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  • Military police must decide: Is the IDF a gang or an army?

    Youth from the village of Qaddum were shocked to find themselves featured on a threatening IDF poster. Will the army severely punish those responsible? By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz About two weeks ago, several youth from the village of Qaddum were shocked to discover their photos and names appear on a placard posted near the mosque, which presented the following threat: "We are the army, dir balaq, we'll catch you should we see you, or we’ll come to your house." The affair was exposed in the +972. The placard was written in bad Arabic. "Dir Balaq" is roughly…

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  • WATCH: Gaza children prohibited from visiting imprisoned fathers

    This past month, for the first time since 2007, Palestinian children under the age of eight granted permission to visit their parents in Israeli prisons. The decision to allow family visits to Palestinians in Israeli prisons was made last summer, following a six-week hunger strike by some 2,000 prisoners. Palestinian kids from Gaza above the age of eight are still prohibited from visiting their parents - the same goes for grandchildren and siblings. There are over 500 prisoners - among them 14 minors - from Gaza held in Israel. Over 400 of them are "security inmates" and approximately 100 prisoners are "criminal…

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  • Young Israeli boy, non-citizen mother arrested ahead of deportation

    We wrote in January [Hebrew] about Supreme Court Justice Yoram Denzinger permitting the deportation of an Israeli boy and his Polish mother. Yesterday at 5 a.m., the mother and her son were arrested ahead of their deportation. This time again, Justice Denzinger refused to get involved. The boy was born in Israel in 2005 to a Polish women and an Israeli man.  The boy has no connection to his father, received Israeli citizenship, and grew up in Israel from birth.  In August 2010, the mother submitted a request for status on the basis of a government decision stating that children…

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  • In the West Bank, there is no justice, even for children

    Hundreds of Palestinian minors were arrested for weeks and even months by Israel in the last five years. Those children - including 34 of them under the age of 14 - were tried in military courts. Only one was acquitted. A new report by human rights NGO B'tselem shed light on one of the occupation's most horrifying aspects As part of its annoying habit of shedding light on parts of the occupation most Israelis would prefer to know nothing about, B'tselem published yesterday morning a report about the arrest of minors in the West Bank. Most Israeli media preferred highlighting…

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  • Seven houses demolished, 50 children thrown out into the rain

    This picture, taken an hour ago in Lod by Amnesty Israel, pretty much says it all: The bulldozers are not digging out people from under the rubble - they're burying people's lives under it. They're not clearing the wreckage of the storm - they're unleashing the storm onto the bare heads of 50 (fifty!!) children and 30 adults. Their original sin was to be born Arab - and thus to be destined to live outside the planning process in Israel, to be forced to build without permissions, even though they are full citizens in "the only democracy in the Middle East."…

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