bank, injuring six people, one of them seriously. Later the same day, three Palestinian youth were assaulted in a “lynch” committed by dozens of Jewish youth in West Jerusalem, while hundreds stood by without intervening. Both incidents have sparked widespread condemnation; and the firebomb attack has been…

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  • Palestinian youth beaten unconscious in attempted J'lem 'lynch'

    In the last 24 hours, two near-fatal attacks were committed against Palestinians, one a suspected terror attack, the other a suspected attempted lynch - both allegedly committed by Israeli Jews. Haaretz was the only website (both Hebrew and English) to put the suspected lynch as a top story, while all the other major news sites lead with Iran's incitement against Israel. The first incident, a firebomb thrown on a Palestinian taxi driving north near the settlement of Bat Ayin towards Gush Etzion on Thursday, has yet to be confirmed as a terror attack. All six passengers in the car, members…

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