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home demolition

  • PHOTOS: Israeli forces kill Palestinian and bulldoze his family house

    In an overnight raid in the West Bank village of Qabalan, Israeli forces kill 24-year-old Palestinian Zakaria Al-Aqra and injure six others. They then bulldoze part of his family's house. Photos and text by: Ahmad Al-Bazz/ At about midnight on August 11, the Israeli army raided the West Bank village of Qabalan near Nablus. As clashes erupted with the local residents, the military focused its operation in the eastern part of the village on a hill called Al Qantara. Locals reported that they heard fierce exchanges of gunfire at about 2:00 a.m. as the army surrounded two houses of the Al-Aqra…

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  • Israel demolishes two Palestinian homes in Area C

    As America celebrated the re-election of Barack Obama, it was business as usual in Israeli-controlled Area C of the West Bank. At least two Palestinian homes were demolished today. The residents' 'crime?' They didn't have building permits, which are issued by Israel and are next to impossible for Palestinians to obtain.  According to Operation Dove, an Italian organization that maintains an international presence in the South Hebron Hills, one home was destroyed in Ad Deirat, while another house and a water cistern were destroyed in Jawwaya. Both villages are located in Area C of the West Bank, where Palestinians are under increasing…

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  • Photos: Palestinian house demolished for sixth time

    Beit Arabiya, a family home and peace center, had been rebuilt in July. At 3:00 a.m. this morning, Israeli forces demolished Beit Arabiya, the family house of Salim and Arabiya Shawamreh, for the sixth time. First built in 1994, it was rebuilt once again this summer by international, Palestinian, and Israeli volunteers organized by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), which has used the house as a peace center since 2003. From ICAHD's statement today: Beit Arabiya, located in the West Bank town of Anata (Area C) just to the northeast of Jerusalem, is a living symbol of resistance…

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  • WATCH: Bulldozers demolish Palestinian homes outside J'lem

    By Moriel Rothman Al-Khalayleh, Palestinian village near the settlement of Giva'at Ze'ev, outside of Jerusalem - A group of young men are swinging shovels and hammers at the walls of a house - their own house. They had watched as the bulldozers tore down their neighbors' homes and buildings early the same morning, and decided to destroy part of their house themselves. They were doing this, on one hand, to "not let the Israelis have the pleasure of doing it," they told me. But more than that, they were doing so with the hope that the authorities would decide that…

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