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Last Metro to Taksim

+972′s Yuval Ben-Ami and photographer May Castelnuovo set out to Turkey to cover the country’s wave of anti-government protests. The writer-photographer duo wrote a series of posts exploring the personal and political dynamics of the protest movement, comparisons between Turkey’s demonstrations and the Israeli J14 social protests and vivid on-the-ground scenes of camaraderie and tear gas.

For +972′s full coverage of the protests in Turkey, click here.

  • Last Metro to Taksim, part 1: Among the debris

    When two Israelis pop over to experience a neighboring country's revolution, they get their first glimpse of graffiti, in the full sense of the word. Photographs by May Castelnuovo (click to magnify in a new tab). Click here for the full series.  ISTANBUL – Nothing seems strange at first, Istanbul does seem atypically sleepy and empty on arrival, but then, it is a Sunday morning. The sense of normality persists on the way up the hill that cradles the historical district of Beyoglu. Even at the top, a few blocks away from Taksim square, it is only disturbed by a chemical stench,…

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