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  • Netanyahu threatens new TV station for Palestinian citizens of Israel

    The new satellite station, 'Palestine 48,' aimed at Arab citizens of Israel, presents an opportunity to use the community as a bridge between Israel and Palestine, a member of its board says. Israeli Communications Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday declared his intention to shut down a brand new television station, “Palestine 48.” A day later, its employees and management vowed that they would not fold so easily. The station began pilot broadcasts on Thursday morning from Nazareth, and for the time being, its launch schedule is proceeding as scheduled. [tmwinpost] Israeli authorities — and the Netanyahu government in particular —…

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  • WATCH: IDF officer gets prison for throwing stones at journalists

    The incident is not the first time Israeli security officials have been documented attacking journalists at West Bank protests, and in the village of Nabi Saleh. An IDF officer videotaped throwing rocks at Israeli and Palestinian photojournalists last week was sentenced to two weeks in prison. A second officer was sentenced to 30 days confinement on base. In a video first published by +972 and Activestills on Friday, a deputy company commander can be seen throwing rocks at a freelance Israeli photojournalist and a Palestinian photographer who works for Agence France‑Presse (AFP). One of the officers also tackled the Israeli…

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  • The thin line between incitement and freedom of the press

    On the face of it, a protest by Likud youth against one of Israel's most prominent newspapers seems like a non-issue. But in the context of last summer's war and the growing threats against left-wing journalists, freedom of the press may no longer be able to protect the media. By Gaby Goldman Journalists, editors, media outlets - we all love simple stories. Something straightforward, black and white, good or bad. And this is what makes it harder for me to admit that the Likud party's demonstration in front of the Yedioth Ahronoth daily's building on Sunday night is not a simple…

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  • Who will protect Palestinian journalists?

    Between shootings, beatings and arrests, Palestinian journalists are subject to violence and restrictions that their Israeli counterparts generally avoid. Last week at a protest in the West Bank city of Beitunia, a group of Palestinian protestors attacked Israeli journalist Avi Issacharoff and photographer Daniel Book. According to Issacharoff, he was told to leave the protest by Palestinian journalists, and when he refused he was surrounded by a group of angry Palestinian protesters, who he says wanted to "lynch" him. Eventually, he was escorted out of the area with the help of two Palestinian officers. Such incidents are depressing, especially for…

  • Police, courts take extreme measures against anti-Prawer Plan arrestees

    Twelve activists arrested at Negev 'day of rage' protest are still in jail after more than a week; police are asking they be detained until the end of legal proceedings; activists fear the heavy handedness is an attempt to smother resistance to Prawer. Solidarity demonstration is held in Tel Aviv. It has been more than a week since dozens of demonstrators were arrested in clashes between police and anti-Prawer Plan activists in the Negev town of Hura and in Haifa. Protesters detained at demonstrations in Israel are usually released the same day as the arrest or in the worst case scenario, the…

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  • Blogger offers army deal: Release information, and I'll go to prison willingly

    Eishton, the blogger who was recently interrogated and asked to give up sources, is offering authorities an interesting deal: if the army releases all the information that it says is "out in the open" on soldier deaths – Eishton will confess to all charges brought in his interrogation, and will agree to sit in prison. The interrogation of the anonymous blogger was conducted due to a series of posts he published, examining who exactly are the 126 soldiers who “died while protecting their country” between April 2011-2012, as officially pronounced on Memorial Day. Following thorough research and thanks to a…

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  • IDF defends attack on journalists in Nabi Saleh

    After Israeli armed forces opened fire directly at him and fellow journalists, photojournalist Mati Milstein filed complaints with the Israeli authorities responsible. After a five month delay, the IDF Spokesperson responds: ignoring the evidence, defending the IDF for opening fire, disparaging the journalistic relevance of covering Nabi Saleh protests, and insisting journalists on the scene are there at their own risk.  By Mati Milstein Nearly five months ago, on July 29, Israeli reserve infantrymen and Border Police officers opened fire on a group of photojournalists and television cameramen during a non-violent protest in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.…

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  • Police shut down Jewish-Palestinian radio station

    Kol Hashalom, which operates from Ramallah, was suddenly shut down on Thursday, based on what appears to be flimsy evidence A small radio station, “Kol Hashalom,” unique in that it was directed jointly by a Palestinian and a Jew, was abruptly shut down by the Israeli police on Thursday. Kol Hashalom, which roughly means "All for Peace," had been active for the last seven years. It was a joint venture of the Palestinian NGO Biladi and the Israeli NGO Jewish-Arab Center for Peace, and was directed by former Meretz MK Mossi Raz and Meissa Bransie-Senyura. The station broadcast from Ramallah,…

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  • IDF soldiers launch attack on photojournalists

    By Mati Milstein If you seek to obtain a truly comprehensive picture of the state of press freedom and freedom of expression in territories under Israeli control, come watch Israeli soldiers shoot at journalists in the West Bank. On Friday, 29 July, at the start of the weekly Palestinian demonstration in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Israeli army infantry reservists opened fire with riot-control weapons on a group of some 10 press photographers. This attack crossed a red line. The troops had just repelled a march of several dozen Palestinian, Israeli and foreign protesters with a few rounds…

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  • Web rallies to the aid of kidnapped "A gay girl in Damascus" blogger

    Prominent American-Syrian political blogger Amina Abdallah Arraf abducted by armed young men in Damascus * Whereabouts remain unknown * Letter-writing campaign begins, targeting senators, the White House and Syrian embassies * Updates below The Syrian-American author of one of the most important political blogs in Syria appears to have been apprehended by one of the Syrian security forces, according to a post on "A Gay Girl in Damascus". The current situation and location of the blog's regular author, Amina Abdallah Arraf, remains unclear. According to the post, written by Arraf's cousin, the blogger  was ambushed early Sunday evening on her way…

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