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Jerusalem Day

  • Photos of the week: From Papal peregrinations to jingoism in Jerusalem

    This week: Pope Francis visits Bethelehem and Jerusalem, where Palestinian worshipers attempt to put a focus on the separation barrier and hunger striking prisoners; right-wing Israelis march through the Old City of Jerusalem in a demonstration of Zionist nationalism; Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank protest in support of hunger striking prisoners.

  • WATCH: In Jerusalem, ‘Palestinians aren’t allowed to dream’

    A short documentary film looks at three Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and their struggle to build homes. Filmmaker Omri Shenhar: ‘They drive us in their cabs, build our houses, and collect our trash. But when it comes to their rights we shutter our eyes and hide behind a wall.’ By Omri Shenhar A few months ago I spent an entire weekend in Jerusalem. On Friday I went with my whole family, guided by my grandfather, to the Har'el Brigade monument located next to the Israeli Supreme Court.  My grandpa told us about the battles that he took part in.…

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  • Jerusalem by the numbers: Poverty, segregation and discrimination

    The following is a collection of facts and figures about Jerusalem, compiled and published on the occasion of “Jerusalem Day.” Nationalist Israelis mark Jerusalem Day on Wednesday to mark the anniversary of the conquest of East Jerusalem and the Old City in 1967. The celebrations include the “march of the flags,” where flag-bearing Jewish revelers march through the Palestinian neighborhoods of the Old City, often times while chanting racist, violent and ultra-nationalistic slogans. Any counter protest by Palestinian residents of the neighborhoods is rarely tolerated by police. While Jewish Israelis celebrate the "reunification" of Jerusalem, data shows that the city…

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  • From Jerusalem Day clashes to stone-throwing settlers: A week in photos - May 2-8

    This week: Palestinians arrested as Israelis march (and bicycle) to Jerusalem, Israeli settlers and Palestinians throw stones, African immigrant women and children are released from prison, a graphic novel portray the popular struggle, shrink-wrapped animal rights activists ride through Tel Aviv, activists demand more Mizrahi Jews on their bills, and the Separation Wall continues to surround Al Walaja.                          

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  • Photo collage: Israeli forces arrest dozens in Jerusalem Day clashes

    Israeli forces arrest dozens at Damascus Gate during right-wing marches celebrating Jerusalem Day. Photos by: Anne Paq, Yotam Ronen, and Oren Ziv Dozens of Palestinians were arrested during clashes that erupted at the Old City's Damascus Gate during a Jerusalem Day march staged by right-wing Israeli activists. Among the detainees were three photojournalists--including Activestills photographer Oren Ziv (lower left)--and an unknown number of minors, all arrested by border police, mounted policemen, and undercover forces. Jerusalem Day is an Israeli holiday celebrating the capture of East Jerusalem from Jordan in the Six Day War of 1967. In past years, right-wing activists…

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  • Activist prevents Israeli officer from arresting Palestinian child

    During Sunday's Jerusalem Day events, a Palestinian boy, perhaps 10 years old, was chased down an East Jerusalem street by a very angry officer of the Border Police. The boy tripped and fell, then picked himself up just as the Border Police officer reached him and tried to grab him. But a 22 year-old female Israeli activist prevented the boy's arrest by throwing herself between the two, allowing the Palestinian boy to flee. Jerusalem Day is meant to be a celebration of the city's 'reunification' following Israel's victory in the 1967 war. In practice, it is a day for Israeli…

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  • Palestinians asked to close their shops for Jerusalem Day

    Jerusalem Day is not a celebration of a unified city, but rather a show of Israeli power, a reminder for the Palestinians that Jerusalem is an occupied city where non-Jewish residents don't count. Every year, Jerusalem Day brings a depressing shadow over East Jerusalem. While Israelis celebrate the "liberation" of the city, Palestinians mourn the beginning of a long journey of oppression and occupation. On Jerusalem Day, tens of thousands of Israelis right-wing activists are allowed to parade in the streets, Palestinians are told close their shops, remain in their homes and not bother the celebration. An announcement distributed by the…

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  • A spoken-word poem for Jerusalem Day

    Today Israel marks Jerusalem Day, what the state considers to be the "reunification" of the city following the war in 1967 and what the world considers to be the illegitimate annexation of East Jerusalem and its environs. The "Greater Jerusalem" area we see today has 800,000 residents, 38% of which are Palestinian. The city suffers from high levels of segregation in all walks of life between religious and secular and between Palestinians and Israelis, a 78% poverty rate among Palestinians; and the separation wall cutting through its villages and landscapes. While the government, mainstream media and many Israelis celebrate this day, others…

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  • Watch: Jerusalem Day's racist march, escorted by police

    Thousands of rightwing Israelis marched today in Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods, provoked local Palestinian residents and shouted racist remarks chants, among them "let your village burn," "death to Mohammad" and "death to all leftists". The event, part of the "Jerusalem Day" celebration, was organized and promoted by the municipality. Jerusalem's police escorted the parade, and made no attempt to stop the racist calls. you can see it all in this video: --------------------------- +972 magazine needs your support. Check this post to see why, and how can you help to keep this project going

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  • A song of peace for Jerusalem Day

    JERUSALEM by Ami Yares (Youtube clip of the song appears at the end) O, Jerusalem Peace unto you, peace unto whom? A million faces staring you, wondering what to do City named for peace stands on the edge of a sword Too many prophets, poets, and pilgrims have died at your doors Thousands of nights mourning from promises of glory, Adds more fire to the story, makes the smoke a little thicker Feel the friction in the ways we talk about you . . . O Jerusalem The roots have grown deep, the limbs have grown strong Branches have been…

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