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  • Jerusalem, in context

    The current events in Jerusalem have a political history and context. Attempts to attribute the violence to some kind of Palestinian pathology while ignoring other factors is a recipe for making things worse. A response to Jeffrey Goldberg. Jeffrey Goldberg wrote a powerful piece in The Atlantic last week claiming to scrutinize Palestinian violence through the history of Jewish and Arab ties to the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif over the past 100 years. (“The paranoid, supremacist roots of the stabbing Intifada,” the headline reads.) Goldberg starts by discussing Palestinian “paranoia” over Israel’s actions in Jerusalem and ends with a broader, more…

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  • Why one Jerusalem street has seen so many stabbings

    For Israel and settler organizations, creating a Jewish identity and presence on the access road to the Western Wall is crucial. Palestinians, on the other hand, view it as a dangerous provocation. By Yonathan Mizrachi The many stabbings in Jerusalem's Old City in recent weeks have taken place in one precise location: Ha-Gai Street, or Al-Wad Street in Arabic. While the walled city is relatively small, it is interesting to note why the political and violent struggle over Jerusalem focalizes on its most heavily guarded street. [tmwinpost] Damascus Gate is located on the Old City's northern wall, and is the…

  • What's happening in Jerusalem?: A roundup

    Dozens of Palestinians and several Border Police officers wounded in third day of clashes over restrictions to Jerusalem's holiest site. Tensions erupted in East Jerusalem and the West Bank on Friday, as dozens of Palestinians and three Border Police officers were wounded in the third day of clashes over restrictions on Muslim worship in one of Jerusalem's holiest sites. [tmwinpost] According to Ma'an News Agency, dozens Palestinians were wounded during clashes with Israeli security forces throughout the West Bank. Eighteen of them were lightly wounded near the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum, while protesting in support of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound amid…

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  • Paying the price for Netanyahu's religious war

    Lacking any ability or will to deal with the political stalemate, Netanyahu has a vested interest in presenting the current situation in Jerusalem as a showdown between radical Islam and the West. Who will pay the price? By Yael Marom The latest clashes at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the death of Israeli Alexander Levlovitch as a result of Palestinians throwing stones at his car, have awoken the Israeli media and the prime minister. They tell a very specific story: Palestinians have come together to ruin the Jewish New Year. Why? Perhaps they have something against apples and honey. [tmwinpost] But like…

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  • Why do they throw stones?

    Nearly every discussion on Jerusalem in the Israeli media revolves strictly around stone throwing and Islamic extremism. Yet not a single word is said about the occupation. Only in Israel can one speak about an intifada without mentioning the occupation. Only here can one change the IDF's open-fire regulations without addressing what soldiers are doing on Palestinian land, with who sent them to walk around neighborhoods and cities, and for what purpose. Stone throwing has made headlines once again this week, and the entire establishment went into a craze over the question of "how do we deal with this?" Facebook…

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  • 'If Israel keeps violating the status quo, this will become a religious war'

    He left Hamas after Oslo, moved to Ramallah, and joined Abbas' Palestinian Authority. Following the burning of the Dawabsha family and the conflagrations at Al-Aqsa Mosque, Supreme Sharia judge of the Palestinian Authority Dr. Mahmoud al-Habash warns Israel not to test Palestinian patience. On the charred walls of the Dawabsha home in the West Bank village of Duma, the words "revenge" and "long live the Messiah" were spray-painted by the same Jewish terrorists who burned three of the four family members to death. The graffiti troubles me. Regardless of how detestable it is, I can understand the logic of revenge; but I…

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  • A Month in Photos: After violence, the joy of Eid becomes a blur

    A Palestinian family is burned alive in a settler attack, Jerusalem's Pride Parade ends in terror, and three Palestinian youths are killed by Israeli soldiers. The three-day Eid al-Fitr holiday, during which thousands celebrated on the shores of the Mediterranean, seems like a lifetime ago. Photos by: Oren Ziv, Ahmad al-Bazz, Faiz Abu-Rmeleh, Keren Manor, Mustafa Bader, Anne Paq, Yotam Ronen, Tess Scheflan /, Edit: Anka Mirkin.

  • PHOTOS: Palestinians climb over the wall into Jerusalem for Ramadan

    As Palestinians cross over into Jerusalem from the West Bank, an IDF officer shoots dead a 19-year-old Palestinian by the separation wall. Text by Edo Konrad, photos by Yotam Ronen, Mustafa Bader / Dozens of young Palestinians climbed the separation wall in order to reach Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday of last week, the third Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The men took taxis in the early hours of Friday morning to the separation wall at the Palestinian village of A-Ram, just outside of Jerusalem, where they used a ladder to cross over to the Palestinian…

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  • PHOTOS: Palestinians cross into Jerusalem for Ramadan

    Tens of thousands of Palestinian women and men over 40 make their way to Qalandiya checkpoint to cross over to Jerusalem in honor of the second Friday of Ramadan. Those who aren't allowed to cross? They found their own way. Photos and text by Oren Ziv / Dozens of young Palestinians crossed Qalandiya checkpoint Friday morning in order to make it to the second Friday prayer of Ramadan at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Since Israel allows only men above 40 to cross the checkpoint, dozens of young Palestinians attempted to climb the separation wall and reach Jerusalem using…

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  • The occupation doesn't take a day off for elections in E. J'lem

    On election day, Palestinians in East Jerusalem aren't worrying about who will be the next prime minister — they are too busy trying to protect their homes. I decided to start my day, Election Day, at the Western Wall. With all due respect to the ballot box, the Wall is the real thing when it comes to depositing small pieces of paper. The entire plaza was surprisingly empty. Aside from tourists there were very few worshipers. Three ultra-Orthodox girls giggled behind a table near the entrance, writing something on small pieces of paper. With a smile, I ask them if…

  • In Photos: Int'l Women's Day in Israel-Palestine

    Photos by Yotam Ronen, Anne Paq, Basel Yazouri, Oren Ziv, Faiz Abu Rmeleh, Ahmad al-Bazz, Keren Manor / From asylum seeker struggles to the assault on Gaza, women were on the front lines of some of the major struggles in Israel/Palestine. In honor of International Women’s Day, Activestills brings you the best photos of the women who pushed for justice between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. 

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  • PHOTOS: Snow on Jerusalem's holy and unholy monuments

    Snow blankets Jerusalem and the hilly West Bank late Thursday and Friday, shutting down roads and highways, covering holy sites and the separation wall alike. In Gaza, heavy rain causes flooding in the war-torn Strip.   Related: The storm that only affects Jews PHOTOS: Denied services, Palestinian residents form emergency response team

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  • A Month in Photos: Police violence, elections and the holy selfie

    Editors' picks of the top photos from Palestine, Israel and beyond for the month of January. This month, terror attacks in France and Tel Aviv, Bedouin citizens of Israel protest against police violence, Israel's election campaign gets into full swing, Hezbollah attacks the Israeli army on the Lebanese border and snow falls on the West Bank. Photos: Oren Ziv, Keren Manor, Yotam Ronen, Ahmad al-Bazz, Faiz Abu-Rmeleh, Tess Schaflan / Edit: Anka Mirkin, Shiraz Grinbaum /

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