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  • Not so fast: On dismantling Israel’s human rights NGOs

    Small battles can be waged against the injustices of occupation while simultaneously fighting the bigger war against the occupation itself. A response to 'The case for dismantling Israel’s human rights organizations.' By Noam Rabinovich If I had a Euro for every time I was privy to a conversation about whether Israeli human rights organizations do more harm than good, I would have been able to single-handedly fund the entire Israeli human rights community, much to the chagrin of Israel’s current government. Snark aside, this question is one of the most poignant and loaded questions faced by human rights organizations in Israel.…

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  • IDF kills two Palestinians far from center of search operation

    In Ramallah, Palestinian youth clash with raiding Israeli soldiers and Palestinian police alike. Israeli Border Police shoot to death a mentally unstable man in Nablus. Israeli forces killed two Palestinians overnight in the northern West Bank, far from the center of search operations for three kidnapped Israeli teens in the southern Hebron region. The two killings bring the number of Palestinians killed since the start of the operation 10 days ago up to five. Dozens more have been injured. Military and political officials in Israel have said publicly that the current operation is only partly aimed at finding the kidnapped…

  • Confronting racism and fear of 'the other' in Israel

    Over-compensated nationalism and the fear of 'the other' all contribute to untenable racist attitudes among Israelis toward Palestinians. But racism doesn't develop in a vacuum and in the context of the current reality, it is entirely unsurprising. By Maya Schkolne Standing in the cold and dark by the checkpoint on Highway 60, the soldier appeared genuinely taken aback. He had called us off the bus after spotting my friend’s Israeli passport. Since we were in Area C, we were legally permitted to be there. But what were two young Jewish women – one Israeli and one South African-Israeli – doing on…

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