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  • Interior minister exploits rape by Eritrean for anti-immigrant campaign

    Prepare yourselves. Last May, when it was last announced that an Eritrean citizen raped an Israeli woman, Interior Minister Eli Yishai responded by placing thousands of asylum seekers, among them children, rape and torture victims and the elderly in administrative detention, all in accordance with Israel’s Prevention of Infiltration Law. In the wake of the horrifying rape that took place near Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station, one can only guess what will happen next. Yishai began publishing libelous remarks on his personal Facebook page, while Shas’ shelved hate-filled campaign against foreigners [Hebrew] coincidentally appeared in Yedioth Ahronoth and on Ynet’s homepage,…

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  • S. Tel Aviv residents protest against African asylum seekers

    Approximately 50 south Tel Aviv residents protested last night against the  presence of African asylum seekers in their neighborhoods. Protesters waved Israeli flags and held signs that read "I voted for Bibi and I got screwed," "We want a solution here and now," and "Bibi, you asked [for us] not to take the law into [our] hands. What have you done?" Another sign punned on the Hebrew word for minister (sar) to declare Interior Minister Eli Yishai a "Tzar" who will face "Judgment Day." The group marched to the police station in Jaffa and called on the state to deport…

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  • Tel Aviv refugee froze to death. 'Go back to Africa, it's warmer.'

    An asylum seeker froze to death in a Tel Aviv park tonight. Blogger Inter Spem et Metum collated some of the comments left on the YNET report describing other asylum seekers freezing across the city. What was wrong with Egypt? Why did you come here? Here's an idea for Abdul and Yusuf - seek asylum in Gaza I heard Africa is pretty warm right now Go back to Sudan, it's much warmer Adam Yusuf and Abdul Salam. Muslim names. This is what we import. We should stop the tsunami of these wretched coreligionists of our enemies and kick them back…

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