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  • Economic equality is an unconditional right

    Right-wing ministers in Israel’s government are putting their own political interests over the economic and social needs of the country’s Arab citizens. By Rawnak Natour and Abed Kanaaneh Arab citizens of the State of Israel have suffered from discrimination by the establishment since the day the country declared independence in 1948, discrimination that is reflected in almost every aspect of their lives: land confiscation, discrimination in housing and employment, extreme disparities in health and educational services, and an absence of infrastructure and proper sources of funding for local government councils. This has given rise to serious problems such as poverty,…

  • Israel's housing policy for Arabs is designed to fail

    Israel’s housing system is not 'failing' its Palestinian citizens. It is working exactly as it was intended: to minimize Arab lands in order to maximize Jewish communities. Half an hour north of Tel Aviv stand several hills offering a natural panoramic view of the bustling Arab towns of Taibeh and Tira, their congested neighborhoods, and their narrow roads and alleys. Surrounding the towns are the smaller and orderly Jewish villages and farming communities of Sha’ar Efraim, Sde Warburg, Ramat Hakovesh, and others. The hilltops used to be empty; now they are home to high-rise apartments of the new Jewish town…

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  • Airbnb lets you vacation in illegal West Bank settlements

    Fancy a vacation with breathtaking views of the Holy Land? Airbnb will let you rent out luxurious cottages atop barren hilltops, making no mention of the fact that they are in settlements on occupied land. By John Brown* Airbnb, it has come to our attention, enables anyone to rent rooms and vacation homes in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Anyone who is not of Palestinian descent, of course. Without exception, the listings, some which appear to be luxurious cottages and others that are caravans sitting on barren hilltops, make no mention of the fact that they are in settlements on…

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  • More police won't solve Arab crime in Israel

    The government is exploiting the shooting attack in Tel Aviv to disguise discriminatory policies against Palestinian citizens as an effort to bring the rule of law to an 'unruly' society. Prime Minister Netanyahu directed a range of comments at Israel's Palestinian community Saturday night, speaking at the scene of a deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv. A day earlier, a Palestinian citizen from northern Israel opened fire at a bar, killing two and wounding eight. [tmwinpost] Netanyahu denounced what he called "lawless enclaves" in the Arab sector; condemned the "wild incitement of radical Islam"; encouraged Arab integration through the IDF; and declared…

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  • The woman trying to make Israel equal

    For the past eight years Equal Employment Commissioner Tziona Koenig-Yair has fought dozens of employers discriminating against minorities, rolled out creative new tools for fighting the gender wage gap, and much more. In an interview with +972, she discusses affirmative action, the role of societal racism in the labor market, and her hopes for equal opportunity in Israel. Israel has identified more grounds of discrimination in the workplace than any other Western country — 16 in total. It’s not clear if that means Israel is extremely progressive in recognizing vast types of discrimination or if the labor market just reflects the…

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  • Would you turn in your own child? The dilemma facing Palestinian parents

    ­ A number of Palestinian youngsters have been turned in by their own families in recent weeks, despite the fact that they had not yet committed any crime. Leveraging threats of collective punishment, the state is becoming Big Brother. By Noam Rotem Generations of Soviet children grew up with the story of Pavel Morozov, the 13-year-old boy who, according to legend, was so loyal to the state that he turned in his father to the authorities for forging documents on behalf of “enemies of the revolution.” George Orwell used the Morozov myth in his dystopian classic “1984,” where children were…

  • It's time for the Israeli Left to part with the kibbutz

    Between unequal distribution of municipal taxes that discriminate against development towns and admittance committees that bar entry to those who do not belong to the 'white tribe,' the Left must lead the struggle against the kibbutz's sectorial policies.  By Elad Wolf Since the founding of the state, the kibbutzim have undergone a process of privatization. From their socialist infrastructure, the kibbutzim and the moshavim have turned into the enemies of equality and solidarity. Perhaps the time has come for the Left to move forward and release its hold on the kibbutzim. [tmwinpost] The biggest question one must ask is what…

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  • WATCH: Protesting budget discrimination for church schools in Israel

    Church-run schools serving over 30,000 Arab children in Israel have been on strike for weeks due to crippling budget cuts. Private Jewish schools receive far more funding. The church-run schools are considered among the best schools in the country and parents fear they could be forced to shut down. Read more on the church school crisis: Arab school strike highlights Israel's discriminatory education policies

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  • Arab school strike highlights Israel's discriminatory education policies

    All of Israel’s Arabic schools went on strike Monday in solidarity with 47 church-run schools fighting for equal funding from the state in comparison to Jewish religious schools. The discrimination in education is a microcosm of an entire system of inequity. Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett published an op-ed last week marking the start of the new school year. “This is the first time I’ve reached this day with 2.2 million students under my responsibility, besides my own four children,” he wrote, promising to ensure that all schools had the tools “to bring you [the students] and the entire education system to…

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  • Perpetrator unknown: The systemic failure to investigate settler violence

    With such an overwhelming number of investigations into Israeli citizens attacking Palestinians in the West Bank closed due to 'perpetrator unknown,' one has to wonder why the police have such a hard time finding suspects. By Yossi Gurvitz, written for Yesh Din At the center of a new Yesh Din report, Mock Enforcement, is a depressing piece of data: the Israel Police’s fail in 85.3 percent of investigations into Israelis who harm Palestinians in the West Bank. The report, which which deals with Israel's continued failure to enforce the law on Israeli civilians in the West Bank, examined 996 cases closed by…

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  • Segregation in Israel does not begin or end on buses

    Whether or not the plan is scrapped, the fact is that Israel is a country where senior ministers propose and implement segregation — and keep their jobs. There is something disturbingly disingenuous about the 12 hours of furor that erupted over the segregation — and subsequent “desegregation” — of a handful of Israeli bus lines Wednesday morning. When Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the “unacceptable” segregation scheme suspended, a sigh of relief could be heard sweeping through mainstream Jewish Israel. [tmwinpost] Democracy lives to see another day; the separation barrier once again kept segregation from infiltrating the Green Line. The bus…

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  • No charges for officers involved in Kafr Kanna killing

    Netanyahu and the Israel Police offer diametrically different responses to two cases of police violence, one against an Ethiopian Israeli and another against an Arab citizen of Israel. When it comes to police brutality, it seems that even racism stinks of discrimination. Two separate cases of police violence against Israeli citizens were caught and recorded by CCTV cameras over the past six months. [tmwinpost] The first incident involved a Palestinian citizen of Israel, Kheir Hamdan. Last November, Hamdan approached a police van in Kafr Kanna and started banged on its window with an object. When he fled, officers exited their…

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  • PHOTOS: Thousands protest policy of home demolitions in Tel Aviv

    Some 50,000 Palestinian homes in Israel are under threat of demolition. The Israeli government is not addressing the serious housing crisis among the Arab population, activists and politicians say. Photos by Oren Ziv/ Several thousand Palestinian citizens of Israel held a demonstration in the center of Tel Aviv Tuesday evening, demanding an end to home demolitions that overwhelmingly target Arab citizens. The demonstration coincided with a one-day general strike among the Palestinian population in Israel, called for by the Higher Monitoring Committee, a group that historically mobilizes the community politically. Related: Israel demolishes homes in unrecognized Palestinian village Higher Monitoring Committee…

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