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The Iran Deal

Israel threatened to attack Iran over its nuclear program for years. Now that the world reached a deal with Tehran, Israel is trying to torpedo it in Congress, putting its alliance with Washington in some of the toughest times it has ever seen.

+972’s full coverage of the Iran deal and the clash between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama.

  • Ya'alon is only the latest Israeli security official to back Iran deal

  • Working toward a nuclear weapons free Mideast

  • Expect non-proliferation pressure on Israel following the Iran deal

  • Netanyahu is the Iran deal's victor, he'll just never admit it

  • Iran deal: Why did Bibi pick a futile fight in Washington?

  • The day after is here: What the Iran deal means for Israel

  • Jewish Iran deal supporters booted from New York town hall meeting

    When a group of New York activists stood silently in support of the Iran deal at a meeting in Brooklyn, they were accused of being 'Arabs' and wishing to send Jews off to the 'gas chambers.' By +972 Magazine Staff Four Jewish activists were booed and shown the door when they expressed their support for the Iran deal at a town hall style meeting with Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jeffries in Brooklyn Tuesday night. Sitting in the back section of the Flatbush Jewish Center, the group stood up during the question-and-answer portion of the meeting and silently hoisted signs, reading,…

  • Iran's collective memory won't allow the kind of agreement Netanyahu wants

    While Israelis are busy burying the dead, Netanyahu is busy running from place to place to speak out against the Iran nuclear deal. What he doesn't realize, however, is that the days of Iran's capitulation to Western interests are over. In a week in which Israeli society stood dumbfounded after two horrifying murders that shook the country, our prime minister was mostly busy with his crusade against the nuclear deal between the West and Iran. While he managed to make some time for a brief visit to visit the Dawabshe family, and also sent his condolences to Shira Banki's family,…

  • Yes to dual loyalty, no to war with Iran

    Here is my bi-partisan proposal to opponents of the deal: don’t cut our countries adrift from our allies, and don’t light my region on fire. If this deal falls, I’ll have to suffer the consequences of the war you chose. Criticize Jewish or Israeli opponents of the Iran deal, and you are an anti-Semite. Not only that; conservative hysterics now say you have de facto accused such opponents of dual loyalty, an antiquated anti-Semitic charge being wielded as precisely as a club. [tmwinpost] It’s time to drop that old trope altogether. The very idea that there’s something wrong with dual loyalty…

  • A vote for the Iran deal is a vote against war

    The nuclear deal sets back any Iranian military nuclear program by at least 10 years, and does so without sparking a regional war. That, by itself, makes the deal the best option available. One of the easiest things to forget when discussing the Iran deal is just how inevitable and nearby war seemed for so long. It seems like just yesterday that the news was dominated with headlines like: “Will this be the year that Israel goes to war with Iran?”; “How Israel's War With Iran Will Be Fought”; “Israel 'prepared for 30-day war with Iran'”; “Pentagon predicts Israel will…

  • Pro-Netanyahu daily invents Obama 'quote' against Iran deal

    Owned by Adelson and aligned with Netanyahu, Israel's most-read newspaper has now devolved to actually making things up about Obama. The pro-Netanyahu daily Israel Hayom has devoted itself to attacking the Iran nuclear deal in recent days. “A shameful surrender,” “Under Obama, Iran is becoming the regional superpower,” “Every new detail just proves how stupid and dangerous the deal is” — these are just some of the ways the paper’s columnists have described the deal in recent days. [tmwinpost] But now, Israel Hayom, which is printed and distributed for free at a considerable loss by American casino mogul and Republican party…

  • A bad deal? Diplomacy saves Israel from taking military action against Iran

    The Vienna deal prevents the introduction of a new nuclear power in the Middle East, halts the nuclear arms race and saves Israel from using military force on Iran. So why is Prime Minister Netanyahu still so opposed to it? By Shemuel Meir Let’s set aside the mantras about the Iranian nuclear deal, that it is a “bad deal — an historic mistake.” The agreement signed on July 14 blocks Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon; it not just temporarily freezes its progress. The agreement includes clauses that refer to 10, 15 and 25 years — but blocking Iran’s path to…

  • Why the Iranian flag still makes me proud

    I am a citizen of two countries whose politics I loathe, yet feel very connected to. Why, then, do Iranian national symbols fill me with pride, while Israeli ones make me feel uncomfortable? For the past three days I have been excitedly following reports of the celebrations in Iran following the signing of the nuclear agreement with the West. These are days of joy and optimism for the Iranian people, both inside and outside the country. [tmwinpost] As the news broke, thousands of Iranians spontaneously flooded the streets of nearly every city in the country. Even opposition members celebrated in…

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