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  • A different type of terrorism

    We’ve been trained to think that if there’s no blood then it’s not worth talking about, that it’s not ‘terrorism.’ But terror is also ridiculing the corpse of a religious woman, it is regular settler attacks against Palestinian villages, and it being attacked just for speaking Arabic. As we are inundated by reports of deaths across the West Bank, Jerusalem and Hebron, I’ve starting compiling my own list of stories that will never make it to the headlines in the Israeli media — incidents in which not enough blood was spilled. The ISIS effect, according to which a story is…

  • What we really need now? A politics of love

    Fear and pain flow in the streets, between Gaza and Sderot, between Hebron and Jerusalem, forcing us to think about providing enough compassion for one another so we can come to solutions to the violence. By Mijal Simonet Corech Once, Israeli academic Yael Berda and I came up with an expression: "politics of love." We never really got down it to its basics — we never needed to; somehow we both knew what we meant. According to this kind of politics, first and foremost, you feel sad when you hear that a man and a woman — parents of four children…

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  • The IDF must come clean about the Hebron shooting

    Why is the Israeli army refusing to release its footage from the shooting of 18-year-old Hadeel al-Hashlamon?  By Noam Rotem Israeli soldiers shot to death Hadeel al-Hashlamon, 18, in Hebron last week while she was apparently on her way to school. Found inside the black bag she was carrying were notebooks, a blue Pilot pen, a brown pencil case, a cellular phone, and other things girls of her age take to school. [tmwinpost] The IDF Spokesperson says that the metal detector at the urban checkpoint beeped when she passed through it, and that she ignored orders to stop from the…

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  • The questions nobody is asking about Hebron shooting

    Could Israeli soldiers have arrested, instead of killed a young knife-yielding woman in Hebron? And what will happen to those soldiers if it turns out they shot when they didn't need to? A young Palestinian woman was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the occupied city of Hebron Tuesday morning, hours before the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur and the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. As usual, there are — at least — two conflicting narratives. There are also a number of details everyone agrees on. [tmwinpost] Hadeel al-Hashlamon arrived at the “Shoter” checkpoint in the West Bank city of…

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  • The Left cannot ignore violence against Jews

    Two recent incidents in Hebron illustrate the dangerous and wrongful manipulation of violence against civilians to advance political ideology. The Left is guilty too — and it must change. Masked settlers in Hebron attacked a Palestinian man who was being detained by the Israeli army on Saturday. When a soldier tried to stop them, the Israeli settlers turned on him as well, before discharging pepper spray at the Palestinian. Last Thursday in Hebron, five young ultra-Orthodox American yeshiva students driving towards the adjacent settlement of Kiryat Arba took a wrong turn into the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabel Johar. A gang of…

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  • WATCH: Masked settlers attack Palestinians at Hebron checkpoint

    Masked Israeli settlers attack, pepper spray Palestinians detained at the Beit Hadassah checkpoint in Hebron. Palestinian activist: 'Had a Palestinian attacked the settlers, the entire neighborhood would have already been punished.' By Yael Marom A video released Saturday shows four settlers violently attacking two Palestinians who were detained by Israeli soldiers near the Beit Hadassah settlement in the city of Hebron. According to the organization "Youth Against Settlements," whose activists filmed the incident, two Palestinians were detained by Israeli soldiers near Beit Hadassah on Saturday, an area known for settler violence. The Palestinians began arguing with the soldiers when four…

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  • PHOTOS: Gaza and Hebron go head-to-head in Palestine's soccer championship

    Gaza's Ittihad Shejaiya traveled to Hebron's Hussein Bin Ali Stadium on Friday night for the first Palestine Cup since 2000. But due to Israel's harsh restrictions on Palestinian movement, the match almost didn't happen. Text by Yoni Mendel, photos by Oren Ziv / In front of 11,000 fans, and for the first time in 15 years, the top teams from Gaza and the West Bank met to determine Palestine's soccer champion in the Palestine Cup on Friday night in Hebron's Hussein Bin Ali Stadium. Hebron's Al-Ahly defeated Gaza's Ittihad Shejaia 2-1, with Ahmed Maher scoring the winning goal in…

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  • When an entire IDF platoon takes over your roof — for a photo

    A two-minute video manages to perfectly capture the day-to-day banality of living under a military regime.  I was able to count 37 soldiers. At least 37. One after another, each with his own weapon and combat vest, they climb up to roof the Abu Haya family's home — located in the section of Hebron under direct Israeli military control. [tmwinpost] Why? It's unclear. They don't speak with the members of the family. Or rather, they don't explain. They simply utter things such as "close the door," and "turn off the camera," all while some of the soldiers are clearly enjoying…

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  • WATCH: IDF brings segregated streets back to Hebron

    IDF re-segregates main road leading to Cave of the Patriarchs, two years after it ostensibly put an end to the policy.   Israeli human rights group B'Tselem announced Thursday that the Israeli military has renewed segregation between Jews and Palestinians on the main street leading to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron since January. The military does not allow Palestinians to use the main part of the street and forces Palestinians to use a narrow, unpaved and rough pedestrian passageway. According to B'Tselem, this policy had been previously implemented between September 2012 to March 2013. It was was temporarily stopped…

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  • A Month in Photos: Popular struggle, come hell or high water

    Editors' picks of the top photos from Palestine, Israel and beyond for the month of February. This month, Palestinians establish a new protest tent, ultra-Orthodox Jews protest military recruitment, Israeli factory workers protest job cuts, a 14-year-old Palestinian girl is released from prison after 44 days, Negev Bedouin mourn their lost ones, Bil'in marks 10 years of popular struggle, LGBTQ activists speak up against homophobia, and a second wave of snow blankets the holy city. Photos: Oren Ziv, Ahmad al-Bazz, Keren Manor, Yotam Ronen, Basel Yazouri, Keren Manor, Shiraz Grinbaum, Faiz al-Bazz, Ryan Rodrick Beiler /

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  • The Israel-Palestine Lorde Diaries, chapter 14: Not alone

    What can bring hope in times of weak spirit? How about a teardrop, a social network, a Russian soprano and a faithful ex-lover. Part 14 of 15. To read the rest of the series, click here. The war never broke out in earnest, but my mood was not quick to recover. One thing did brighten things up, however: I was invited to speak on Radio New Zealand. Attentive producer Jeremy Rose caught sight of the very first post in this series and wrote me instantly. On the last night of January 31, 2015, which in New Zealand was the first morning…

  • PHOTOS: Pepper spray and arrests as Bil'in marks decade of struggle

    Text by Haggai Matar Photos by Yotam Ronen, Shiraz Grinbaum, Miki Kratsman / Nearly 1,000 protesters — Palestinians, Israelis and internationals — marched to celebrate 10 years of popular struggle in the West Bank village Bil'in. Soldiers responded with tear gas, pepper spray and arrests. One Palestinian was badly wounded. Meanwhile, activists marked 21 years since the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, and called to open Shuhada Street to Palestinians. Approximately 1,000 protesters, most of them Palestinian, 100 Israelis and dozens of international activists took part in a large protest in Bil'in on Friday, marking ten years of popular…

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  • Prisoners in our own homes: A look at life in occupied Hebron

    Twenty-one years have passed since Baruch Goldstein entered Hebron's Cave of the Patriarchs and massacred dozens of Muslim worshippers. Since then, Palestinians in the city have been placed under a harsh regime of separation and movement restriction. Some of us can't even leave our own homes. By Zleikha Muhtaseb Imagine that you are in your home, sitting on your comfortable couch, making a cup of tea or perhaps looking at the view through your window. You are safe and calm — here no one can hurt you. Now imagine that the front door of your home has been locked by…

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