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  • WATCH: Palestinians, Israelis march to mark Int'l Women's Day

    Hundreds mark International Women's Day with a joint Israeli-Palestinian protest outside the 'tunnels checkpoint' in the West Bank. 'Our children pay the price of the conflict, and we want to protect them.' Photos and video by Oren Ziv / Over 500 Israelis and Palestinians took part in march to mark International Women's Day and to call for an end to the occupation and violence last Friday. The march began at the Husan junction on Route 60 — the southern West Bank’s main north-south artery that connects Jerusalem, Beit Jala, the Gush Etzion settlements, and Hebron — and ended the…

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  • WATCH: Palestinians, Israelis protest settler privileges in Hebron

    Days after an Israeli settler murdered 29 Muslim worshippers in 1992, the Israeli army put the city of Hebron on lockdown, closing off some of its main thoroughfare — Shuhada Street — to Palestinian traffic. Twenty-two years later, some parts of Hebron are still off limits to its Palestinian residents. Every year, Palestinian and Israeli activists demonstrate to commemorate the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre, and call on the Israeli army to open Shuhada Street.  For more on Hebron's Shuhada Street: WATCH: Hebron's Shuhada Street: Authorized entry only PHOTOS: Israeli police arrest 12 left-wing activists at Hebron demo Prisoners in our own…

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  • Meet the YouTube star taking the Jewish world by storm

    Avi Schwartzberger just launched an outlandish, hilarious video series showing the most taboo sides of Israeli society through the lens of a Birthright alumn. A terrifyingly real interview with a not-quite-real person. Ever since Peter Beinart first awoke North American Jewry to the increasingly pronounced dichotomy between Zionism and liberalism among young Jews, the discourse on Israel and Palestinian civil rights has become more nuanced and inclusive, paving the way for the rise of organizations like If Not Now, Open Hillel, and J Street. [tmwinpost] But six years have since passed, and all that is about to change. Budding YouTube star…

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  • WATCH: Will you use Western Wall's new 'mixed prayer plaza?'

    After years of negotiations with reform and conservative movements of Judaism and ‘Women of the Wall,’ the Israeli government agreed to create an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where men and women can pray in the same space. We went to the Western Wall to ask people how they feel about the decision, and whether they would use the mixed prayer plaza. Read more: Women of the Wall victory can teach us a few things 'Why I cannot stand with Women of the Wall'

  • WATCH: Palestinians mark 11 years of struggle against the wall

    The West Bank village of Bil’in, along with supporters from Israel and abroad, march on the separation wall that has illegally annexed their agricultural lands. Bil’in has become a symbol of Palestinian non-violent resistance. By Oren Ziv/ Hundreds of people — Palestinians, Israelis, and foreigners — took part in a march Friday to mark 11 years since the village of Bil’in started its non-violent popular struggle against the Israeli separation barrier, which annexed parts of the village’s agricultural land. Following afternoon prayers, the protesters marched along the same route that has been followed every Friday since 2005 — from the…

  • WATCH: Israeli students stage soccer tournament for refugees

    Israel is imprisoning thousands of African asylum seekers in a desert detention facility called ‘Holot.’ A group of students and youngsters from Be’er Sheva, in southern Israel, recently organized a soccer tournament with the asylum seekers in an attempt to make them feel less isolated. Israeli authorities systematically deny the Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers any chance of getting refugee status, leaving them without any legal status in the country, and often detaining them without charge or trial. Read more on the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel here.

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  • WATCH: Jaffa parents demand desegregated, bilingual education

    The Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality does not offer any bi-lingual education options for Jewish and Palestinian families who live in the same Jaffa neighborhoods, on the same streets, and in the same apartment buildings. Parents of children enrolled in the city's only Arabic-Hebrew bi-lingual kindergarten are now demanding that the city provide their children an option to continue studying together in first and second grades. Will the city provide an alternative to segregation? Read more on school segregation in Israel: 'We will overcome': Arson and mourning at Jerusalem's bilingual school When IDF conscription begins at age three Arab school strike highlights…

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  • Hunger striking Palestinian journalist is dying, lawyer says

    The Supreme Court suspended Muhammad al-Qiq's administrative detention order but won't let him return to the West Bank; al-Qiq's attorney says he will only accept medical treatement in a Palestinian hospital. By Oren Ziv and Yael Marom Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq is on day 77 of a hunger strike protesting his administrative detention, a practice Israel uses to imprison people without having to charge them or bring them to trial. [tmwinpost] Al-Qiq is suffering from serious vertigo, has lost most of his sight and hearing, and can barely speak. Since the High Court of Justice “suspended” his administrative detention last…

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  • WATCH: Three days under military closure in Qabatiya

    West Bank town put under closure following last week's deadly attack on Israeli Border Police officers in Jerusalem's Old City. Photos and text by: Ahmad Al-Bazz / After three days of strict military closure, the Israeli army lifted its blockade Saturday evening on the town of Qabatiya in the northern West Bank. The blockade was put in place last week after three Palestinians from the town carried out a shooting attack at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate, killing one Israeli Border Police officer and wounding three others. The three Palestinians were immediately shot and killed by Israeli security forces. Many have…

  • WATCH: Israelis and Palestinians join hands to say no to occupation

    For the third time in the past two months, Israeli and Palestinian activists march on West Bank checkpoint to call for an end to the ongoing violence. Photos and text by Oren Ziv / Over 200 Israelis and Palestinians marched on the Israeli army’s “tunnels checkpoint” south of Jerusalem Friday to demonstrate against the occupation and the ongoing violence in the country. The protesters began marching from the Husan junction on Route 60 — the southern West Bank’s main north-south artery that connects Jerusalem, Beit Jala, the Gush Etzion settlements, and Hebron — while chanting slogans against the occupation…

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  • PHOTOS: Protest for conscientious objector outside IDF prison

    Conscientious objector Tair Kaminer is being held in an Israel army women’s prison for refusing to take part in the occupation. Text by Haggai Matar Photos by Oren Ziv/ Roughly 80 left-wing activists protested in support of jailed conscientious objector Tair Kaminer outside the IDF’s Prison 400 on Saturday. Two weeks ago Kaminer informed the army that she is refusing to serve because of the ongoing military occupation, and was sentenced to 20 days in the women’s military prison. Kaminer is expected to be released this coming weekend, after which she will once again likely refuse to serve and be…

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  • WATCH: Ever wonder what a 'settler takeover' looks like?

    Dozens of Israeli settlers with crowbars descend on two homes in the old city of Hebron. Israeli authorities remove them a day later. The phrase "settler takeover" is used fairly often by the international media to discuss a common occurrence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. But rarely do the cameras actually capture just how this kind of thing is done. That's why the sight of dozens of Israeli settlers with crowbars descending on two homes in the old city of Hebron is as surprising as it is disturbing. The settlers, who took over the buildings on Thursday, claimed…

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  • WATCH: The Palestinian youth realizing their dream of return

    For three years, a group of young Palestinian citizens of Israel has been meeting in order to imagine and plan their return to the destroyed villages from which their parents and grandparents were expelled. The project they initiated, “Udna” (“Return”), aims to give the younger generation an awareness of the Nakba, and to create actual models for return. In episode 3, refugees from Iqrit return to their abandoned village, despite the state's opposition. Watch episode 2 here and 1 here.

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