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  • Netanyahu's boycott - of the Israeli media

    By Tal Schneider countup Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not given a single interview to the Israeli press since January 19, 2013. Not one question answered at a press conference, not a single one-on-one, and forget about a roundtable. In a democracy, this is incomprehensible. Amit Segal’s Channel 2 story on the matter (‘A year since the elections – the prime minister refuses to be interviews’, [Heb]) says it all. Nothing happened even after that. Netanyahu grants numerous interviews in many languages to the foreign press -- but not in Hebrew to Israeli reporters. As a political blogger, I…

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  • Anti-Prawer 'day of rage': Chronicle of a violent confrontation foretold

    Heavy clashes at anti-Prawer protests were anything but unforeseeable. Unfortunately, the way the media and politicians are responding is only likely to make things worse. HURA -- "Can you please explain what it is you're so angry about?" That was the question an Israeli reporter with a camera crew posed to several Bedouin at the Hura anti-Prawer "day of rage" demonstration Saturday evening. The dark desert evening in the picturesque background of the television news spot was illuminated by burning tire barricades on the roads and police flares and stun grenades. Clashes between local youth and police had been going on…

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  • The Yemenite Baby Affair: What if this was your child?

    A well-known Israeli journalist casts doubt on one of the most tragic affairs in the country’s history: the alleged kidnapping of thousands of Yemenite babies between the years 1948 to 1954. Now, one prominent scholar asks why journalists are siding with the state's narrative, rather than using their power to expose what may be hiding from the Israeli public. By Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber In a 2011 interview with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” award winning American journalist Bill Moyers paraphrased George Orwell: “Journalism is about what people want to keep hidden, everything else is publicity.” Case in point: famed Israeli television journalist…

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  • A reluctant reader: 'Haaretz,' paywalls and liberal Zionism

    One Palestinian journalist's meditation on being forced to pay for Haaretz, the only paper he can rely on, but one that also espouses a nationalist ideology he cannot accept. 'I'm fated to be a reluctant reader -- and a reluctant citizen.' By Hakim Bishara It’s morning and I desperately need the news. Where I live, one needs to know what awful things to expect outdoors before leaving the house. I often think of those people who have a favorite newspaper of choice. They develop an easy kinship to the paper: “Have you seen my newspaper?”, they ask around the house;…

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  • Racist reporting gets free hand in Israeli press

    Examples of racism are abundant in the Israeli press. Both individual journalists and the media outlets that publish them must be taken to task for stereotyping Palestinians, and in some cases, inciting violence against them. By I’lam: Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel It is not altogether true that free expression is under threat in Israel. Sure, one may have been led into believing so, what with the passing in 2011 of the “Nakba Law,” penalizing commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba, and the “Anti-Boycott Law,” restricting anyone calling for a boycott of Israeli institutions, including in the occupied Palestinian…

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  • Blogger interrogated, asked to give up army source

    The Israeli blogger 'Eishton' has been questioned by civilian and military police in an attempt to make him reveal a whistleblower who supplied him with unclassified military documents. His interrogation has attracted media attention to the anonymous blogger and his writing. Eishton (a combination of the Hebrew words for "newspaper' and "man") was interrogated by police in an attempt to push him into giving up a source within the army or the Ministry of Defense, who helped him in his unique in-depth three-part research on army casualties. Following the interrogation, Eishton published a warning on his blog, stating that he…

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  • The heroine vs. the terrorist: A case study in brainwashing

    How the 'newspaper of the nation' reported on a Border Policewoman's killing of a Palestinian teenager who was found to have been carrying a toy gun.  Yedioth Aharonoth's coverage of Wednesday's killing of a Palestinian teenager in Hebron tells you pretty much everything you need to know about how Israeli brainwashing works. And Yedioth, the country's most widely-read, influential newspaper, is considered relatively liberal, which it is in the sense that it often criticizes Netanyahu and the right, but when the story is Israel vs. the Arabs, particularly the Israeli army vs. the Arabs, then Yedioth, the "newspaper of the…

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  • A week in photos: September 6-12

    Palestinian protests against the cost of living and PA leadership grew in size and intensity, as weekly demonstrations continued and threats of demolition and settler violence remain a fact of life under occupation. Israelis also took to the streets over media and social justice issues. Activestills images tell the stories of the week.

  • Maariv daily paper purchased by ultra-rightist publisher

    Israel's 3rd largest daily is expected to merge with Makor Rishon, a conservative paper especially popular among settlements, and edited by Netanyahu's former chief of staff. The Hebrew media is reporting today (Friday) that Maariv, the 3rd largest daily paper in Israel, will be sold to Shlomo Ben-Zvi, the publisher of the rightwing broadsheet Makor Rishon. Maariv has been losing money for a decade. The paper's financial troubles got worse after the introduction of Sheldon Adelson's Israel Hayom – a daily paper distributed for free at considerable loss. Maariv was recently under immediately threat of shutting down. Employees were notified this week…

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  • The miraculous antiwar uprising of the Israeli establishment

    An uprising within the Israeli establishment is preventing an insane war from being started. In how many other countries could such a thing happen? This is a proud moment for Israel's democracy. People don't realize what a miracle is taking place in this country. A revolt by the Israeli military/intelligence establishment and Israel's best reporters, helped along by President Shimon Peres and ultimately enabled by the Obama administration, is stopping an insane war from being launched by Israel's two ideologically insane political leaders, a war they've been planning for years. The eight-member inner cabinet, or "octet," which in recent weeks has been reported to be split evenly between pro-war and anti-war ministers, has now tilted…

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