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  • Police allowed to shoot stone throwers: Botched redaction reveals rules of engagement

    Israeli police are pressured to release new rules of engagement for using live ammunition. The document reveals cops are allowed to shoot stone throwers. The kicker: police tried to black out some of the regulations, but their black marker was running low on ink. Israel Police revealed its live-fire rules of engagement Monday in response to a court petition filed by civil rights group Adalah. Parts of the document were redacted with a black marker, but was done so sloppily that large parts of the redaction is still readable (all of it with a little manipulation in photoshop). [tmwinpost] The…

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  • Leading Israeli rights group to stop cooperating with the IDF

    The Israeli military justice system acts only to 'cover up unlawful acts and protect perpetrators,' B'Tselem says, citing 25 years of experience working with the military. Palestinian rights expert welcomes the move. Israel’s best known human rights organization, B’Tselem, has lost all faith in the Israeli military justice system and will stop cooperating with it on behalf of Palestinian victims, the organization announced Wednesday. A quarter century of experience working with the army “has brought us to the realization that there is no longer any point in pursuing justice and defending human rights by working with a system whose real function is…

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  • When equality is the biggest existential threat of all

    In these days of entrapping human rights activists and blacklisting 'traitors,' the concept of equality has become as radical as it gets — and a threat to everything the governing regime stands for. Last week Israeli lawmakers had the opportunity to take a first step towards enshrining equality in the law. They rejected this opportunity, voting down Joint List MK Jamal Zahalka's proposed amendment to include a clause on equality in Israel's Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. [tmwinpost] The vote was taken on a preliminary reading of Zahalka's bill, meaning that it was shot down before it even left…

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  • Is Israel's High Court the enemy of human rights?

    As we mark International Human Rights Day, it is worth challenging the myth that Israel's High Court is the defender of human rights in Israel.  By Noam Rotem When he woke up from his nightmare one morning, Mr. Israeli discovered that the Israeli High Court had turned into a giant insect. Tasked with balancing the sickening populism of the legislative branch and fighting to protect Israeli democracy, the High Court has become the legal rubber stamp for the racist caprices of its overlords. This week, as we marked International Human Rights Day, Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority…

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  • 'The problem isn't Arab protesters, it's the society that sees them as an enemy'

    Fifteen years since the events of October 2000, in which Israeli police killed 13 Arab protesters, Hassan Jabareen, head of Israel’s leading Arab civil rights organization, talks to +972 about the lessons Israel’s Palestinian population learned from the killings, the escalation of systematic discrimination since, and the vision of a democratic state of all its citizens. 'If Arabs in Israel determined their political leanings in accordance with what Jews said, they would always be inferior.' The Arab public in Israel this week marked 15 years since protests that resulted in the police killings of 13 people and left hundreds wounded.…

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  • Thirteen killed, no one punished: Remembering October 2000

    During a single week in October of 2000, Israeli Police shot dead 13 Palestinians — 12 of them Israeli citizens — who took to the streets to show solidarity with demonstrators in the West Bank and Gaza. The violence profoundly impacted the Palestinian community in Israel. Just as devastating, however, has been the complete absence of accountability. A series of photos circulated on social media last week showing people holding portraits of 13 young men. The 13 men were Palestinian Arabs – 12 citizens of Israel and one resident of Gaza – who were killed by Israeli Police in what became…

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  • The Bedouin children trying to stop bulldozers with their cameras

    As the bulldozers start building the Jewish town of Hiran, the children of the Bedouin village Umm al-Hiran are joining the struggle to save their homes.  By Michal Rotem The children of the unrecognized Bedouin village Umm al-Hiran started their summer vacation in an usual way. The future of the village in which they grew up in is unclear, the struggle against the demolition of their homes is gaining traction, and the bulldozers are working tirelessly nearby to establish the Jewish town of Hiran. [tmwinpost] Despite the fact that the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality organizes its yearly photography workshops…

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  • Israel proposes deportation of Palestinian hunger striker

    While petitioners argued that Mohammad Allan, now on his 64th day of a hunger strike, currently poses no risk to security, the state only agreed to his release on the condition that he live outside of the country for four years. The Supreme Court held a hearing on Monday to consider demands to release Mohammad Allan, a Palestinian detainee who since Friday has been in a coma at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon as a result of a 64-day hunger strike. While the state rejected the petitions to drop the administrative detention orders, it said it would be willing to release Allan…

  • How many cars does it take for a Bedouin village to vote?

    While the majority of Jewish Israelis will have no problem voting on election day, some Bedouin will be forced to travel up to 40 kilometers simply to participate in Israel's democracy. By Khalil Alamour and Amjad Iraqi In the run-up to every election day in Israel, polling stations are set up in various locations in every city and town to ensure that residents have easy access to cast their votes. Most towns also have public transportation that takes residents to the stations, or to their original hometowns in other parts of the country where they are registered to vote. This…

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  • PHOTOS: Israel cuts off Palestinian power twice in one week

    Photos and text by Ahmad Al-Bazz At the height of a harsh winter season, the Israel Electric Company cut power to two major Palestinian cities in the West Bank twice over this past week. Nearly 650,000 people were left without power for an entire hour in the middle of the day in Jenin, Nablus and 18 villages in the area. The decision comes as a response the Palestinian Authority's unpaid debt to the company, which totals some 1.9 billion shekels ($483 million). However, the Palestinian electricity company in the north of the West Bank claims that the numbers Israel provided are…

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  • It's time to disqualify Israel's Central Elections Committee

    In the run-up to every general election since 2003, Arab parties and candidates have been forced to appear in front of this committee to prove that they deserve to participate in Knesset elections. The only thing worse than the process itself is the racist atmosphere in the meetings. By Salah Mohsen The Central Elections Committee (CEC), which votes on disqualification motions submitted against political parties and candidates, and has the power to ban them from running in the Knesset elections, has in recent years become a farcical and undignified charade. In the run-up to every general election since 2003, Arab…

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  • Attorney General: MK Zoabi likely to stand trial for incitement

    The decision is just one of several that have targeted the Arab Knesset member over the past year.  Israel's Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein announced Tuesday that he has decided to indict MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) for incitement to violence and disgracing a public official. Weinstein summoned Zoabi to a pre-indictment hearing, upon the recommendation of several legal experts, where she will be able to plead her case. The indictment relates to a hearing at a Nazareth courthouse in July of this year, where Zoabi allegedly insulted policemen guarding the building. According to the state prosecutor's office, Zoabi called two Arab police officers…

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  • High Court rules against Zoabi, upholds Knesset suspension

    'In effect, from this day forward, Arab Knesset members will be subject to the political judgements of the Jewish majority,'  MK Zoabi's attorneys say. The High Court of Justice on Wednesday rejected MK Haneen Zoabi's appeal to overturn her six-month suspension from parliamentary discussions for a political opinion she expressed on the radio in June. As I reported yesterday, in deliberating her petition, the justices spent more time interpreting and judging Zoabi's politics than whether the Knesset had the right to suspend her in the first place. In its decision (Hebrew), the justices essentially chose "not to interfere" with the…

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