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  • WATCH: Christian, Muslim Palestinians protest separation wall route

    Days after the army uprooted Palestinian-owned olive trees to pave the route of the separation barrier in Beit Jala, Christians and Muslims from the town hold a joint protest to try and put a stop to the plan. By Oren Ziv Hundreds of Muslim and Christian Palestinians protested Sunday morning in the West Bank town of Beit Jala against the future establishment of the separation wall that would cut them off from Jerusalem. Protesters marched Sunday toward the work zone where the wall is route is being paved, just days after the army uprooted dozens of ancient olive trees to pave…

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  • WATCH: Dozens of Palestinian-owned trees uprooted to build separation wall

    Dozens of Palestinian-owned olive trees uprooted to complete separation wall that will eventually fully encircle the Bethlehem area.  Text and photos by Oren Ziv / The Israeli Defense Ministry renewed its efforts to build a section of the separation wall in the Bethlehem area this week, sending bulldozers and Border Policemen to uproot dozens of olive trees in Wadi Ahmed, on the outskirts of Beit Jala. The plan is to completely enclose Bethlehem and the surrounding villages — closing all entrances to the area — by the separation wall. Entire areas of the separation wall have yet be built,…

  • WATCH: How Palestinian land becomes an Israeli national park

    Issawiya, a crowded Palestinian village situated on the slopes of Jerusalem's Mount Scopus, is home to 23,000 people. The municipality is planning to build a national park atop land belonging to the village, rather than building schools and infrastructure that would benefit its residents. The Palestinian residents of the village aren't taking the decision lying down.

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  • WATCH: Breaking the Palestinian taboo on the Holocaust

    Dr. Mohammed Dajani challenged one of the biggest taboos in Palestinian society when he took a group of Palestinian students to visit the death camps of Europe. Without this kind of education, he says, reconciliation is impossible.   By Adam Grannick In 2014, Dr. Mohammed Dajani, formerly director and founder of the American Studies Institute at Al-Quds University, stirred controversy after he led a group of Palestinian students on an educational trip to the Auschwitz Nazi death camp in Poland. Upon Dajani's return from Poland and in the subsequent weeks and months, he faced defamation and violent backlash, including his car being torched.…

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  • Video shows Israeli officer not in danger when he shot Palestinian teen

    Instead of driving away in his military jeep after a stone was hurled at his windshield, the Israeli regional brigade commander chose to stop, chase Mohamed Kasbeh and shoot him three times. Just over a week after the widely publicized shooting death of a 17-year-old Palestinian boy by a senior Israeli army officer, Israeli human rights NGO B'Tselem released CCTV footage of the incident. It appears to support eyewitness claims that the life of the officer, Col. Yisrael Shomer, was not in danger, which runs contrary to his claim. According to the video, Mohamed Kasbeh did indeed throw a stone at…

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  • WATCH: Israeli forces pepper-spray Palestinian journalists

    Israeli security forces attack two Palestinian journalists covering a West Bank march commemorating the murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir in the West Bank on Thursday. The incident follows numerous assaults on journalists in recent months, primarily Palestinians. Israeli security forces attacked a demonstration commemorating Mohammed Abu Khdeir last Thursday, including pepper-spraying in the face two Palestinian journalists working for a Jordanian news station. Troops also used tear gas and stun grenades against participants in the demonstration, which took place near the settlement of Geva Benyamin in the central West Bank. [tmwinpost] The two journalists, who were covering the event for…

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  • WATCH: Soldiers attack Palestinian journalists in West Bank refugee camp

    Soldiers push, throw stun grenades and point their guns at Palestinian journalists reporting on clashes in Jalazone refugee camp. A video published last weekend showed a group of soldiers from the Kfir Brigade assaulting a Palestinian man in Jalazone refugee camp, throwing him on the ground while kicking and beating him with their guns. Four of the soldiers were sentenced — one of them was reprimanded, one was given 30-day confinement, and two others received 28-day suspended sentences each. [tmwinpost] On Tuesday, activists from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) — which brings activists from around the world to participate in…

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  • IDF soldiers killed Palestinian teen who posed no danger, report finds

    Israeli soldiers ambushed three Palestinian teenagers with live ammunition, killing one, despite the fact that they posed no immediate threat. Neither the soldiers nor their commanders will face any charges. An IDF commander ordered soldiers to fire live ammunition directly at Palestinian teenagers who broke through part of the separation fence, resulting in the killing of 14-year-old Yousef a-Shawamreh last year. This, despite the fact they they posed no immediate danger, according to a B'Tselem report released Wednesday criticizing the military's decision to close the investigation without indictment. [tmwinpost] On March 19, 2014, three Palestinians – an 18-year-old and two minors, one of…

  • WATCH: Jaffa's forgotten Arab oranges

    Jaffa oranges, the pride of early 20th century Zionist settlers in Palestine, are largely thought to be an advent of Jewish industry. But drawings found under seven layers of paint on the walls of a 165-year-old building in Jaffa reveal a different side of history.

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