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Israel-US relations

  • Great minds: Yglesias also notes that Israel is not America's best friend

    I may have gotten there first, but ThinkProgress blogger Matthew Yglesias had the same reaction to Netanyahu's speech as I did: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a lot of things in his address to a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, most of them foolish and some of them offensive. But one of his very first statements was among the most important: "Israel has no better friend than America," he claimed, "and America has no better friend than Israel." The former is accurate. The latter is absurd. These are almost my exact words, and I am obviously…

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  • Netanyahu says “no” to the two-states solution

    Netanyahu’s response to Obama expose his, and the Israeli’s center-right, true face For years, Israeli politicians used to say their actions were intended to “expose the true face of the Palestinians”; this used to be a specialty of Ehud Barak. Senior pundits spent lakes of ink on the proposition that Israel should agree to peace proposals, or even present some of its own, even though they thought there was no point in them: Doing so would expose the “true face” of the Palestinians/Arabs as peace refuseniks. This game is over. The two days following Obama’s Middle East speech made it…

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