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hunger strike

  • Jailed Israeli conscientious objector starts hunger strike

    Udi Segal, who refuses to enlist in the IDF due to its human rights violations in the occupied territories, declares he will go on hunger strike until his release from military prison. By Yael Marom Israeli conscientious objector Udi Segal, who announced his refusal to join the Israeli army three months ago, was sentenced to his fifth prison term on Thursday. Prior to his sentencing, Segal announced that he would begin a hunger strike until he is released from the IDF. Segal released a statement explaining the motivation behind his strike: Three months ago, on my conscription date, I announced…

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  • The end of the hunger strike and mounting pressure on the PA

    The PA’s lack of support for hunger striking prisoners, together with its security coordination with Israel during ‘Operation Brother’s Keeper,’ are further deteriorating its credibility among Palestinians. Reports on a deal that would end the hunger strike by some 70 Palestinians prisoners broke in the Hebrew media on Tuesday night and has been confirmed in the two days that passed since. According to Ynet News, the prisoners will return to eat, and in return, some punitive measures that Israeli Prison Service placed on them, such as separation from each other and fines, will be cancelled Assuming that there are no…

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  • West Bank kidnapping: The Palestinian unity government's first real test

    Regardless of who is responsible, the new Fatah-Hamas unity government will be watched closely for its response to the kidnappings. Hours after a gag order prevented the Israeli media from publishing the story, we can now report that three Israeli teens, who study in the West Bank, have even missing since Thursday night. The IDF fears that their lives are in danger after being kidnapped, and that they may be held in the Hebron area. Both Palestinians and settlers have been reporting about military operations in both the south Hebron Hills and the nearby city of Yatta throughout the day.…

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  • Photos of the week: Devastation for the Negev Bedouin

    This week: The Bedouin village of Al-Arakib is destroyed for the 65th time, Palestinians and Israelis commemorate 47 years of occupation, administrative detainees on hunger strike, Israeli soldiers break their silence in public, demonstrations against asylum seekers in south Tel Aviv and more.                       

  • 'Administrative detainees must have done something wrong'

    When discussing administrative detention with Israelis, there comes a point when the discussion becomes an argument like one about religion -- based on blind faith in the security establishment. By definition, administrative detainees have not committed a crime. An administrative detention order is issued against people (almost all of whom are Palestinians) against whom there is no evidentiary basis to be put on trial. None at all. Because there is no evidence, there is also no indictment, no trial, no opportunity for the detainee to dispute the charges against him, no conviction and no verdict or sentencing to determine the…

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  • Photos of the week: From Papal peregrinations to jingoism in Jerusalem

    This week: Pope Francis visits Bethelehem and Jerusalem, where Palestinian worshipers attempt to put a focus on the separation barrier and hunger striking prisoners; right-wing Israelis march through the Old City of Jerusalem in a demonstration of Zionist nationalism; Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank protest in support of hunger striking prisoners.

  • Palestinian administrative detainees said to start hunger strike

    Strikers claim Israel reneged on a 2012 agreement to limit the use of administrative detention, a legal tool under which they are all being held, Palestinian rights group says. Over 100 Palestinian administrative detainees have started a hunger strike in Israeli prisons, Palestinian prisoner support and human rights group Addameer reported on Thursday. The strike comes in the context of an agreement that Israel made to end a previous mass hunger strike in 2012, in which it agreed to limit its use of administrative detention, according to Addameer. The prisoners say that Israel has reneged on that agreement. At the…

  • 150 imprisoned African asylum seekers start hunger strike

    Some 150 Sudanese asylum seekers jailed in the Saharonim prison began an open-ended hunger strike on Sunday. The prisoners, all of whom took part in the March For Freedom last month and were taken back to the facility, announced they would continue to strike until their release. Since Sunday, prison authorities have isolated the hunger strikers, and today four of the leaders were transferred from Saharonim prison to a Be'er Sheva jail. This following is the letter they wrote to the Israeli public. Read +972's full coverage of asylum seekers in Israel Hunger strike for freedom and human rights To the Israeli…

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  • Israel releases former Palestinian hunger striker Samer Issawi

    Thousands gather in East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya to welcome the now-iconic hunger striker home. Text by Michael Omer-Man Photos by Oren Ziv and Tali Mayer / Former hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi was released to his home in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya Monday night, exactly eight months after he agreed to resume eating as part of a deal with Israeli authorities. Issawi staged an intermittent hunger strike for nearly nine months until April 23, 2013. Over 2,000 people awaited his release on the main road leading into Issawiya. Revelers carried him on their shoulders to…

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  • The irony of exporting Israel's hunger strike 'expertise' to the U.S.

    Can Israel help the United States treat hunger striking detainees at Guantanamo Bay more humanely? Probably. But one lesson that may be lost on the U.S. is that Palestinian hunger strikes in Israel have - for the most - part been successful. When nearly 200 people were rushed to Boston hospitals after the marathon bombing earlier this year, doctors were prepared because of an Israeli disaster management training they had received years earlier. When a building collapsed in Nairobi in 2006, Israeli army search and rescue teams flew in and freed trapped survivors. Disaster medicine is the one of the few fields in…

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  • Eritrean asylum seekers on hunger strike to protest detention without trial

    Asylum seekers return meals for fifth straight day in protest of administrative detention, NGOs report. (Updated below) Some 350 Eritrean asylum seekers are in the fifth day of a hunger strike protesting their administrative detention in an Israeli prison. Asylum seekers in Block 3 of the Saharonim detention facility began a hunger strike on Saturday June 22, according to the Hotline for Migrant Workers and Physicians for Human Rights. A day later, detainees in Block 4 began returning their meals as well. Nearly 2,000 African asylum seekers are being held in Israeli prison facilities under the Anti-Infiltration Law, passed last…

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  • WATCH: Why is Israel still shackling hospitalized prisoners?

    As far back as 2008, Israel's Health Ministry and Prison Service formulated clear criteria for the shackling of hospitalized prisoners. But as it turns out, the Prison Service still dictates the policy and doctors' hands are tied -- and shackling procedures are still being applied arbitrarily. Related: As Palestinian hunger strikes come to a head, world begins to take notice

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  • Samer Issawi accepts deal to end his hunger strike

    After staging an intermittent hunger strike for some nine months, hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi agreed to start eating again, pending the signing of a deal later in the day. The deal would see him released to his home in Jerusalem in eight months. Update (April 23, 4:10 p.m.): Issawi has signed the deal and ended his hunger strike, Maan reports. He is expected to be released in late December of this year. Palestinian hunger striking prisoner Samer Issawi has agreed to end his hunger strike, and will be released to his home Jerusalem in eight months' time, Reuters reported…

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